Tracks – Reggae, Ska & Revival

Year Of Release Artist Song title
1980 Akrylykz Spyderman
1977 Alexander A Child’s Prayer
1979 Arthur Kay Ska Wars
1982 Arthur Kay & Originals No One But You
1979 Arthur Kay’s Originals Play My Record
1988 Big Feat I Love Reggae Music
1969 Black Velvet with Ram John Holder Goodwill To All Mankind
1969 Brixton Market Children Get Ready
1976 Bumpers The Bumper Song
1980 Burtons MacArthur Park
1979 Charlie Parkas The Ballad Of Robin Hood
1978 Cheetah Pressure Drop
1971 Chocolate Sack Lonely Man
1982 Cimarons Big Girls Don’t Cry
1972 Clangers Dance Of The Clangers
1970 Classics History Of Africa
1970 Classics Same Old Feeling
1969 Classics Worried Over Me
1971 Cock & Woodpeckers Valley Of Tears
1982 Creation Rebel Love I Can Feel
1971 Daytrippers The Birds And The Bees
1975 Denzil Dennis Need A Little Love In My Life
1970 Dice The Boss Funky Duck
1970 Dice The Boss Funky Monkey
1970 Disciples Satan’s People
1976 Dreadnaughts Al Capone ’76
1977 Dreadnaughts Swan Lake ’77
2012 Dualers Nothing Takes The Place Of You
1964 Fabulous Blue Beats I’m The Loneliest Man In Town
1964 Fabulous Blue Beats Tight Like That
2005 Fandandle Take One For The Team EP
1970 Freedom Singers Election
1980 Gangsters Woolly Bully
1974 Gaylords Hit Me With Music
1981 George Dekker Atlantic Road (The Prophecy)
1978 George Dekker Reggae Star
1969 Girlie & Laurel Aitken Madam Straggae
1969 Girlie & Laurel Aitken Lawd Doctor
1972 Greyhound Dream Lover
1973 Greyhound Only Love Can Win
1973 Greyhound Wily
1970 Inner Mind Pum Pum Girl
1970 Inner Mind Witchcraft Man
2011 Jamaica 69 11 Anos De Alcohol EP
1976 Jason Sinclair Tammy
1975 Jason Sinclair The End Of The World
1974 J.D. Alex (Hey There) Lonely Girl
1970 Joe Lace Nobody Else But You
1973 Judge Dread Big Eight
1974 Judge Dread Big Nine
1972 Judge Dread Big Seven
1985 Judge Dread Big Seven ‘85
1972 Judge Dread Big Six
1981 Judge Dread Hello Baby
1975 Judge Dread Je T’Aime (Moi Non Plus)
1987 Judge Dread Jerk Your Body
1985 Judge Dread Lost In Rudeness
1973 Judge Dread Molly
1982 Judge Dread My Name’s Dick
1983 Judge Dread Not Guilty
1973 Judge Dread Oh She Is A Big Girl Now
1984 Judge Dread Relax
1981 Judge Dread Rub A Dub
1978 Judge Dread The Hokey Cokey
1983 Judge Dread The Ten Commandments
1979 Judge Dread The Touch
1969 King Horror Cutting Blade
1969 King Horror Frankenstein
1970 King Horror Loch Ness Monster
1970 King Horror Police
1969 King Horror The Hole
1970 King Horror Wood In The Fire
1970 Laurel & Girlie Scandal In Brixton Market *
1963 Laurel & Owen She’s Gone To Napoli
1959 Laurel Aitken Aitken’s Boogie
1963 Laurel Aitken Adam And Eve
1972 Laurel Aitken Africa Arise
1966 Laurel Aitken Baby, Don’t Do It
1970 Laurel Aitken Baby I Need Your Loving
1970 Laurel Aitken Baby Please Dont Go
1964 Laurel Aitken Bachelor Life
1962 Laurel Aitken Back To New Orleans
1964 Laurel Aitken Bad Minded Woman
1961 Laurel Aitken Bar Tender *
1969 Laurel Aitken Benwood Dick
1980 Laurel Aitken Big Fat Man *
1960 Laurel Aitken Boogie In My Bones *
1960 Laurel Aitken Boogie Rock *
1961 Laurel Aitken Bouncing Woman
1964 Laurel Aitken Bug-A-Boo
1971 Laurel Aitken Can’t Stop Loving You
1969 Laurel Aitken Carolina
1966 Laurel Aitken Clap Your Hands
1966 Laurel Aitken Clementine
1965 Laurel Aitken Come And Let Us Go
1971 Laurel Aitken Dancing With My Baby
