Tracks – 70s Pop, Glam & Soft Rock

Year Of Release Artist Song title UK Chart Position US Chart Position
1972 “Spike” Brown The Girl I’ll Never Know
1972 22nd Street Sunny Sleeps Late
1975 2nd Tyme Around Romeo And Juliet
1976 53rd & 3rd Rub It In!
1977 53rd & 3rd Roly
1975 53rd & 3rd featuring The Sound of Shag Chick-A-Boom (Don’t Ya Jes’ Love It) 36
1975 53rd & 3rd featuring The Sound of Shag Why Can’t We Be Friends
1976 53rd & 3rd featuring The Sound of Shag Everybody
1973 A Handful Of Cheek I’ll Slap Your Face
1975 A Raincoat I Love You For Your Mind (Not Your Body)
1975 A Raincoat Nostalgia ’75
1976 A Raincoat It Came In The Night
1975 Aaron Smith A Little Feeling (Called Love)
1979 ABC Rhythm On The Radio
1971 Ace Speed Freak
1972 Adge Cutler And The Wurzels Little Darlin’
1978 Alain Braine Valerie
1970 Alan Lake Good Times
1977 Aleisha Knight Save Me
1979 Alex Rock Machine
1973 American Jam Band Jam Jam
1972 Andromeda After The Storm
1972 Angelettes Don’t Let Him Touch You 35
1972 Angelettes Popsicles And Icicles
1973 Angelettes Do You Love Me?
1973 Angelo Good Time Girl
1970 Answers There’s Only One Way To Hold Me
1972 Answers Give Me All That I Need
1975 Anton Shot Down In Action
1976 Arizona Star Latin Movie Star
1975 Arkwright Where Do You Go From Here
1976 Arkwright Question Of A Dog
1970 Arrival I Will Survive 16
1972 Athletes Foot The Official Munich Olympic Games Theme 1972?
1972 Atlantis I Ain’t Got Time
1974 Ayshea Another Without You Day
1975 Ayshea Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow
1975 Ayshea The Flowers Will Never Die
1972 B. J. Arnau The Big Hurt
1972 B. J. Arnau I Want To Go Back There Again
1973 B.Z.N. Rolling Round The Band
1977 Bachelors Save The Last Dance For Me
1977 Bardot Witchfire
1978 Bardot No-One Cries
1970 Barefoot Blues Band Can’t You See
1974 Barnfather Clock On The Wall
1973 Baron’s Supporters The Return Of The Red Baron
1971 Barracade Pride Comes Before A Fall
1973 Barry Davis I Wish It Would Rain
1971 Barry Green Together
1970 Barry Hopkins Love Ya, Want Ya, Need Ya
1971 Barry Hopkins Tell Me When
1971 Bay City Rollers Keep On Dancing 9
1975 Bearded Lady ‎ Rock Star
1978 Beaver Break Down And Cry
1979 Beaver What Am I Gonna Do (About You)
1973 Be-Bop Deluxe Teenage Archangel
1974 Be-Bop Deluxe Jet Silver
1975 Be-Bop Deluxe Between The Worlds
1975 Be-Bop Deluxe Maid In Heaven
1976 Be-Bop Deluxe Hot Valves EP
1976 Be-Bop Deluxe Ships In The Night 23
1977 Be-Bop Deluxe Japan
1977 Be-Bop Deluxe Kiss Of Light
1978 Be-Bop Deluxe Electrical Language
1978 Be-Bop Deluxe Panic In The World
1978 Bee Girl Don’t Come
1975 Bengy & Rumpo’s Friends We Love Bengy
1970 Bernie St. John & Bartholemew Believe in Your Love
1971 Berries The King (Don’t Be Cruel)
1973 Betsy Cook Put The Blame On Easy
1974 Big John’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus Lady (Put The Light On Me)
1974 Big John’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus Rockin’ In The U.S.A.
1974 Big John’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Circus When Will You Be Mine?
1976 Big Pig (With Little Porker) Baby Reggae
1972 Big Secret Samson And Delilah
1973 Big Three Let It Rock
1973 Big Three Some Other Guy
1975 Bilbo Baggins Hold Me
1976 Bilbo Baggins Back Home
1975 Billy J. Williams Love Hurts
1977 Billy J. Williams Can’t Stop Myself
1973 Billy Kinsley Annabella
1974 Billy Kinsley You Make My Day
1970 Billy Shelito Needing People
1969 Birds Of A Feather Blacksmith Blues
1970 Birds Of A Feather All God’s Children Got Soul
1971 Birds Of A Feather Country Comfort
1970 Black Abbots She Looked My Way
1971 Black Swan Echoes And Rainbows
1972 Blackwater Junction Catch Me (If I Fall In Your Direction)
1973 Blackwater Junction Bring All The Young Men Back Home
1973 Blackwater Junction Need Me
1973 Blackwater Junction Running After You
1973 Blackwater Junction Sunshine Of My Life
1974 Blackwater Junction Losing You
1971 Blue Beard Country Man
1976 Blue Mink You’re The One
1977 Blue Mink Five Minute Wonder
