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All About Eve Recordings

Active during the first half of the 1990s, Eve Recordings was run by Roger Cowell as an outlet for a range of Indie Rock bands. Chief among them were Crawley band Spitfire (pictured), whose mix of garage rock, shoegaze and psychedelia graced three 12" EPs for the label. Other bands on Eve's roster included Crazy

Woo’ing You!

WOO is Mark and Clive Ives, two brothers who have effectively created a musical world of their own. In 1972, in Wimbledon in South London, they began to create a music which they wanted to hear. For several years, they made tapes for their own amusement, prior

1980: Listening To The Higsons

Formed in 1980 by students at the University Of East Anglia, The Higsons put Norwich on the musical map of the early 1980s with a string of indie hits fusing post-punk energy and funk rhythms.   Cherry Red now represent the majority of their recordings from 1981-85, including the indie hit album The Curse