Tracks – Folk & Singer-Songwriter

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Indie Chart #
1974 Aidan Nolan Spaceman
1973 Allan Taylor My Father’s Room
1983 Augie Meyers You’re On My MInd
1984 Augie Meyers Cruising (On A Saturday Night)
1984 Augie Meyers I’m Not Someone You Want
1972 Barry Davis I Wish It Would Rain
1972 Barry Davis Strange Days
1965 Barry McGuire Greenback Dollar
1965 Barry McGuire & New Christy Minstrels So Long, Stay Well
1969 Beau 1917 Revolution
1981 Ben Watt Can’t *
1983 Ben Watt Some Things Don’t Matter *
1982 Ben Watt with Robert Wyatt A Girl In Winter *
1974 Billy Bates Mr. Hand Me Down
1982 Billy King Wake Up Little Suzie
1969 Bridget St. John To B Without A Hitch
1970 Bridget St. John If You’ve Got Money
1972 Bridget St. John Fly High
1972 Bridget St. John Nice
1973 Bridget St. John Passing Thru’
2016 Bridget St. John Ask Me No Questions (1975 version)
1973 Broderick Smith Going On Down To The End Of The World
1971 Bruce Spelman 29 Years To Doomsday
1972 Bruce Spelman Since You Are Here
1973 Bruce Spelman Lady
1972 Callinan-Flynn We Are The People (The Road To Derry Town)
1995 Capercaillie Dark Alan (Ailein Duinn)
1996 Capercaillie Breisleach (Delirium)
1998 Capercaillie Miracle Of Being
1986 Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds Live In Hamburg EP
1980 Chuck Fowler Band Mystery Train
1969 Clague Mandy Lee
1969 Clague The Stride
1972 Clifford T. Ward Carrie
1972 Clifford T. Ward Coathanger
1983 Daniel Boone I’m Only Looking
1981 Daniel Boone Street Fighters
1983 Daniel Boone Total Reaction
1973 Dave Travis High On Life
1975 Dave Travis Angela Jones
1976 Dave Travis Long Black Veil
1974 Denny Doherty You’ll Never Know
1975 Denny Doherty Simone
1974 Duster Bennett Comin’ Home
1973 Frank White Nobody
1973 Gary Benson Sausalito
1973 Gary Benson The Concert
1972 Gerald Thomas Moore Song Of America
1981 Gordon Giltrap Magpie Rag
1981 Gordon Giltrap Hocus Pocus
1982 Gordon Giltrap Sunburst
1981 Gordon Giltrap & Juan Martin Chi Mai
1972 Ian A. Anderson One More Chance
1968 Ian Anderson With Elliot Jackson Cotton Fields
1971 Ian Campbell On The Road Again
1973 Ian Campbell Do I Still Figure In Your Life
1973 Ian Campbell The Curragh Of Kildare
1977 Jenny Nicholas Elvis
1978 Jenny Nicholas Baby Me Baby
1971 Joe ‘Legs’ Moretti Lady Lee
1982 John Aston & Julie Allison Together
1975 John Dawson Read A Friend Of Mine
1975 John Dawson Read Sally Ally Sunday
1990 John Martyn Deny This Love
1992 John Martyn Jack The Lad
1992 John Martyn Sweet Little Mystery
1968 Johnny Regan Stand Beside Me
1982 Kevin Coyne So Strange
1972 Kevin Coyne Cheat Me
1983 Kevin Hewick Feathering The Nest *
1972 Kevin Lamb Who Is The Hero
1975 Lennie MacDonald Bottle Of Wine
1975 Lennie MacDonald Thunderstrikes
1987 Lew Lewis Shame Shame Shame
1971 Marc Ellington Alligator Man
1972 Marc Ellington Please Be My Friend
1973 Marc Ellington A Good Love Is Like A Good Song
1973 Marc Ellington Stealin’
1981 Marc Bolan Cat Black 19
1973 Mick Audsley Mr. Landlord
1974 Mick Audsley Mistah Foghorn Likes Bananas
1970 Mike Hart Yawney Morning Song
1970 Paddy Maguire Lay Me Down
1981 Paul Brett Guitar For All Seasons EP
1969 Principle Edwards Magic Theatre Ballad Of The Big Girl Now
1980 Ravenshead Ché Guevara
1973 Rupert Holmes Talk
1974 Rupert Holmes Our National Pastime
1975 Rupert Holmes I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand
1975 Rupert Holmes Terminal
1975 Rupert Holmes Weekend Lover
1971 Siren Strange Locomotion
1973 Stu Stevens Honey What’s The Matter
1974 Stu Stevens Woman Woman My Wife
1964 Talking John Berry Blow Ye Winds Of Morning
1985 Terry & Gerry Banking On Simon 3
1985 Terry & Gerry Clothes Shop 5
1986 Terry & Gerry Reservation 23
1986 Terry & Gerry The Last Bullet In The Gun 15
1970 Tim Hollier In This Room
1971 Tim Hollier The Circle Is Small
1970 Tim Rose I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
1972 Tim Rose It Takes A Little Longer
1972 Tim Rose Hide Your Love Away
1972 Tim Rose Goin’ Down In Hollywood
1982 Tracey Thorn Plain Sailing * 6
1974 Tramp Put A Record On