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Merrell’s Mu-sic

Merrell Fankhauser is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist, who was most active in the 1960s and 1970s with acts like Merrell & The Exiles, Fapardokly, HMS Bounty and Mu, as well as working solo. Merrell’s work with HMS Bounty, and in particular the album Things! (and title track

Still Misty But Seeing Daylight

We’ve recently secured the rights to various unreleased recordings from the 1960s and early 1970s. Chief among them are an album by Living Daylights, who were formed by brothers Garth and Norman Watt-Roy (both of whom went onto carve careers in the 1970s and beyond). The band only released two singles

Glitter, best…

The Glitter Band were at the forefront of the 70s’ tubthumping glam rock sound. We represent the band’s mid-70s recordings, based around the album Paris Match (and its aborted sequel), which encompasses the singles ‘Lay Your Love On Me’, ‘Look What You've Been Missing’ and ‘Gotta Get A Message

Keep On Truckin’

Cherry Red have recently acquired the rights to a raft of British rock recordings from the golden era of the mid-Seventies. These include the eponymous 1975 album (pictured) by commune dwellers Global Village Trucking Company; the extremely scarce, privately-pressed Thank You & Goodnight LP (1976) by

Spirit Of The 70s

UK Progressive Rock from the early 1970s is a big part of Cherry Red's world and we're pleased to be acquiring new rights from that golden era.   If you're interested in albums by pre-Alex Harvey band Tear Gas (pictured), Brian Davison's Every Which Way, Day Of Phoenix, Irish band Light, Samurai, Paul Brett, Bond & Brown, Monument, Blue

Cherry Red to Represent David Essex Titles

Cherry Red is proud to announce the representation of several David Essex albums from the late 1970s and early 1980s (Hot Love, Imperial Wizard, Be-Bop The Future, Stage Struck, The Whisper, This One's For You), alongside several hit singles such as 'Oh What A Circus' (No. 3, 1978) and 'Me And My

Return of The Manticore

Manticore Records was set up in the early 1970s by progressive rock kings Emerson, Lake And Palmer as an outlet for other artists of a similar musical hue. Cherry Red are proud to continue their representation of this mighty catalogue, with albums by the likes