1977 Blue Mink Where Were You Today
1972 Bluebird Jo Jo (Banjo Boy)
1975 Bob And Honey Bee If Ever I Needed You
1975 Bob And Honey Bee Together Again
1971 Bob Rich Filthy Rich
1970 Bobbi Kaye It Don’t Take A Fool
1970 Bobby Bridger Sugar Shaker
1970 Bobby Bridger The World Is Turning On
1976 Bobby Dazzler Dance Dance Dance
1970 Bobby Knox Kissin’
1971 Bobby Knox & Disciple Don’t Throw Your Love To The Wind
1972 Bobby Lee Big Boss Man
1972 Bobby Lee Children
1970 Boots You Better Run
1971 Bourbon Street Mission Jesus Is Just Alright
1974 Brendon Make Me A Dollar, Make Me A Dime
1976 Brendon Bad Time
1976 Brendon Gimme Some
1976 Brendon Go All The Way
1977 Brendon How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?
1977 Brendon Rock Me
1970 Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Standing On The Platform
1970 Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Thoughts On You
1971 Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Little Red Caboose
1974 Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Thunderbolt Rag
1975 Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Blow Me Down
1975 Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Hawaiian Honeymoon
1972 Brian Wells Paper Party
1975 Broken Hearts Wonderful Woman
1971 Brother John Brother John
1972 Brotherly Love Honey Man
1972 Brotherly Love I Love Everything About You
1973 Brotherly Love Public Enemy No. 1
1973 Brotherly Love Tip Of My Tongue
1974 Brotherly Love Live Wire
1974 Brotherly Love Weekend Love Affair
1971 Bruce Channel Drivin’
1971 Bruce Channel Read The Signs
1971 Bruce Spelman 29 Years To Doomsday
1973 Bruce Spelman Lady
1973 Bryan Chalker A Daisy A Day
1972 Bryan Chalker’s New Frontier Daddy Sang Bass
1972 Bryan Chalker’s New Frontier Help Me Make It Through The Night
1972 Bubblerock (We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
1973 Bubblerock (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 29
1974 Bubblerock Get Off Of My Cloud
1974 Bubblerock People Will Say We’re In Love
1975 Bubblerock Twist And Shout
1971 C.M.J. La La La
1977 Carl Wayne A Little Give, A Little Take
1970 Carols Everyday I Have To Cry Some
1970 Chain Reaction Working In The City
1973 Chandeliers Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat
1973 Chandeliers Carry On Singing My Song
1975 Chandeliers Knock Knock Who’s There
1978 Chanter Sisters Can’t Stop Dancing
1978 Chanter Sisters Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
1977 Cherri Adams A Guy Is A Guy
1974 Chester Baynes Till The Music Begins
1976 Child Maybe Baby Someday
1976 Child River Of Love
1977 Child What’s A Nice Girl Like You
1970 Chris Harwood Wooden Ships
1978 Chris Squelch Lonely Nights
1970 Christopher Sharkey
1979 Christopher Neil Working Girl
1971 Cinnamon And Cloves Day By Day
1979 Circus Song On The Wind
1975 City Boy Shake My Head And Leave
1976 City Boy Hap-Ki-Do Kid
1976 City Boy Surgery Hours (Doctor, Doctor)
1977 City Boy 8
1977 City Boy I’ve Been Spun
1977 City Boy She’s Got Style
1977 City Boy Turn On To Jesus
1978 City Boy What A Night 39
1978 Class 58 Fonzie Shuffle
1976 Clive Kennedy I Think I’m Falling In Love With You
1976 Clive Kennedy The Late Late Show
1978 Coleen Andy
1973 Community God Bless Whoever Sent You
1973 Community Louisiana
1979 Complexxion So Much In Love
1971 Consortium Annabella
1970 Consortium Melanie Cries Alone
1970 Crew Cecilia
1970 Crispian St. Peters Wandering Hobo
1974 Crispian St. Peters Do Daddy Do
1975 Crispian St. Peters Carolina
1971 Crosswinds Time
1974 Crunch Let’s Do It Again
1973 Crush Today’s A Tomorrow
1971 Curtiss Maldoon You Make Me Happy
1972 Curtiss Maldoon One Way Ticket
1974 Damned Morning Bird
1974 Dana Gillespie Andy Warhol
1974 Dana Gillespie Really Love The Man
1974 Dana Gillespie Weren’t Born A Man
1977 Dash Countdown To Confusion
1972 Dave Bundy Inside A Hole
1973 Dave MacTavish Ooh La La
1971 Dave Morgan Don’t Look Now But…
1971 Dave Morgan We’re Gonna Change All This
1975 David Desiderata
1975 David Sebastian Bach You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
