Tracks – Soul, R&B & Funk

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Chart Position US Chart Position
1976 A. J. Gaye Discoe Band Moonlight Serenade
1975 African Velvet You Are My Sunshine
1963 Al Garner I’ll Get Along
1977 Ali Baba Band Abdullah’s Wedding
1966 Alvin Robinson You Brought My Heart Right Down To My Knees
1974 Armada Orchestra Do Me Right
1974 Armada Orchestra It’s The Same Old Song
1975 Armada Orchestra Classical Bump
1975 Armada Orchestra Conchise
1975 Armada Orchestra Feel The Need In Me
1975 Armada Orchestra Tell Me What You Want
1976 Armada Orchestra Band Of Gold
1976 Armada Orchestra The Love I Lost
1977 Armada Orchestra Philly Armada – Part 1
1973 Ben E. King Do It Now
1963 Bennie McCain You’re On My Mind
1963 Betty Everett Prince Of Players
1963 Betty Lavette Witch Craft in The Air
1976 Bill Pursell & The Nashville Sweat Band Now (Hoy)
1969 Black Velvet African Velvet
1969 Black Velvet Peace And Love Is The Message
1970 Black Velvet Thought I Had Me A Good Thing Going
1969 Black Velvet With Ram John Holder Goodwill To All Mankind
1970 Bobby Scott A Man Can’t Have Everything
1968 Bobby Wells Let’s Copp A Groove
1963 Bobby Williams I’m Depending On You
1978 Brian Bennett Pendulum Force
1978 Brian Bennett Voyage
1965 Brothers Grimm Looky, Looky
1978 Calvin Davis Train Ride To Nowhere
1966 Carl Douglas & The Big Stampede Crazy Feeling
1967 Carl Douglas & The Big Stampede Let The Birds Sing
1970 Carol Woods Baby Don’t You Leave Me
1970 Carol Woods If I Let You
1972 Carol Woods We’ll Sing In The Sunshine
1967 Casinos That’s The Way
1972 Chakachas Stories
1959 Charles (Chuck) Jackson Come on And Love Me
1960 Charles (Chuck) Jackson I’m Yours
1961 Charles (Chuck) Jackson Mr. Pride
1979 Chequers Unity
1969 Chi-Lites Pretty Girl
1962 Corvells He’s So Fine
1974 Cousin Joe From New Orleans Lipstick Traces
1974 Cousin Joe From New Orleans You Talk Too Much
1976 Cousin Joe From New Orleans I’m Cousin Joe From New Orleans
1978 Cousin Joe From New Orleans You’re Never Too Old To Boogie
1975 Dezro Orchestra Reflections (Summer ’75)
1976 Dezro Orchestra Let’s Go Funk
1960 Don ReVels The Return Of Stagger Lee
1974 Doris Duke Grasshopper
1975 Doris Duke A Little Bit Of Lovin’
1975 Doris Duke Full Time Woman
1971 Doris La Belle Hit And Run Lover
1977 Duane Clark Gettin’ It (Givin’ Back The Feeling)
1978 Duane Clark Find My Way
1970 Eartha Kitt Hurdy Gurdy Man
1970 Ed Robinson Hey Blackman
1964 Eddie Floyd Never Get Enough Of Your Love
1983 Edwin Starr I Wanna Take You Home
1983 Edwin Starr You Hit The Nail On The Head
