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Sixty Year Old Ravers!

Next month, our Grapefruit label unveils the latest of our year-by-year summaries of cutting edge bands – this time celebrating the 60th anniversary of the year when British R&B music went global. Having A Rave-Up boasts over 90 slabs of snotty teenage(ish!), testosterone-fuelled mayhem, many of which we

Merrell’s Mu-sic

Merrell Fankhauser is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist, who was most active in the 1960s and 1970s with acts like Merrell & The Exiles, Fapardokly, HMS Bounty and Mu, as well as working solo. Merrell’s work with HMS Bounty, and in particular the album Things! (and title track

Sweet Soul Music

The forthcoming 3-CD box set, Ain’t Nothing But A Houseparty, shines a light on many of our uptempo Soul sides from the 60s and early 70s, many of which have attracted interest on the Northern Soul scene down the years. If you don’t know tracks like ‘Compared To What’ by Mr Floods Party, ‘Love

An Optimal Illusion

The Mirage were a late 1960s psychedelic pop band from London, who later became Jawbone. Their most notable releases were perhaps the 1967 single ‘The Wedding Of Ramona Blair’ and their cover of The Beatles’ psych classic ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. They also backed Elton John at some of his early concerts. Although both groups

Still Misty But Seeing Daylight

We’ve recently secured the rights to various unreleased recordings from the 1960s and early 1970s. Chief among them are an album by Living Daylights, who were formed by brothers Garth and Norman Watt-Roy (both of whom went onto carve careers in the 1970s and beyond). The band only released two singles

Goodbye Yellow Rid Road

New BBC One period drama Ridley Road, based on Jo Bloom’s novel of the same name, is set in the Swinging Sixties. A soundtrack of songs from the period help form the backdrop to the series, which follows Agnes O’Casey as lead character Vivien Epstein, a young

1995: J.P. Sunshine

We recently acquired a batch of obscure psychedelic albums involving DIY maestro Rod Goodway.   Down the years, Rod made numerous albums, which only received limited release on cassette or privately-pressed vinyl.   We're now home to such hidden gems by J.P.Sunshine (issued 25 years ago but actually dating from the

1965: The Mickey Finn Are Good Sports

The Mickey Finn were a London-based beat/R&B band who recorded for a variety of labels across the Sixties.   Produced by Shel Talmy (The Who, The Kinks), their 1965 single, a version of Ian Whitcomb's 'The Sporting Life', has just been used in HBO's US TV mini-series I Know This Much Is True.   Based on

Jason Crest

Cherry Red now represent the rights for the recordings of psychedelic pop band Jason Crest, who hailed from Tonbridge, Kent. Between 1967 and 1969, they issued five singles, which have been frequently compiled since then.   Key tracks include 'Black Mass', 'Turquoise Tandem Cycle', 'Place In The Sun' and a cover of The Move's '(Here

Psychedelic Apples

If you say Apple, in relation to late 60s music, most people think of The Beatles. However, Apple was also the name taken by a Welsh psychedelic band.   Founded in 1968, they were signed by Larry Page to his Page One label and made two singles and a hugely collectable album in 1969, An Apple