Tracks – Progressive Rock

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Indie Chart # UK Chart Position US Chart Position
1970 Affinity I Wonder If I Care As Much
1978 Anthony Phillips We’re All As We Lie
1979 Anthony Phillips Um & Aargh
1981 Anthony Phillips Prelude ’84
1974 Arthur Brown Gypsies
1974 Arthur Brown We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place
1971 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Eternal Messenger
1971 Arthur Brown/Kingdom Come Spirit Of Joy
1973 Bachdenkel An Appointment With The Master
1989 Bankstatement Throwback
1989 Bankstatement I’ll Be Waiting
1969 Barclay James Harvest Brother Thrush
1968 Barclay James Harvest Early Morning
1972 Barclay James Harvest I’m Over You
1971 Barclay James Harvest Mocking Bird
1973 Barclay James Harvest Rock And Roll Woman
1970 Barclay James Harvest Taking Some Time On
1972 Barclay James Harvest Thank You
1971 B.B. Blunder Sticky Living
1973 Bedlam I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
1970 Big Bertha Munich City
1969 Big Bertha Featuring Ace Kefford This World’s An Apple
1970 Blonde On Blonde Castles In The Sky
1972 Bombadil Breathless
1972 Bond And Brown Lost Tribe
1980 Broughtons All I Want To Be
1980 Broughtons Ancient Homeland
1979 Broughtons April In England
1979 Broughtons Little One
1969 Creepy John Thomas Ride A Rainbow
1971 Curved Air Back Street Luv 4
1971 Curved Air It Happened Today
1972 Curved Air Sarah’s Concern
1970 Dando Shaft Cold Wind
1971 Dando Shaft Coming Home To Me
1972 Dando Shaft Sun Clog Dance
1972 Dave Cousins Going Home
1970 Dear Mr. Time A Prayer For Her
1973 Duffy Running Away
1975 Edgar Broughton Band Love Gang
1968 Eyes Of Blue Largo
1973 Family Boom Bang
1972 Family Burlesque
1971 Family In My Own Time
1974 Family It’s Only A Movie
1972 Family Larf And Sing
1972 Family My Friend The Sun
1969 Family No Mule’s Fool
1970 Family Strange Band
1973 Family Sweet Desiree
1970 Family The Weaver’s Answer
1970 Family Today
1971 Fields A Friend Of Mine
1981 Gary Brooker Homelovin’ (Europe ex-UK only)
1980 Gary Brooker Leave The Candle
1979 Gary Brooker Savannah
1979 Gary Brooker Say It Ain’t So Joe
1982 Gary Brooker The Cycle (Let It Flow) (Europe ex-UK only)
1984 Gary Brooker The Long Goodbye (Europe ex-UK only)
1985 Gary Brooker Two Fools In Love (Europe ex-UK only)
1975 Greenslade Catalan
1976 Greenslade Gangsters
1973 Greenslade Feathered Friends
1973 Greenslade Temple Song
1981 Hawkwind Angels Of Death
1977 Hawkwind Back On The Streets
1981 Hawkwind Hurry On Sundown EP 38
1976 Hawkwind Kerb Crawler
1981 Hawkwind Motorhead 4
1983 Hawkwind Motorway City 19
1985 Hawkwind Needle Gun 37
1985 Hawkwind Night Of The Hawks 19
1977 Hawkwind Quark, Strangeness And Charm
1980 Hawkwind Shot Down In The Night 59
1982 Hawkwind Silver Machine
1980 Hawkwind Who’s Gonna Win The War 27
1986 Hawkwind Zarozinia 35
1973 Hemlock Mr. Horizontal
1981 Inner City Unit Beer Baccy Bingo & Benidorm
1981 Inner City Unit Bones Of Elvis
1979 Jack Lancaster & Rick van der Linden Fortuna
1971 Jade Warrior A Prenormal Day At Brighton
1971 Jade Warrior Barazinbar
1972 Jade Warrior The Demon Trucker
1970 Jawbone How’s Ya Pa
1970 Jawbone Way Down Down
1982 Jon Lord Bach Onto This
1970 Julian’s Treatment Phantom City
1970 Linda Hoyle With Affinity Eli’s Comin’
1976 Man Out Of Your Head
1982 Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix Brothel In Rosenstrasse
1980 Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix Dodgem Dude
1971 Mighty Baby Devil’s Whisper
1971 Miller Anderson Bright City
2005 Nektar Always
1975 Nektar Astral Man
1972 Nektar Do You Believe In Magic
1974 Nektar Fidgety Queen
1976 Nektar Flight To Reality
1972 Open Road Swamp Fever
1976 Patrick Moraz Cachaça (Baião)
1981 Patrick Moraz How Basic Can You Get?
1979 Patrick Moraz La Planete Inconnue
1977 Patrick Moraz Out In The Sun
1977 Patrick Moraz Tentacles
1972 Patto Flat Footed Woman
1972 Patto Singing The Blues On Reds
1979 Paul Brett Calypso Street
1980 Paul Brett Forever Autumn
1978 Paul Brett Interlife
1979 Paul Brett Nineteen Ninety Nine
1976 Procol Harum As Strong As Samson (When You’re Being Held To Ransom)
1972 Procol Harum Conquistador (Live) 22
1974 Procol Harum Nothing But The Truth
1975 Procol Harum Pandora’s Box 16
1973 Procol Harum Robert’s Box
1973 Procol Harum Souvenir Of London
1975 Procol Harum The Final Thrust
1977 Procol Harum Wizard Man
1977 Renaissance Back Home Once Again
1979 Renaissance Jekyll And Hyde
1978 Renaissance Northern Lights 10
1979 Renaissance The Winter Tree
1980 Robert Calvert Lord Of The Hornets
1976 Rococo Follow That Car
1973 Rococo Ultrastar
1972 Rupert Hine Hamburgers
1972 Second Hand Funeral
1980 Sky Toccata 5
1978 Soft Machine Soft Space
1977 Strawbs Back In The Old Routine
1976 Strawbs Charmer
1976 Strawbs I Only Want My Love To Grow In You
1978 Strawbs Joey And Me
1977 Strawbs Keep On Trying
1978 Strawbs New Beginnings
1995 Strictly Inc. Under Seventeen
1995 Strictly Inc. Walls Of Sound
2005 Syn Cathedral Of Love
1986 Tangerine Dream Dolphin Dance
1985 Tangerine Dream Streethawk (Radio Remix)
1987 Tangerine Dream Tyger
1971 Tangerine Dream Ultima Thule
1984 Tangerine Dream Warsaw In The Sun
1978 Tim Blake Generator Laserbeam
1978 Tim Blake Sintesis Intemporal
1972 Toe Fat Brand New Band
1983 Tony Banks And The Wheels Keep Turning
1979 Tony Banks For A While
1991 Tony Banks I Wanna Change The Score
1991 Tony Banks Shortcut To Somewhere (with Fish)
1991 Tony Banks Still It Takes Me By Surprise
1991 Tony Banks The Gift
1983 Tony Banks This Is Love
1971 Trapeze Black Cloud
1972 Trapeze Coast To Coast
1969 Trapeze Send Me No More Letters
1976 Unicorn Disco Dancer
1977 Unicorn Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
1975 Unicorn I’ll Believe In You (The Hymn)
1974 Unicorn Ooh! Mother
1977 Unicorn Slow Dancing
1983 Utopia Crybaby
1984 Utopia Love With A Thinker
1985 Utopia Mated
1971 Warhorse St. Louis
1971 Zior Cat’s Eyes
1973 Zior Strange Kind Of Magic
1971 Zior Za Za Za Zilda