1969 Eldridge Devlin A Little Love
1974 Etta Thomas Just Ask Me
1973 Fabulous Echoes Don’t You Know I Love You
1960 Falcons You Must Know I Love You
1963 Falcons Has It Happened To You Yet
1975 Flirtations Lover Where Are You Now / One Night Of Love
1975 Flirtations Mr. Universe
1970 Fork In The Road Skeletons In The Closet
1977 Four Tops For Your Love
1973 Freddie Mack’s Extravaganza In Sounds People
1972 Freddie Scott The Great If
1975 Funky Boys Solid Funk
1969 Gene Latter Sign On The Dotted Line
1961 Gladys Knight And The Pips Every Beat Of My Heart
1979 Heat Exchange Shake Down
1967 Hoagy Benson Kangaroo
1977 Homo Sapiens Til Tomorrow
1972 Honeyend Heartbreaker
1975 Howeefeel The Devil’s On The Run
1977 Ike And Turner Korner Longest Running Disco In The World
1971 Ila Van No Good Jim
1972 Iris Williams Silent Night
1977 J.J. Barnes How Long
1977 J.J. Barnes Sara Smile
1977 J.J. Barnes The Erroll Flynn
1966 J.J. Jackson But It’s Alright
1967 J.J. Jackson Come See Me
1966 J.J. Jackson I Dig Girls
1969 Jack Hammer What Greater Love
1971 Jack Hammer Colour Combination
1966 Jerry Jackson All Of My Life
1977 Jesse Green Hurricane Woman
1965 Jewel Akens Dancing Jenny
1971 Jimmy James & The Vagabonds Help Yourself
1962 Jimmy Reed Oh, John
1964 Jimmy Reed A New Leaf
1964 Jimmy Reed Down In Mississippi
1964 Jimmy Reed Help Yourself
1969 Jimmy Thomas (We Ain’t Here Looking For) No Trouble
1970 Jimmy Thomas White Dove
1973 Jimmy Thomas All God’s Children
1973 Jimmy Thomas Young Willing And Able
1977 Joann Williams Maybe Tomorrow
1964 Joe Stubbs Keep On Loving Me
1969 John Fitch & Associates Romantic Attitude
1976 John L. Watson With White Mouse You’re The Song (I’ve Always Wanted To Sing)
1974 Johnny Otis Willie And The Hand Jive
1975 Johnny Otis Jaws
1970 Jones Girls My Own Special Way
1971 Jones Girls Learn How To Love
1970 Joyce Bond Wind Of Change
1975 Judy Gee & The Classmates Let Me In
1977 Kenny Williams (You’re) Fabulous Babe
1978 Kenny Williams To Know You Is To Love You
1980 Lady Love It’s The Same Old Song
1967 Laris McLennon / Pat Daniels Band Confusion
1971 Les Charles Nashville Rain
1972 Les Charles Reach Out A Hand
1977 Limmie & Family Cookin’ I Can Stop (Any Time I Want To)
1975 Linda & The Funky Boys Shame, Shame, Shame
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys Climbing The Steps Of Love
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys Dance With My Baby
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys Sold My Rock ‘N’ Roll (Gave It For Funky Soul)
