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Impulsive Indie

Indie rock act Prolapse mixed punk rock, krautrock and shoegaze in the early 90s, characterised by the alternating, contrasting vocal styles of Linda Steelyard and Mick Derrick. Cherry Red released their 1994 album Pointless Walks To Dismal Places, which achieved critical acclaim at the time.

Leeds Are United!

Like many Northern cities, Leeds enjoyed an explosion of music triggered by the big bang of punk rock in 1977. Our new 3-CD set Where Were You: Independent Music From Leeds 1978-89 is the first comprehensive anthology of that fertile era. From punk to goth, indie pop

Milling About

We now have exclusive rights to the early (pre-A&M) recordings of Lancashire indie band The Milltown Brothers. Their first release, in 1989, was the Coming From The Mill EP which became single of the week in the NME magazine, and featured the songs ‘Roses’, ‘We've Got Time’ and ‘Something On My Mind.’ The NME tipped

Rev It Up!

Since their emergence in the early 1990s, Mercury Rev have remained at the vanguard of American alternative music. Cherry Red represents and has reissued some of their landmark discography, including 2001’s All Is Dream, The Secret Migration (2005), Hello Blackbird (2006) and Snowflake Midnight (2008) as well as its instrumental companion Strange Attractor (2008). Drop us a line

Telescopes And Trucks

Space rock, noise pop, dream rock. However you want to label them, The Telescopes have always drawn their influences from a wide pool. Their diversity and musical dexterity has seen them collect admirers from all over the world, which might be why their song ‘Flying’ – their dreamy 1991 single from the era

Burn Down The House!

Alternative rock band The House Of Love released their landmark debut album on Creation Records, which became the critics' favourite of 1988, spurred on by indie hits 'Christine' and 'Destroy The Heart' (the second of which topped John Peel's Festive 50 poll that year). Cherry Red represent all of the band's Creation-era recordings, including

All The El Presidente´s Men

Named in honour of filmmaker Gus Van Sant's indie classic Drugstore Cowboy, the dark, atmospheric British-based trio Drugstore formed in London in 1993. Led by Brazilian vocalist/bassist Isabel Monteiro and LA drummer Mike Chylinski, they developed a sound that gradually grew slower and dreamier, featuring languid psychedelic elements and waves of distortion. We’ve enjoyed

Feeling Felt

Fronted by the enigmatic, mononymous Lawrence, indie-pop band Felt remain one of the most enduring cult acts. Active between 1980-1989, the band made ten albums and ten singles for the Cherry Red and Creation labels. Other key members included Martin Duffy (later with Primal Scream), Phil King (who went onto Lush and The

Matt Deighton

Having served time with C86 indie band The Wolfhounds before more famously fronting early 90s Acid Jazz hipsters Mother Earth, singer and guitarist Matt Deighton went solo, as well as playing with the likes of Paul Weller, Beverley Martyn, Chris Difford and Steve Nieve.   We now represent five of Matt's subsequent

Mercurial Revolutions

Since their emergence in the early 1990s, Mercury Rev have remained at the vanguard of American alternative music.   Cherry Red already represent their landmark album from 2001, All Is Dream. Now we're delighted to announced we can also offer their later records, The Secret Migration (2005), the Hello Blackbird soundtrack (2006) and Snowflake Midnight and