1970 Day Costello The Long And Winding Road
1977 De Blanc So You Win Again
1970 Deep Feeling Do You Love Me
1970 Deep Feeling Do You Wanna Dance
1970 Deep Feeling Skyline Pigeon
1971 Deep Feeling Country Heir
1971 Deep Feeling Sweat, Dust And Red Wine
1972 Deep Feeling Sunday Morning Leaving
1974 Deep Feeling Let’s Spend The Night Together
1973 Del Motorbike Annie
1977 Del Parrott Julie From Africa
1972 Delsey McKay I’ve Been There
1978 Dennis O’Brien Talk
1974 Diana Trask Behind Closed Doors
1972 Dinosaurs Hooly Holai
1975 Doctor Dark Red Hot Passion
1971 Doggs Billy’s Gotta Run
1978 Dollar Shooting Star 14 74
1979 Dollar I Wanna Hold Your Hand 9
1979 Dollar Love’s Gotta Hold on Me 4
1979 Dollar Ring, Ring
1979 Dollar Who Were You With in the Moonlight 14
1980 Dollar Love Street
1971 Don Fardon Girl
1973 Don Fardon Lady Zelda
1970 Dorians Help For My Waiting
1970 Dorians Means And Ways
1970 Dorians Psychedelic Lipstick
1970 Dorians Good Love
1970 Dottie DeLeon The Days Of Sand And Shovels
1971 Dov Sabato Where You Lead
1972 Dr. Marigold’s Friend Of Mine
1972 Dr. Marigold’s Time To Rock
1973 Dr. Marigold’s Hello Girl
1973 Dr. Marigold’s March Hare
1974 Dr. Marigold’s Lady With The Snake Tattoo
1970 Dr. Marigold’s Prescription Sing Along, Sing Along, Sing Along
1971 Dr. Marigold’s Prescription Muddy Water
1972 Dragonmilk Mr. Nice Guy
1976 Dreamseller Jolly Little Mice
1975 Driftin’ Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
1975 Duane Eddy Love Confusion
1975 Ducks Deluxe Jumpin’ In The Fire
1970 Duncan Browne Resurrection Joe
1970 Eddie Avana Children
1974 Eddie Fontana (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up
1971 Eddy Young A Little On The Heavy Side
1970 Eden Kane Reason To Believe
1980 Eden Kane I Think I Died And Went To Heaven
1973 Edgar J. Allan Happiness Corner
1976 Eiri (Thrasher) Chords Of Fame
1972 Eiri Thrasher Roger
1972 Eiri Thrasher The Old Rugged Cross
1973 Eiri Thrasher The Morning After
1977 Eiri Thrasher Turn The Beat Around Lady Bump
1977 Elizabeth God Save The Sex Pistols
1978 Engineers You Baby
1972 Erasmus Chorum Oh Lord
1971 Faith, Hope ‘N’ Charity Country Girl
1973 Fancy Wild Thing
1974 Fancy Touch Me
1975 Fancy I Was Made To Love Him
1975 Fancy Music Maker
1975 Fancy She’s Ridin’ The Rock Machine
1974 Farm Fat Judy
1979 Filmstars Here In L.A.
1980 Filmstars The Greatest Story Ever Told
1973 Fireball Bachanalia
1974 Firebird Two Wheels
1974 First Class Beach Baby 13
1974 First Class Bobby Dazzler
1974 First Class Dreams Are Ten A Penny
1975 First Class I Was A Star
1975 First Class Life Is Whatever You Want It To Be
1975 First Class Surfer Queen
1975 First Class What Became Of Me
1976 First Class Ain’t No Love
1976 First Class Child’s Play
1978 First Edition All This And Heaven Too
1978 Fiver When You Walk In The Room
1973 Flanelcat Yer Big Girl’s Blouse
1979 Flirts He’s The Kind Of Boy You Can’t Forget
1969 Fluff Sunny, Honey Girl
1970 Fluff Make Believe
1971 Flying Banana Band Mando
1976 Forest Fire I Will Return
1977 Fortunes I Can’t Believe It’s Over
1975 Fox He’s Got Magic
1975 Fox Imagine Me Imagine You 15
1975 Fox Only You Can 3
1975 Fox Strange Ships
1976 Fox S-S-S Single Bed 4
1977 Fox My Old Man’s Away
1979 Franki And The Favorettes A Wonderful Dream
1973 Freddie Garrity I Understand (Just How You Feel)
1970 Free Design Bubbles
1970 Free Design Don’t Cry Baby
1970 Free Design Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
1971 Free Design Felt So Good
1972 Free Design A Friendly Man
1972 Free Design Friends (Thank You All)
1972 Frogg Hallelujah Roller
1972 Fumble Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
1972 Fumble Hello Marylou
1973 Fumble Alexandra Park (Palisades Park)
1973 Fumble Million Seller
1974 Fumble Gone Gone Gone
1974 Fumble Not Fade Away
1975 Fumble Don’t Take Love
1975 Fumble One Last Dance
1976 Fumble Rock ‘N Roll School
1977 Fumble Carol Please Come Home
1979 Fumble Mama, Don’t You Hit That Boy
1981 Fumble Greenback-Dollar
