Tracks – Alternative Rock & Pop

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Indie Chart # UK  Chart #
1993 Atom Heart Mother Mr Indestructible
1982 Barracudas Inside Mind
1983 Barracudas Next Time Around
1984 Barracudas Stolen Heart
1999 Big Country Fragile Thing
1999 Big Country See You
2000 Big Country Somebody Else
1985 Blyth Power Chevy Chase 11
1986 Blyth Power Junction Signal 18
1987 Blyth Power Ixion 12
1988 Blyth Power Goodbye To All That
1988 Blyth Power Up From The Country
1989 Blyth Power Better To Bat
1989 Buzzcocks F.O.C Tomorrow’s Sunset
1979 Clive Langer & The Boxes The Whole World
1984 Creepshow Fu Man Chu
1983 Darkness & Jive Furnace/ Guys & Dolls 39
1979 Destroy All Monsters Bored
1979 Destroy All Monsters Meet The Creeper
1979 Destroy All Monsters Nobody Knows
1998 Diesel Park West Love It
1991 Dinosaur Jr. The Wagon 49
1991 Dinosaur Jr. Whatever’s Cool With Me
1992 Dinosaur Jr. Get Me 44
1993 Dinosaur Jr. Out There 44
1993 Dinosaur Jr. Start Choppin 20
1994 Dinosaur Jr. Feel The Pain 25
1995 Dinosaur Jr. I Don’t Think So 67
1997 Dinosaur Jr. Take A Run At The Sun 53
1993 Done Lying Down Heart Of Dirt EP
1994 Done Lying Down Family Values EP
1994 Done Lying Down Just A Misdemeanor
1994 Done Lying Down Negative One Friends EP
1994 Done Lying Down Septic
1995 Done Lying Down Chronic Offender
1995 Done Lying Down So You Drive
1996 Done Lying Down Can’t Be Too Certain
2004 Dopamine A Lesson In Dying EP
2005 Dopamine Laruso
1987 Dustdevils Seeds In The Spoil
1987 Dustdevils The Dropping Well
1985 Emmitt Till American Police
1981 Emmitt Till Fight Game
1979 Emmitt Till New York Jets
1980 Emmitt Till Night Walkin’
1982 Factory You Are The Music…We’re Just The Band
1982 Flag Of Convenience Life On The Telephone
1984 Flag Of Convenience Change
1986 Flag Of Convenience New House
1987 Flag Of Convenience Last Train To Safety
1987 Flag Of Convenience Should I Ever Go Deaf!
1988 Flag Of Convenience Exiles EP
1982 Force Endless Sleep
1982 Force Close To A Headline
2003 Gash 7 Years EP
1986 Gaye Bykers On Acid Everything’s Groovy
1987 Gaye Bykers On Acid Nosedive Karma (EP)
1984 Immaculate Fools Nothing Means Nothing
1985 Immaculate Fools Hearts Of Fortune
1985 Immaculate Fools Immaculate Fools 51
1985 Immaculate Fools Save It
1987 Immaculate Fools Never Give Less Than Everything
1987 Immaculate Fools Tragic Comedy
1987 Immaculate Fools Wish You Were Here
1990 Immaculate Fools Another Man’s World
1990 Immaculate Fools Falling Apart Together
1990 Immaculate Fools Got Me By The Heart
1990 Immaculate Fools Sad
1990 Immaculate Fools The Prince
1992 Immaculate Fools Heaven Down Here
1995 Immaculate Fools Some Of Us
1996 Immaculate Fools Kiss And Punch
1982 IN2XS! Love Will Come
1983 IN2XS! Mamma Don’t Dance
1989 Inmates Move On
1986 Into A Circle Inside Out 12
1987 Into A Circle Forever 8
1988 Into A Circle Evergreen 5
1985 Janitors Chicken Stew 9
1986 Janitors Good To Be The King 14
1987 Janitors Family Fantastic
1988 Janitors Happening EP
1988 Janitors Moonshine
2002 Jesse James Empty Tank
2005 Jesse James Dear Jesus
1989 Jive Turkey Rotate
1984 Johnny And The Drivers ‎ She’s A Rocker
1986 Junk The World Doesn’t Turn
1987 Junk Messiahs Of The Pop Raunch
1988 Junk Junk Town Slam
1988 Kevin Ayers Am I Really Marcel?
1983 Kevin Ayers My Speeding Heart
1983 London Cowboys Street Full Of Soul
1984 Long Ryders I Had A Dream
1984 Long Ryders Tell It To The Judge On Sunday
1990 Looking For Adam Sal Paradise ‎
1992 Looking For Adam Carver
1992 Looking For Adam Grass Wont Grow Till Spring EP
1986 Mb Hi-Power Matchless Triple A EP
1983 Michael Strange & The Straightjackets Come A Little Closer
1986 Moodists Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town
1987 Moodists The Moodists EP
1992 Panic Beach King Normal
1982 Paul Roland Dr Strange
1983 Paul Roland Blades Of Battenburg
1986 Paul Roland Death Or Glory
1986 Paul Roland In The Opium Den
1987 Paul Roland Gabrielle
1987 Paul Roland Sword And Sorcery
1988 Paul Roland Alice’s House
1989 Paul Roland At The Edge Of The World
1982 Pearl Harbour Voodoo Voodoo
1987 Pool Sharks Destination Unknown
1987 Pool Sharks Sunshine
1986 Popular Front Liberté + Égalité + Dansabilité EP
1987 Popular Front Falling Out
1985 Red I Wasn’t Even There
1986 Red Promises
1987 Red Those Who Try (Don’t Listen To Fools)
1983 Saints Follow The Leader
2001 Schindler Twowayarson
1976 Sean Tyla Amsterdam Dog
1980 Sean Tyla Breakfast In Marin
1980 Sean Tyla Diamond Lane
1981 Sean Tyla Landing Lights
1983 Sean Tyla Paradise Lost
1983 Sean Tyla Running On Empty
1985 Sean Tyla Eve Of Destruction
1984 Sid Presley Experience Hup Two Three Four
1984 Silent Rage Psychiatrist
1984 Skin Side Out Getting By
1984 Skin Side Out Pushing You Out
1985 Skin Side Out Viper Pang
1985 Sleeping Pictures Possession
1991 Smashing Orange Above Ming Gardens
1991 Smashing Orange Not Very Much To See
1985 Snake Corps Science Kills
1986 Snake Corps Testament
1986 Snake Corps Victory Parade
1989 Snake Corps Calling You
1990 Snake Corps Colder Than The Kiss
1990 Snake Corps Some Other Time
1994 Sonar Nation Sleepthick Voices
1995 Sonar Nation Thrill Me Said The Thinker
1981 Steve Diggle 50 Years Of Comparative Wealth
1990 Stevie Vayne & Vaynes Alive & Kicking
1984 Sugar Glyders Revenge
1986 Swimming In Sand Power
1986 Them Howlin Horrors Dig Down Deeper
1981 Tony Jacks I Hear A Heartbeat
1985 Twenty Flight Rockers Tower Block Rock
1990 Ugly Noize Incorporated Nitro Injected Thrash Pop… For The Def!
1986 Underground Zero Through The Looking Glass EP
1984 Wandering Souls Dogs In The Night
1980 Wilko Johnson Down By The Waterside
1988 Yeah God! So Far Down
1988 Yeah God! Sumo