If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Etam

Issued in late 1981, 'Cambodia' was the fourth single by Kim Wilde, who was one of Britain's biggest pop stars that year. The record reached No. 12 in the UK charts, but reached the top spot in France, and has enjoyed an enduring legacy as a fan favourite ever

He´s Got Hart

Mike Hart was a Liverpudlian singer-songwriter and poet. In 1962, he founded the band The Roadrunners, before joining The Liverpool Scene in 1965. This poetry and music collective recorded several albums before Mike made two solo albums (Mike Hart Bleeds, Basher, Chalky, Pongo And Me),

A Good Musical Hand

Phillip Goodhand-Tait is an English singer-songwriter, record producer and keyboard player. Through a long and varied career, Phillip has written and recorded songs covered by Roger Daltrey, wrote the soundtrack for the film Universal Soldier, and even played harmonium for a couple of Chris De Burgh albums.

Black Star Riders’ Finest Hour

Fronted by Northern Irish rocker Ricky Warwick, alongside ex-members of Thin Lizzy (including guitarist Scott Gorham), Black Star Riders have made a mark on the classic rock world of the past decade with a string of albums on Nuclear Blast. We now represent some of the band's key tracks

Don’t Sound Like No Sonet?

Sonet was a famous Scandinavian label founded in 1957 in Denmark - but in 1970, they launched a UK office, which originated their own productions.   Cherry Red now represent rights to much of Sonet's UK output by acts such as Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts (see above), US

Cherry Red present Patto repertoire

Cult favourites on the Prog Rock scene of the early 1970s, Patto were fronted by Mike Patto, ably assisted by noted guitarist Ollie Halsall. For many years, their three highly coveted albums for Vertigo and Island have been unavailable - until now. Patto (1970), Hold