1981 Fumble Wasn’t That A Party
1970 Fut Have You Heard The Word
1977 Garbo I Live For Your Love
1977 Garbo It’s Over
1971 Gass Something’s Got To Change Your Ways
1974 Gene Latter All Over Now
1974 Gene Latter Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller
1975 Gene Latter Groove It
1978 Gene Latter Rock Your Boat
1972 George Bellamy Maman
1975 Gilchrist Guardian In The Sky
1975 Gilly Mason Band Keep It Up
1976 Glitter Band Lay Your Love On Me
1977 Glitter Band Look What You’ve Been Missing
1977 Glitter Band She Was Alright
1970 Gio-Conda Reunion I’ll Be A Monkey’s Uncle
1971 Gleni Tai Indian Summer
1974 Graffiti Christine
1975 Graffiti Sweet Eliza
1976 Graham Preskett Let’s Talk It Over
1978 Grand Theft Body Talk
1978 Grand Theft Love Burns
1974 Grant Gaynor You Make Me Wanna Touch
1971 Grapefruit Sha-Sha
1972 Grazina It’s My Party
1972 Green Beans Hideaway
1972 Guest And Edwards All Alone
1974 Gumbo The Devils
1975 Gumbo In The Bad, Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me)
1975 Gumbo Power Failure
1974 Guy Darrell Hard Road
1974 Guy Darrell Suzie
1974 Guy Darrell The Shape I’m In
1974 Guy Darrell You’re Ready Now
1975 Guy Darrell Hard Lovin’
1977 Gypsy The Dancer
1971 Happy Valley I’m A Bum
1975 Harley Quinne Roadie
1970 Harmony Grass Mrs. Richie
1970 Harmony Grass Cecilia
1972 Helicopter I Belong To Yesterday
1972 Hello C’mon
1972 Hello You Move Me
1973 Hello Another School Day
1974 Hello Tell Him 6
1975 Hello Bend Me Shape Me
1975 Hello Games Up
1975 Hello New York Groove 9
1976 Hello Love Stealer
1976 Hello Star Studded Sham
1976 Hello Teenage Revolution
1977 Hello Heart Get Ready For Love
1977 Hello Shine On Silver Light
1978 Hit And Run Wooly Bully
1973 Hobokin Collie Girl
1972 Holy Mackerel Rock ‘A’ Bye
1973 Holy Mackerel We Got It Nailed Down
1974 Holy Mackerel Ballad Of Joe McCann
1974 Holy Mackerel Tennessee Waltz
1972 Homar Jackson ‎ Sea Trip
1972 Honeyend Heartbreaker
1972 Hooters Tossing And Turning
1972 Hot Rabbit Hideaway
1976 Hot Squirrels You Really Got Me
1978 Howden’s Hot Shots Ice Cream
1978 Ian Matthews King Of The Night
1978 Ian Matthews Man In The Station
1979 Ian Matthews Gimme An Inch Girl
1979 Ian Matthews Heatwave
1979 Ian Matthews Shake It 13
1979 Ian Matthews You Don’t See Me
1980 Ian Matthews She May Call You Up Tonight
1972 Ian Stuart Lane & Davelto Swingers Don’t Rock Me, Baby (If You’re Fine And Fair)
1973 Inshallah Calico Jam
1972 Iron Cross Little Bit O’ Soul
1974 Iron Cross Everybody Rock On
1977 J & J Love Catechism
1974 Jack & The Giant Killers Somebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed
1974 James Antony Sand In Your Hand
1973 Janie & The Marlettes Schoolgirl Notion
1975 Janine Dexter I Love Making Love To You
1973 Jay Dee The Streets Ain’t Paved With Gold
1977 Jaye Harrison Value For Money
1972 Jelly I’ll Meet You Halfway
1973 Jenner And Green Jump Into The Fire
1971 Jenny One-Shot Double Barrel
1978 Jerry Stevens What’s Yesterday
1976 Jim McClusky Unchained Melody
1977 Jim McClusky & The Romantics Let’s Kiss And Make Up
1979 Jim Milne Who Am I?
1971 Jiminy Cricket Heartbeat
1972 Jimmy Frey Roses To Sandra
1970 Jimmy Powell Witness To A War
1971 Jimmy Powell Hold On (Have You Seen My Baby)
1972 Jimmy Powell Hipster
1973 Jimmy Powell Out Of Time
1971 Jimmy Sullins My Love For You Will Die
1972 Jo Ann Love Everything I Need
1972 John Carter One More Mile To Freedom
1973 John Ford It’s Alright Bill
1975 John Henry I Won’t Dance
1974 John Howard Goodbye Suzie
1975 John Howard Family Man
1976 John Howard I Got My Lady
1978 John Howard I Can Breathe Again
1979 John Howard Don’t Shine Your Light
1974 John Kincade Intuition
1974 John Kincade Till I Kissed You
1975 John Kincade Love Her Like A Lover
1976 John Kincade Weaving In And Out Of My Life
1972 John O’Hara Hand Me Down Man
1972 John O’Hara Proud To Be The Man I Am
1972 John Pantry Net Of Concern
1978 John Pollard Happy Kinda Sad
1977 John Wesley Ryles When A Man Loves A Woman
1975 Johnny Goodison With 2nd Tyme Around Get It Together