1975 Laurel Aitken Delilah
1963 Laurel Aitken Devil Or Angel
1969 Laurel Aitken Don’t Be Cruel
1964 Laurel Aitken Don’t Stay Out Late
1975 Laurel Aitken Fatty Bum Bum Gone To Jail
1969 Laurel Aitken Fire *
1977 Laurel Aitken For Ever And Ever
1963 Laurel Aitken Freedom Train *
1977 Laurel Aitken Goodbye My Love
1966 Laurel Aitken Green Banana *
1969 Laurel Aitken Hailes Selaise
1960 Laurel Aitken Heavenly Angel
1969 Laurel Aitken Heile Heile (The Lion)
1960 Laurel Aitken Honey Girl
1965 Laurel Aitken How Can I Forget You
1973 Laurel Aitken I Found Love
1970 Laurel Aitken I Got To Have Your Loving
1963 Laurel Aitken I Shall Remove
1971 Laurel Aitken If It’s Hell Below
1970 Laurel Aitken I’ll Never Love Any Girl (The Way I Love You)
1967 Laurel Aitken I’m Still In Love With You Girl
1963 Laurel Aitken In My Soul
1971 Laurel Aitken It’s Too Late
1963 Laurel Aitken It Takes A Friend
1966 Laurel Aitken Jamaica
1966 Laurel Aitken Jamboree
1960 Laurel Aitken Jeannie Is Back
1969 Laurel Aitken Jesse James *
1964 Laurel Aitken John Saw Them Coming
1960 Laurel Aitken Judgement Day *
1968 Laurel Aitken La La La
1969 Laurel Aitken Landlords And Tenants *
1975 Laurel Aitken La Vie En Rose
1964 Laurel Aitken Let My People Go
1965 Laurel Aitken Let’s Be Lovers
1964 Laurel Aitken Lion Of Judah *
1963 Laurel Aitken Little Girl
1960 Laurel Aitken Lonesome Lover
1961 Laurel Aitken Love Me Baby *
1962 Laurel Aitken Lucille *
1963 Laurel Aitken Mary
1964 Laurel Aitken Mary Don’t You Weep
1960 Laurel Aitken Mary Lee *
1965 Laurel Aitken Mary-Lou
1970 Laurel Aitken Mary’s Boy Child
1970 Laurel Aitken Moon Rock
1960 Laurel Aitken More Whisky *
1968 Laurel Aitken Mr. Lee
1970 Laurel Aitken Mr Popcorn *
1959 Laurel Aitken Nebuchnezer
1970 Laurel Aitken Pachanga
1961 Laurel Aitken Please Don’t Leave Me
1972 Laurel Aitken Pretty Face
1966 Laurel Aitken Propaganda *
1969 Laurel Aitken Pussy Got 13 Life
1969 Laurel Aitken Pussy Price *
1960 Laurel Aitken Railroad Track *
1970 Laurel Aitken Reggae Popcorn *
1969 Laurel Aitken Reggae Prayer
1963 Laurel Aitken Remember My Darling
1965 Laurel Aitken Ring Don’t Mean A Thing
1969 Laurel Aitken Rise And Fall
1964 Laurel Aitken Rock Of Ages
1967 Laurel Aitken Rock Steady *
1969 Laurel Aitken Run Powell Run *
1969 Laurel Aitken Save The Last Dance
1970 Laurel Aitken Sex Machine
1966 Laurel Aitken Shake
1969 Laurel Aitken Shoo Bee Boo Bee
1970 Laurel Aitken Sin Pon You
1962 Laurel Aitken Sixty Days And Sixty Nights
1969 Laurel Aitken Skinhead Train *
1961 Laurel Aitken Stars Were Made
1969 Laurel Aitken Suffering Still *
1963 Laurel Aitken Sweet Jamaica
1972 Laurel Aitken Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me
1969 Laurel Aitken The Rise And Fall (Of Laurel) *
1963 Laurel Aitken The Saint
1969 Laurel Aitken Think Me No Know
1964 Laurel Aitken This Great Day
1971 Laurel Aitken True Love
1966 Laurel Aitken Voodoo Woman
1966 Laurel Aitken We Shall Overcome
1964 Laurel Aitken West Indian Cricket Test *
1963 Laurel Aitken What A Weeping
1970 Laurel Aitken Why Can’t I Touch You?
1969 Laurel Aitken Woppi King *
1964 Laurel Aitken Yes Indeed *
1962 Laurel Aitken & Hyacinth Mabel *
1960 Laurel Aitken & The Boogie Cats Baba Kill Me Goat *
1989 Laurel Aitken & The Loafers Mad About You (Live)
1986 Laurel Aitken & The Potato Five Mad About You
1986 Laurel Aitken & The Potato Five Sahara
