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Silesian Opera is an opera company in Poland that was founded in 1945 and based at the former City Theatre built in 1881. This grand location recently hosted a performance of Tangerine Dream’s 1984 live album Poland for three nights only. Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, the band are considered

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German electronic masters Tangerine Dream, founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, are considered one of the pioneering electronica acts. They helped to develop the musical scene known as “kosmische” (cosmic), enjoyed a successful career composing film soundtracks such as Sorcerer (1979) and influenced everyone from Steven Wilson to Kasabian, including the makers of Netflix show Stranger Things, who licensed

Tangerine Dream featured on new AMC series ‘The Terror’

American TV company AMC - who were behind such iconic classics as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul - unveil a new TV series this autumn. Based on Dan Simmons' best-selling novel, The Terror is a fictionalised account of Captain Sir John