1977 Johnny Roman You’ll Never Know
1977 Joker Gonna Fix You Good (Every Time You’re Bad)
1971 Jon And Julie The Weatherhouse
1974 Jona Lewie Piggy Back Sue
1975 Jona Lewie The Swan
1976 Jona Lewie Hallelujah Europa
1977 Jona Lewie Rocking Yobs
1976 Jona Lewie And The Chris Barber Band Piggy Back Sue ’76
1970 Jonathan King Cherry, Cherry
1970 Jonathan King Million Dollar Bash
1971 Jonathan King Hooked On A Feeling 23
1971 Jonathan King Lazybones 23
1972 Jonathan King Flirt! 22
1972 Jonathan King I Say A Little Prayer
1972 Jonathan King It’s A Tall Order For A Short Guy
1973 Jonathan King A Modest Proposal (Swift’s Song)
1973 Jonathan King Be Gay
1973 Jonathan King Mary, My Love
1975 Jonathan King A Free Man in Paris
1975 Jonathan King Baby, The Rain Must Fall
1975 Jonathan King The Way You Look Tonight
1975 Jonathan King Una Paloma Blanca (White Dove) 5
1976 Jonathan King He’s So Fine
1976 Jonathan King Little Latin Lupe Lu
1976 Jonathan King Mississippi
1976 Jonathan King The Happy People Song
1976 Jonathan King When I Was A Star
1978 Jonathan King Old DJ’s (Playing New Sounds)
1978 Jonathan King One For You, One For Me
1979 Jonathan King Gloria 65
1979 Jonathan King You’re The Greatest Lover 67
1974 Jonathan King & Eiri Thrasher Help Me Make It Through The Night
1971 Jordanaires I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing
1975 Julie (Rogers) I’m Not Liza
1970 Julie Bergen L’Oiseau
1970 Julie Rogers Children Of My Mind
1970 Julie Rogers Which Way To Nowhere
1971 Julie Rogers Baby Don’t You Leave Me
1971 Julie Rogers Where Do You Go
1972 Julie Rogers If We Only Have Love
1972 Julie Sullivan Fly, Little White Dove, Fly
1972 Kentucky Freeway Take Off
1970 Kersten & Greger Ltd. Be Your Baby Tonight
1973 Kidrock Ice Cream Man
1973 Kidrock Rock-A-Bye Blues
1970 Kim Fowley Born To Make You Cry
1978 Kim Fowley Control
1978 Kim Fowley Rubber Rainbow
1973 Kim Fowley (as Jimmy Jukebox) Motor Boat
1970 Kim Fowley (as King Lizard) Big Bad Cadillac
1974 Kim Fowley (as Lance Romance) California Summertime
1972 Kincade Dreams Are Ten A Penny
1973 Kincade Big Hand For Annie
1973 Kincade I Really Mean You
1973 Kincade Shine On Me Woman
1974 Kincade Mo’reen
1975 Kincade The Bayou Boy
1976 Kincade Private Eye
1970 Knocker Jungle I Don’t Know Why
1976 Kristine Late Night Movies
1976 Kristine Pussycat Tiger
1975 Kursaal Flyers Hit Records
1975 Kursaal Flyers Speedway
1976 Kursaal Flyers Cruisin’ For Love
1970 Larry & Lynda Most Peculiar Girl
1973 Lee Dallon Star Of A Rock And Roll Band
1974 Lee Dallon Teenage Love Affair
1975 Lee Dallon Sugar Shack
1970 Lee Lynch Joe Poor Loves Daphne Elizabeth Rich
1970 Lee Lynch Sweet Woman
1971 Lee Lynch The Call
1970 Lee Vanderbilt Baby I’ve Come Home
1973 Lee Wilson Wait ‘Til Your Father Finds Out
1972 Leonard Family Once You Understand
1971 Leonie Hawthorn Everything I See
1974 Lesley Duncan Everything Changes
1974 Lesley Duncan Watch The Tears
1975 Lesley Duncan Could’ve Been A Winner
1975 Lesley Duncan I Can See Where I’m Going
1977 Lesley Duncan Maybe It’s Lost
1977 Lesley Duncan The Magic’s Fine
1977 Lesley Duncan The Sky’s On Fire
1982 Lesley Duncan Masters Of War
1971 Liberty Helm I Need Your Everlasting Love
1972 Liberty Helm Gwen (Congratulations)
1973 Lieutenant Pigeon And The Fun Goes On
1973 Lieutenant Pigeon Creativity
1972 Lieutenant Pigeon Desperate Dan 17
1978 Lieutenant Pigeon Disco Bells
1976 Lieutenant Pigeon Good-Bye (From The White Horse Inn)
1974 Lieutenant Pigeon I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen
1972 Lieutenant Pigeon Mouldy Old Dough 1
1975 Lieutenant Pigeon Rockabilly Hot Pot
1977 Lieutenant Pigeon Spangles
1974 Lieutenant Pigeon You Are My Heart’s Delight
1972 Life & Soul Bye Bye Baby
1975 Linda & The Funky Boys Shame, Shame, Shame
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys Climbing The Steps Of Love
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys Dance With My Baby
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys Sold My Rock ‘N’ Roll (Gave It For Funky Soul)
