Punk´s All The Rage

Punk´s All The Rage

Following our acclaimed 3-CD compilations devoted to UK punk and new wave from 1977, 1978 and 1979 comes – logically enough – ‘1980’.

Subtitled Brand New Ragethis 75-track box set covers that year’s punk scene of the day, including the first fruits of Oi! via the Cockney Rejects and the Angelic Upstarts and the imminent UK/82 scene spearheaded by Discharge and The Exploited, plus power pop gems from The Stiffs, Richard & The Taxmen and The Elevators.

Cherry Red are the proud custodians of– a label synonymous with punk rock. We have a huge volume of punk available for licence, including the venerable Captain Oi! catalogue, featuring a who’s who of punk names such as Cock SparrerU.K. SubsAngelic Upstarts, Major Accident, Chelsea, The Business and Vice Squad.

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