Full Length Videos – Documentaries

Title Description
The Day The Country Died Full Length Documentary Film telling the story of the Anarcho Punk genre. Featuring the likes of Conflict, Crass, Rubella Ballet and more.
The Exploited – Rock & Rolls Outlaws An in-depth documentary on the band and in particular Wattie Buchan.
Football The Peoples Game A documentary following the Easter groundhop 1997, in 2 days a crowd of people take on 7 games.
The Frantic Flintstones Story Documentary featuring popular Psychobilly band the Frantic Flintstones.
Groupies Full Length Documentary Film on the 1960’s rock scene, featuring Ten Years After, Joe Cocker, Spooky Tooth & Terry Reid.
Holidays In The Sun Fly on the wall of this great Punk Rock event from 1996, 3 parts each covering a day from the festival. Featuring performances from the likes of Buzzcocks, Sham 69, UK Subs, 999, GBH and many more.
Last Rockers The Vice Squad Story – Full length documentary featuring popular punk band Vice Squad.
Psychobilly – Behind The Music Full-Length Documentary Film telling the history of the Psychobilly Genre – featuring interviews with Nigel Lewis (Meteors/Tallboys/Escalators), Chuck Harvey (Frantic Flintstones), Steve Whitehouse (Frenzy), and others. Also includes performances from The Sharks, Frenzy, Chuck and The Hulas, Coffin Nails and The Frantic Flintstones.
UKDK A film about punks and skinheads. Action packed, the people, the music and way a life. Features interview and performances from the likes of The Exploited, The Adicts, Vice Squad, Chaos UK and Disorder.