1976 Linda & The Funky Boys We Got Love
1977 Linda & The Funky Boys Stop (When You Do What You Do)
1973 Linda Rothwell Write Me A Letter
1972 Linda Rothwell with Sweet & Sour Dip, Dip, Dip
1970 Linda Thorson Wishful Thinking
1970 Lindy Mister Boo Bam Man
1970 Lisa Collings I’m Getting Hungry for Your Lovin’
1972 Living Force Some People
1971 Love Children What Are You Doing Sunday
1978 Lynda Virtu Lay Back In Your Lovers Arms
1978 Lynda Virtu Treat Me Like A Woman
1979 Lynda Virtu Sheriff’s Son
1979 Lynda Virtu Warm Night
1979 Lynda Virtu You Are My Life
1975 Lynsey De Paul / Barry Blue Happy Christmas To You From Me
1976 Mach II Concorde
1975 Magic Disco Kid
1975 Magic Oh California
1973 Manderin Kraze See You In September
1973 Marc Wirtz America Sundae
1973 Marc Wirtz Long Way From Home
1975 Marc Wirtz We Could Have Laughed Forever (Happy Kind-A-Sad)
1982 Marc Wirtz Maniac Vs. Brainiac
1981 Marc Bolan You Scare Me To Death 51
1974 Margie Miller 5.30 Plane
1975 Margie Miller Rock And Roll Waltz
1971 Marianne Samwell Don’t Hurt That Man Of Mine
1970 Marilyn Powell Dear Madame
1972 Mark And John This One’s For You (With Dedication)
1972 Mark Channing Shake ‘Em Up And Let ‘Em Roll
1973 Mark Channing Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
1976 Mark Hassell Easy Livin’ Kinda Lover
1976 Marmalade Hello Baby
1976 Marmalade Falling Apart At The Seams 9
1976 Marmalade Walking A Tightrope
1976 Marmalade What You Need Is A Miracle
1977 Marmalade Mystery Has Gone
1977 Marmalade The Only Light On My Horizon Now
1978 Marmalade Talking In Your Sleep
1970 Maryla Love Doesn’t Grow On Trees (Mowily Mu)
1974 Mashmakhan Dance A Little Step
1971 Mataya I’m A Free Man
1972 McKinleys Someone Cares For Me
1969 Medicine Head His Guiding Hand
1970 Medicine Head Coast To Coast (And Shore To Shore)
1971 Medicine Head (And The) Pictures In The Sky 22
1976 Medicine Head It’s Natural
1976 Medicine Head Me And Suzie Hit The Floor
1979 Melvin’s Marauders And The Mystery All-Stars Buzz-Buzz A Diddle It
1975 Method Hold On Tight
1975 Method So Excited
1976 Method Passing Strangers
1976 Method Someone To Love
1976 Method Woman
1976 Method Yorkshire Lad
1976 Michael St. John Part Of A Man Is Broken
1977 Michael St. John Believe Me
1978 Michael Troy I’d Like To Get To Know You
1970 Michelle Powell Je Quitte La Ville
1974 Mick Ronson Billy Porter
1974 Mick Ronson Love Me Tender
1975 Mike Berry Baby I Don’t Care
1975 Mike Berry Don’t Be Cruel
1977 Mike Berry Don’t Ever Change
1978 Mike Berry Hard Times
1977 Mike Berry I’m A Rocker
1979 Mike Berry Midnight Train
1979 Mike Berry Stay Close To Me
1976 Mike Berry Take A Heart
1976 Mike Berry Tribute To Buddy Holly
1978 Mike Heron Sold On Your Love
1971 Mike Hurst I Couldn’t Wait To Tell You
1971 Mike Hurst Show Me The Way To Georgia
1977 Mike Hurst Mexican Melody
1978 Mike Hurst Carol Please Come Home
1970 Misty Hot Cinnamon
1973 Mitch Mitchell Put Your Faith In Me
1975 Mitch Mitchell Squeeze My Little Finger
1975 Montanas Love Machine
1971 Montanas No Smoke Without Fire
1971 Montanas Uncle John’s Band
1972 Montanas Suzanne
1970 Moondance Lazy River
1975 Moone Brothers Right Number, Wrong Reply
1976 Moone Brothers Frankie Was A Rebel
1976 Moone Brothers Hands Up For Love
1977 Moone Brothers Julie, Do Ya Love Me?
1975 Morgan Kent Mr. Misery
1971 Morning Glory Green On The Other Side Of The Mountain
1971 Morning Glory The Green Green Grass Is Dying
1974 Mother Trucker Tonight
1975 Mother Trucker Explosion In My Soul
1971 Mu Ballad Of Brother Lew
1971 Mu One More Day
1973 Mu On Our Way To Hana
1971 Muff Hurdy Gurdy
1974 National Velvet Singing Your Praises
1976 Naviede Around My Head
1972 Neil Harrison Maybe I’m Lost Without You
1971 Nemo Baby, You’ve Been on My Mind
1971 Nemo The Sun Has Got His Hat On
1972 Nemo Who’s Been Polishing The Sun
1974 Nemo It’s Only A Paper Moon
1973 New Faces Twilight Time
1974 New Faces Where Would I Find Another You
1971 New Inspiration Song For Everybody
1972 New Pennies B’Boom
1971 New Randy Van Horne Singers Magic Pillow
1976 New Wine In My Dreams
1976 New Wine Jennifer
1978 New York Dolls Bad Girl
1978 New York Dolls Personality Crisis
1978 Nikki Richards If I Could Tell The World
1978 Nikki Richards I Wonder What You’re Doing Tonight
1975 Nolan Sisters (Won’t You) Make A Little Sunshine Shine
1976 Nolan Sisters Rain
1976 Nolan Sisters Thanks For Calling
1976 Nolan Sisters When You Are A King
1977 Nolan Sisters Love Bandit
1977 Nolan Sisters Love Transformation
1978 Nolan Sisters Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
1977 Noosha Fox Georgina Bailey 31
1975 Nostalgia One Fine Day
1973 Nudge Nudge Shu Be Du
1977 Oakie Hello Mary Lou
1976 One Hundred Ton & A Feather Don’t Forget Me When You’re On Your Island
1976 One Hundred Ton & A Feather It Only Takes A Minute 9
1976 One Hundred Ton & A Feather When A Child Is Born
1977 One Hundred Ton & A Feather Can’t Get It Out Of My Head