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys We Got Love
1977 Linda & The Funky Boys Stop (When You Do What You Do)
1963 Lloyd Price Billie Baby
1966 Lloyd Price Peeping And Hiding
1966 Lloyd Price Send Me Some Lovin’
1974 Louis Bond Tell Me When
1973 Mac & Katie Kissoon Take Up The Hammer
1964 Mack Rice Baby I’m Coming Home
1964 Mack Rice The Whip
1974 Major Lance Gimme Little Sign
1975 Major Lance Don’t You Know I Love You
1974 Marvin Smith Let The Good Times Roll
1971 Mary Fraser Jones Put A Little Love In Your Heart
1974 Masai Across The Tracks
1972 Maxayn Gimme Shelter
1972 Maxayn Let Me Be Your Friend
1973 Maxayn Check Out Your Mind
1973 Maxayn Feelin’
1974 Maxayn Bail Out
1967 Maynell Wilson Motown Feeling
1961 Mel Turner Let Me Hold Your Hand
1970 Mel Turner Jungle Harlem
1962 Mel Turner & The Bandits Daddy Cool
1978 Melanie Duval Give A Little Bit
1974 Mickey Baker I’ll Always Be In Love With You
1972 Mickey Stevenson Here I Am
1973 Mickey Stevenson I Need You So
1971 Mighty Dodos Honey (I Need Your Love)
1976 Mighty Flea Boogie Down (Wit’ The Boogie Man)
1967 Milly Scott Who Cares
1971 Milly Scott Get High On Jesus
1970 Milt Matthews Inc. That’s What I Feel For You
1971 Milt Matthews Inc. Hard Day’s Night
1972 Milt Matthews Inc. Can’t See Myself Doing You Wrong
1976 Mista Charge Show Me (What You’re Made Of)
1977 Mista Charge The Taste Of Love
1977 Mista Charge Featuring Rosetta Hightower Deep Love
1976 Mr & Ms Brown Love On The Menu
1971 Mr. Flood’s Party Compared To What
1976 Mr. Superbad & The Mighty Super Power Band Mr. Superbad
1975 Muscles Make Me Happy
1975 Muscles Space Party
1976 Muscles Jungle Strut
1977 Muscles If It Relaxes Your Mind
1977 Muscles I’m A Girl Watcher
1977 Muscles Love Is All I’ve Got
1973 Napoleon Hatfield Knees Up, Mother Brown
1967 Norma Lee Hurt
1972 Notations Need Your Love
1973 Oscar Toney Jr. Everything I Own
1973 Oscar Toney Jr. Love’s Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
1974 Oscar Toney Jr. Is It Because I’m Black?
1974 Oscar Toney Jr. My Girl
1975 Oscar Toney Jr. Chicken Heads
1975 Oscar Toney Jr. I’ve Been Lovin’ You Too Long
1977 P.M.S.B. Night Hustle
1980 Patti Boulaye I Know I’ll Never Love This Way Again
1975 Paula Knight It’s The Same Old Song
1978 Playmate Love Dance
1963 Pookie Hudson I Know, I Know
1963 Pookie Hudson Miracles
1962 Primettes Tears Of Sorrow
1977 R. B. Greaves Who’s Watching The Baby (Margie)
1968 Ram John Holder I Just Came To Get My Baby
1977 Rice And Beans Orchestra Disco Dancing
1977 Rice And Beans Orchestra Rice And Beans Theme
1973 Richie Pitts Every Couple’s Not A Pair
1968 Root & Jenny Jackson Lean On Me
1969 Root & Jenny Jackson Let’s Go Somewhere
1970 Root & Jenny Jackson Save Me
1970 Root & Jenny Jackson So Far Away
1975 Ruth Swann Tainted Love
1977 Sam And Dave We Can Work It Out
1977 Sam And Dave Why Did You Do It
1974 Scorched Earth On The Run
1975 Seeds Of The Earth Phire
1975 Seeds Of The Earth Planting Seeds
1967 Show Stoppers ‎ Ain’t Nothin’ But A House Party 11
1968 Show Stoppers ‎ Shake Your Mini
1970 Show Stoppers ‎ Just A Little Bit Of Your Love
1971 Show Stoppers ‎ Action Speaks Louder Than Words
1971 Show Stoppers ‎ Reach In The Goody Bag
1972 Show Stoppers ‎ Don’t Leave Me Standing In The Pouring Rain
1978 Slim Ali & The Famous Hodi Boys Sweet Mother
1975 Snooky Sugar Lips
1973 Sound Of Julio Gutierrez Fun-K-City
1974 Spaghetti Head Funky Axe
1977 Spaghetti Head Disco Fever
1974 Spunky Onion Cookie Man
1967 Sugar Simone It’s Alright
1968 Sugar Simone The Vow
1975 T ‘N’ T Whip Your Loving On Me
1979 T.C.O.J. (I Found) Love On the Disco Floor
1966 This ‘N’ That Get Down With It / I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
1976 Tommi & The Spellbinders Love Bandit
1975 Tommy Hunt Crackin’ Up 39
1976 Tommy Hunt Loving On The Losing Side 28
1976 Tommy Hunt One Fine Morning 44
1970 Tony & Tyrone Everyday Fun
1977 Tony Gregory Dance On
1974 Ultrafunk Kung Fu Man
1974 Ultrafunk Living For The City
1974 Ultrafunk Sweet F.A. (Funky Al)
1975 Ultrafunk Sting Your Jaws
1977 Ultrafunk Gotham City Boogie
1982 Valentine Brothers Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
1965 Values Return To Me
1967 Vernon Vermont Too Late
1977 Viola Reittowsky You Can Dance
1975 Walker Family Happy Endings
1978 Warlord The Ultimate Warlord
1963 Wilson Pickett If You Need Me
1963 Wilson Pickett It’s Too Late
1963 Wilson Pickett I’m Down To My Last Heartbreak
1977 Zulu Red Red Libanon