1989 Laurel Aitken & The Pressure Tenants Everybody Ska
1989 Laurel Aitken & The Pressure Tenants Sally Brown
1968 Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen For Sentimental Reasons
1966 Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen I Need You
1966 Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen Last Night
1980 Laurel Aitken & Unitone Rudi Got Married *
1962 Laurel Aitken Ruddy & Sketto Weary Wanderer
1962 Laurel Aitken Ruddy & Sketto Zion
1967 Laurel Aitken With The Carols Sweet Precious Love
1989 Loafers Living In A Suitcase EP
1974 Lorenzo Cuando, Cuando
1971 Lorenzo I Will Never Let You Down
1976 Lorenzo Lets Fall In Love Again
1974 Lorenzo Saturday Night
1975 Lorenzo & Eva-Maria Baby Baby
1974 Lorenzo & Eva-Maria Never Be Anyone Else But You
1974 Lunatics Telstar
1989 Maroon Town Pound To The Dollar EP
1969 Max Romeo Mini-Skirt Vision
1986 Mr. Spaulding Plane Fare
1983 Mr. Spaulding Sweet Lady
1983 Mr. Spaulding Vision
1986 Mr. Spaulding Fantastic
1986 Mr. Spaulding Skank In The Dance
1986 Mr. Spaulding Come Now Youthman
1988 Mr. Spaulding The Ball
1983 Mr. Spaulding Unseen Eye
1990 Mr. Spaulding Wounded Them
1983 Mr. Spaulding Twelve Tribes Of Israel
2011 Neol Davies Dolla Fe Dolla
1981 New Age Steppers Threat To Creation *
1970 Oscar Harris T.O.P.
1970 Pama Dice Bongo Man
1970 Pama Dice Sin Sun And Sex
2004 Pama International All About You
2005 Pama International Dub Store Special EP
2009 Pama International Happenstance
2009 Pama International I Still Love You More
2012 Phoenix City All-Stars The Selecter
2012 Phoenix City All-Stars Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
1983 Playgroup Forty Winks *
1983 Playgroup Going Overdrawn *
1979 Ray King Band A Woman That Understands
1978 Ray King Band What You Gonna Do?
1970 Rico & The Visions Zion I
1980 Rockers Express Phoenix City
1995 Selecter Hairspray
1991 Selecter On My Radio ’91
1996 Selecter Too Much Pressure ’96
1994 Selecter featuring Prince Buster Madness
1989 Ska-Boom The Plan
1969 Skatalites Please Let Me Hide
1980 South Coast Ska Stars South Coast Rumble
1968 Steam Shovel Rudi The Red Nosed Reindeer
1970 Sugar Simone Keep On Trying
1969 Sugar Simone Turn On The Heatwave
1970 Sugar Simone Why Can’t I Touch You
1980 Thrillers Shooting
1971 Tiger Guilty
1970 Tiger Musical Scorcher
1970 Tiger Souls Of Africa
1979 Tigers Big Expense, Small Income
1979 Tigers Kidding Stops
1979 Tigers Savage Music
1980 Tigers Ska Trekkin’
1973 Tony Lorenzo What Must I Do
1970 Trevor Lloyd Chinee Brush
1970 Trevor Lloyd Give Me Back Your Love
1970 Versatiles Pick My Pocket
1982 Weapon Of Peace Foul Play
1982 Weapon Of Peace Hit And Run
1981 Weapon Of Peace Jah Love
1983 Weapon Of Peace Standing On The Edge
2001 Whitmore 260 EP
2002 Whitmore Nine Bar Blues
2003 Whitmore Too Little Too Late
1980 Wide Boys Stop That Boy
1970 Winston Groovy Funky Chicken
1970 Winston Groovy Funny
1970 Winston Groovy Groovin’
1970 Winston Groovy Here Is My Heart
1970 Winston Groovy I Can’t Go On
1969 Winston Groovy Island In The Sun
1970 Winston Groovy Josephine
1969 Winston Groovy Leaving Me Standing
1969 Winston Groovy Merry Xmas
1970 Winston Groovy Standing On The Corner
1970 Winston Groovy Tennessee Waltz
1970 Winston Groovy Yellow Bird
1970 Winston Groovy You Can’t Turn Your Back On Me
1984 Wise Guise I Guess Someone Up There Don’t Like Me