1977 One Hundred Ton & A Feather Just To Be Close To You
1979 One Hundred Ton & A Feather Do You Want To Know A Secret
1979 Orient Express Drive My Car
1973 P.J. Proby Put Your Head On My Shoulder
1970 Paddy Maguire Lay Me Down
1970 Paintbox Get Ready For Love
1970 Paper Dolls My Boyfriend’s Back
1970 Paper Dolls Remember December
1974 Pat Codd Harry And The Hulahoops
1979 Pat McGlynn Band Flying High
1979 Pat McGlynn Band Get Up (And Give Your Love To Me)
1973 Paul Brett Mr. Custer
1973 Paul Brett Summer Driftin’
1974 Paul Brett Soho Jack
1972 Paul Gabriel Summer Feeling
1978 Paul I. Davenport Just A Tease
1972 Paul Ryan Born On A Beautiful Day
1972 Paul Ryan Natural Gas
1970 Paula Parfitt Peace Of Mind
1977 Peacock Rose Marie
1974 Pelican Jenny Darling
1974 Pelican Time
1975 Pelican Silly Piccadilly
1973 Penny Lane Sam
1974 Pete Kircher Rockin’ Lady
1970 Peter Collins Get In A Boat
1977 Peter Straker Ragtime Piano Joe
1978 Peter Straker Believer
1978 Peter Straker Jackie
1975 Philip Rambow Dem Eyes
1979 Philip Rambow A Star (In Her Own Right)
1979 Philip Rambow Fallen
1979 Philip Rambow Rebel Kind
1970 Phillip Goodhand-Tait Jeannie
1971 Phillip Goodhand-Tait Everyday
1971 Phillip Goodhand-Tait Oh, Rosanna
1972 Phillip Goodhand-Tait City Streets
1973 Phillip Goodhand-Tait You Are
1974 Phillip Goodhand-Tait Almost Killed A Man
1970 Philwit & Pegasus And I Try
1970 Philwit & Pegasus The Elephant Song
1972 Piggy Bank Money’s Made To Burn
1971 Piglets Johnny Reggae 3
1972 Piglets Baby Love
1972 Piglets This Is Reggae
1975 Pip Williams Hey! Mr. Record Man
1970 Polly Niles Sunshine In My Rainy Day Mind
1973 Polly Perkins Coochi Coo
1973 Posse I Fought The Law
1974 Prophet Have Love, Will Travel
1971 Pumpkin Hill Shake Off The Dust
1970 Putney Bridge Burning Bridges
1970 Putney Bridge What’s It All About
1971 Putney Bridge Take A Ride
1972 Putney Bridge Oh Day, Oh Day
1977 RAH Band Jiggery Pokery
1977 RAH Band The Crunch 6
1978 RAH Band Is Anybody There?
1973 Randy Thompson Swanee River
1972 Raw Raining In My Heart
1978 Ray Fenwick Queen Of The Night
1975 Ray Fenwick & Fancy Music Maker
1975 Raymond Tissier Be My Summer Love
1976 Real McCoy Twist And Shout
1971 Red Line Explosion Sweet Talking Mama
1971 Red Sox I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door
1973 Redhead We Ran And We Ran
1973 Reform I’m Gonna Get You
1971 Reg King & BB Blunder Little Boy
1974 Reform One For The Boys
1978 Revolver Silently Screaming
1978 Richard Myhill It Takes Two To Tango
1978 Richard Myhill We’ve Got Something More
1979 Richard Myhill While London Dances
1972 Ricky Wilde I Am An Astronaut
1973 Ricky Wilde Do It Again, A Little Bit Slower
1973 Ricky Wilde We Ran And We Ran
1974 Ricky Wilde I Wanna Go To A Disco
1974 Ricky Wilde Mrs. Malinski
1974 Ricky Wilde Teen Wave
1970 Ritchie Send Suzanna Home
1973 Robin One Tin Soldier
1978 Robin Back On Watership Down
1972 Robin Jack Girl I’ve Got News For You
1973 Rock Rebellion Let’s Go
1973 Rockets I’m Henery The Eighth, I Am
1971 Rockin’ Horse Biggest Gossip In Town
1971 Rockin’ Horse Julian The Hooligan
1972 Rocky Roberts Girl Of Mine
1972 Rod Thomas Timothy Jones
1971 Roger James The Return
1972 Roger James Gold
1973 Roger James Riding Free
1978 Roy Mason Apps Everytime We Say Goodbye
1974 Royce Baby I Just Want To Be With You
1978 Rozaa Ring, Ring
1973 Rubber Band Moonwalker
1979 Runner Fooling Myself
1979 Runner Run For Your Life
1972 Rupert Hine Hamburgers
1973 Rupert Holmes Talk
1974 Rupert Holmes Our National Pastime
1975 Rupert Holmes I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand
1975 Rupert Holmes Terminal
1975 Rupert Holmes Weekend Lover
1976 Rust This Ain’t The Road
1970 Rusty Harness Ain’t Gonna Get Married
1970 Rusty Harness Susie B
1975 Ruth Swann Tainted Love
1971 Sakkarin Hang On Sloopy
1971 Sakkarin Silver Canon
1971 Sakkarin Sugar Sugar 12
1979 Sally Amazing Grace
1978 Sally J. It’s So Easy
1976 Salt & Pepper Beautiful You
1975 Samantha Sinclair Ninety Nine Ways (To Love You A Little Bit)
1975 Samantha Sinclair Oh Boy (The Mood I’m In)
1973 Sands Of Time Down By The River
1971 Scarecrow I Want To Be Where You Are
1973 Scavengers Otherwise Known As Shag Vulture Stomp
1976 Screemer Interplanetary Twist
1976 Screemer In The City
1977 Sean Sweet Surrender
1979 Sean Hoff And The Shotguns Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
1972 Secrets Sha La Ley
1975 Secrets I Wanna Dance
1971 Sequoia Mississippi Lady
1972 Shag Loop Di Love 4
1973 Shag Bongo Rock
1972 Shakane Love Machine
1971 Shape Of The Rain My Friend John
1971 Shape Of The Rain Woman
1971 Sheephouse Juicy Luicy
1974 Shelby Guitar Man
1975 Shelby If You Ever Change Your Mind
1975 Shelby Motorbike Girl
1977 Shirley And Johnny Chapel Of Love
1975 Simon (Turner) I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy
1972 Simon Turner Shoeshine Boy
