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Let’s Get Physical

Howard Jones should need no introduction. Back in the 1980s, he notched up a string of catchy, memorable synth-pop hits on both sides of the Atlantic. And he is still extremely active to this day. Cherry Red are the proud custodians of recordings from the first decade of Howard's career (1983-1993). Included

Sky Blue Dream

Since their emergence in the early 1990s, Mercury Rev have remained at the vanguard of American alternative music. Cherry Red represents and has reissued some of their landmark discography, including 2001’s All Is Dream, which features the standout track ‘Blue Skies.’ A lush, electro-acoustic interpretation of Irving Berlin’severgreen 1926


Back in the Sixties, he was nicknamed 'The Godfather Of Ska' - and with good reason. Laurel Aitken was one of the most successful Jamaican musicians and writers of his day, with a prolific output. Ranging from R&B, Ska and Rocksteady to the Skinhead Reggae of the late 60s