Tracks – Classic Rock

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Chart Position
1982 A30 Eddie Resurrection Shuffle
1978 Andy Forray Remy Road
1977 Billion Dollar Babies Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio
1977 Billion Dollar Babies Too Young
1979 Cacumen Riding Away
1984 Cacumen Longing For You
1977 Chartreuse You Really Got Me
1980 Chevy Too Much Loving
1981 Chevy Just Another Day
1981 Chevy The Taker
1980 Dark Star Lady Of Mars
1982 Dark Star Kaptain Amerika
1974 Elf L.A. 59
1976 Fast Buck Sometime Man ‎
1970 Fraternity Why Did It Have To Be Me
1971 Fraternity If You Got It
1971 Fraternity Seasons Of Change
1971 Fraternity The Race
1972 Fraternity Welfare Boogie
1978 Glenn Hughes I Found A Woman
1972 Graham Bonnet Whisper In The Night
1973 Graham Bonnet Trying To Say Goodbye
1974 Graham Bonnet Back Row In The Stalls
1977 Graham Bonnet Danny
1977 Graham Bonnet Goodnight And Good Morning
1977 Graham Bonnet It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
1978 Graham Bonnet Warm Ride
1981 Graham Bonnet Liar 51
1981 Graham Bonnet Night Games 6
1981 Graham Bonnet That’s The Way That It Is
1972 Hard Stuff Jay Time
1973 Hard Stuff Inside Your Life
1981 Heritage Strange Place To Be
1981 Hush Singing The Blues
1980 Hush Son Of An Old Rock And Roller
1985 Jokers Wild Don’t Fall In Love
1978 Little Acre Back Off
1978 Little Acre Perfect Crime
1979 Little Acre Emotions
1979 Little Acre Takin’ Me Away
1982 Mama’s Boys Belfast City Blues
1980 Mama’s Boys High Energy Weekend
1982 Mama’s Boys In The Heat Of The Night
1982 Mama’s Boys Needle In The Groove
1980 Mama’s Boys Rollin’ On
1981 Mama’s Boys Silence Is Out Of Fashion
1983 Mama’s Boys Telephone Teaser
1982 Mama’s Boys Too Little Of You To Love
1980 Ray Fenwick’s White Lightning Shine It On Me
1986 Rock Goddess Love Has Passed Me By
1973 Rococo Ultrastar
1976 Rococo Follow That Car
1979 Roger Chapman Let’s Spend The Night Together
1979 Roger Chapman Midnite Child
1979 Roger Chapman Who Pulled The Nite Down
1980 Roger Chapman Mail Order Magic
1981 Roger Chapman Unknown Soldier (Can’t Go To Heaven)
1982 Roger Chapman Toys
1983 Roger Chapman Mango Crazy
1984 Roger Chapman How How How (Mad Love)
1984 Roger Chapman Leader Of Men
1984 Roger Chapman Sitting Up Pretty
1986 Roger Chapman Zipper
1987 Roger Chapman The Drum
1988 Roger Chapman Ball Of Confusion
1988 Roger Chapman Slap Bang In The Middle
1989 Roger Chapman Son Of Red Moon
1990 Roger Chapman Hot Night in Rhumba
1981 Roger Chapman And The Shortlist Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun
1973 Roy Young Devil’s Daughter
1973 Roy Young Dig A Hole
1972 Silverhead Ace Supreme
1972 Silverhead Rolling With My Baby
1971 Sir Lord Baltimore Master Heartache
1977 Spider Back To The Wall
1980 Spider Children Of The Street
1980 Spider College Luv
1981 Spider All The Time
1981 Spider Talkin’ ‘Bout Rock ‘N’ Roll
1982 Spider Part Of The Legend
1982 Spider Rock ‘N’ Roll Forever Will Last
1983 Spider Why D’ya Lie To Me
1984 Spider Breakaway
1984 Spider Here We Go Rock ‘N’ Roll
1986 Spider Gimme Gimme It All
1970 Stack Waddy Roadrunner
1972 Stack Waddy You Really Got Me
1971 Steve Gibbons Alright Now
1979 Steve Gibbons Sunny Day And The Tropics
1976 Steve Gibbons Band Johnny Cool
1976 Steve Gibbons Band Sweetheart
1976 Steve Gibbons Band Take Me Home
1977 Steve Gibbons Band Please Don’t Say Goodbye
1977 Steve Gibbons Band Tulane 12
1977 Steve Gibbons Band Tupelo Mississippi Flash
1978 Steve Gibbons Band Down In The City
1978 Steve Gibbons Band Eddy Vortex
1979 Steve Gibbons Band Get Up And Dance
1985 Strangeways The Kid Needs Love
1986 Strangeways Close To The Edge
1987 Strangeways Dance With Somebody
1987 Strangeways Goodnight L.A.
1987 Strangeways Only A Fool
1988 Strangeways Every Time You Cry
1973 Stray Dog Speak Of The Devil
1974 Stray Dog Junkyard Angel
1973 Strider Esther’s Place
1973 Strider Higher And Higher
1974 Strider Seems So Easy
1980 Suzi Quatro Rock Hard 68
1998 Suzi Quatro Unreleased Emotion
2005 Suzi Quatro Back To The Drive
2011 Suzi Quatro In The Spotlight
1983 Terraplane I Survive *
1985 Tormé All Around The World *
1986 Tormé Star EP
1973 Tucky Buzzard Gold Medallions
1991 UFO One Of Those Nights
1983 Verity Stay With Me Baby
1983 Verity Rescue Me
1984 Verity What About Me
1973 Yvonne Elliman I Can’t Explain