1973 Simon Turner Baby (I Gotta Go)
1973 Simon Turner California Revisited
1973 Simon Turner Love Around
1973 Simon Turner The Prettiest Star
1974 Simon Turner Sex Appeal
1974 Simon Turner She Was Just A Young Girl (No Way)
1970 Sir Ching I Hello Everyone
1976 Skinflick Do You Want To Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
1975 Sloply Bellywell If You Wanna Be Happy
1972 Sol Raye If We Were Free
1973 Sonny Bottari Easy Evil
1975 Son-Of-A-Gun La Maison De L’amour
1975 Son-Of-A-Gun Man Of My Word
1970 Sons & Lovers Are You Ready Now
1970 Sons & Lovers Lindy Lou
1970 Sons & Lovers The Girl I’ll Never Know
1971 Sons & Lovers Let The Good Man Be
1971 Sons & Lovers Take Up The Hammer
1972 Sons & Lovers Hello Heartaches
1976 Sound 9418 In The Mood 46
1976 Sound 9418 I’m Gonna Change
1976 Sound 9418 The Lonely Bull Meets La Bamba And Lives
1976 Sound 9418 Stranger On The Shore
1976 Sound 9418 The Yam
1974 Spaghetti Head Big Noise From Winnetka
1971 Sparrow Hello, Goodbye
1971 Sparrow Rainsun Song
1972 Sparrow Don’t Ask Me
1973 Spencer Davis Group Catch You On The Rebop
1973 Spencer Davis Group Livin’ In A Back Street
1973 Spencer Davis Group Mr Operator
1975 Splitz Just For You
1977 Sprinkler Face To Face
1971 St Cecelia Leap Up And Down 12
1970 Stamford Bridge Chelsea 47
1970 Stamford Bridge Roly Poly
1971 Stamford Bridge Rise Sally Rise
1971 Stamford Bridge World Of Fantasy
1977 Star Ladies Star Ladies
1977 Starbreaker The Sound Of Summer
1977 Stavely Makepeace Baby Blue Eyes
1973 Stavely Makepeace Cajun Band
1979 Stavely Makepeace Coconut Shuffle
1970 Stavely Makepeace Edna (Let Me Sing My Beautiful Song)
1971 Stavely Makepeace Give Me That Pistol
1978 Stavely Makepeace No Regrets
1973 Stavely Makepeace Prima Donna
1974 Stavely Makepeace Runaround Sue
1972 Stavely Makepeace Slippery Rock 70’s’
1970 Stavely Makepeace Smokey Mountain Rhythm Revue
1972 Stavely Makepeace Walking Through The Blue Grass
1971 Stephen Arlen A Long Time Old
1972 Steve & Bonnie Eyes Of Tomorrow
1972 Steve & Bonnie Those Were The Days
1973 Steve & Bonnie Reaching For The Moon
1972 Steve N’ Bonnie Brief Encounter
1971 Stormy Petrel Hello, Hello, Hello
1971 Studd Pump Spare The Children
1972 Sun Singers You Were On My Mind
1971 Sweeny Bean Rock ‘N’ Roll Wedding
1975 Taragon You Can Sing With The Band
1970 Taylor, Sharp & Taylor The Look Of Love
1975 Teenage Polecats My Baby’s Gone
1971 Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs Sea Side Shuffle 2
1972 Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs On A Saturday Night 45
1972 Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs with Jona Lewie She Left I Died
1977 Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs with Jona Lewie Come Away (Bate O Pe)
1979 Terry Mace Love Receiver
1973 Tibble We Went For A Drive
1971 Tiger Sue Have A Cuppa Tea
1971 Tiger Sue Burn Burn Burn
1972 Timi Yuro It’s Only A Daydream
1970 Timothy Barclay Catch The Wind
1972 Tina Harvey Working My Way Back To You
1973 Tina Harvey Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
1973 Tina Harvey Nowhere To Run
1976 Tina Harvey I’m Waiting For The Man
1978 Tjens Couter Honey Bee
1973 Tom Bahler Lenore (from “The Spectre Of Edgar Allan Poe”)
1978 Tommy Rock Is It Love
1973 Tony Craig Can You Feel It
1978 Tony Jacksun Night Time Games
1974 Tots Please Yourself
1972 Touchwood You Got A Good Thing
1975 Tractor Roll The Dice
1970 Tramp Vietnam Rose
1977 Tramp One Of Those Days One Of Those Nights
1976 Trevor Brice Better By Far
1974 Trew Gritte Poor Old Billie
1971 Triban Black Paper Roses
1974 Twinkle Ripley Days
1970 U.S. Flatt-Topp Honest Papas’ Love Their Mamas’ Better
1978 Unisex The Music Man
1979 Upp Nervous
1978 Upstarts Beggin’
1970 Uzi Morning Train
1970 Velvet Opera Black Jack Davy
1970 Velvet Opera She Keeps Giving Me These Feelings
1982 Virginia Wolf Walkie Talkie Boy
1979 Wailing Cocks Listen To The Wailing Cocks
1979 Wailing Cocks Rockin’ Youth
1972 Way Ella
1971 Weathermen Fine Together Stomp
1971 Weathermen Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me)
1971 Weathermen It’s The Same Old Song 19
1974 Wheeler St. James Touch The Wind
1973 Wheeler St. James And James I Like Your Music
1971 Wheelin’ And Hammerin’ Band Back U.S.A.
1970 Whichwhat Vietnam Rose
1971 Whips Julie Ivory Towers
1975 Wigans Ovation Per-So-Nal-Ly 38
1975 Wigans Ovation Skiing In The Snow 12
1975 Wigans Ovation Super Love 41
1978 Wigans Ovation After Loving You
1973 X Certificate Don’t Stick Stickers On My Paper Knickers
1974 Yamasuki’s Yamasuki
1981 Yellow Dog Escape
1977 Yellow Dog For Whatever It’s Worth
1978 Yellow Dog Gee, Officer Krupke
1978 Yellow Dog Just One More Night
1978 Yellow Dog Little Gods
1977 Yellow Dog Stood Up
1978 Yellow Dog Wait Until Midnight
1979 Zarabanda Let Me Down Easy
1971 Zed Jenkins Lord
1974 Zipper Streak Up And Down (Wave Your Knickers In The Air)
1976 π r ² Ramaya (Just Call Her)