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Minx Ronson

Mick Ronson is best-known as David Bowie's right-hand-man in the early 70s, a superb guitarist and lynchpin in The Spiders From Mars. In the mid-70s, he made two excellent solo albums, Slaughter On 10th Avenue and Play Don't Worry, the first of which included the memorable track 'Only After Dark'. This sublime

Get Lucky

Cherry Red Records are the custodians of the legendary Emerald Music catalogue, which specialized in Irish, Scottish and Celtic music for over half a century. From Irish show bands to Scottish pipe outfits, country singers to accordion music, folk artists to budding pop stars, Celtic musicians to rock combos, Emerald originated hundreds of singles and albums from the early 1960s to the late 1980s. ‘Up

Shake In The City

Musician and singer-songwriter Iain Matthews was an original member of legendary folk rock band Fairport Convention from 1967 to 1969 before leaving to form Matthews Southern Comfort, who scored a UK number one in 1970 with Joni Mitchell's ‘Woodstock’. In 1979, Iain’s cover of Terence Boylan's ‘Shake It’ reached No. 13 on the US charts. A perfect

Kim’s In America – and Elsewhere!

Kim Wilde’s evergreen hits still resonate today across popular culture. Recently, her UK No. 12 hit from 1981, ‘Cambodia’, has graced the soundtrack for both French indie film Kanun and the second series of Brazilian drama series Hidden Truths. Alongside that, Kim’s global hit 'Kids In America' has been featured in a variety of

Courting The Aliens?

Agincourt was a late 60s psychedelic folk band consisting of John Ferdinando, Peter Howell and Lee Menelaus. They privately pressed their only album Fly Away in 1970 on their Merlin label. The band broke up when Howell began working as a sound engineer for the BBC, shaping the now iconic music for Doctor

TKO – Round 1!

Back in the Sixties, he was nicknamed 'The Godfather Of Ska' - and with good reason. Laurel Aitken was one of the most successful Jamaican musicians and writers of his day, with a prolific output. Ranging from R&B, Ska and Rocksteady to the Skinhead Reggae of the late 60s

Fancy Feeling Good?

Initially formed as a studio outfit by seasoned producer Mike Hurst, Fancy scored with their very first single, a cover of The Troggs' 'Wild Thing', which reached No. 14 in the US charts in 1974. This prompted the formation of a proper band, which duly recorded two albums, Wild Thing and Something

Casino Classics

The Casinos was a nine-member white doo-wop group from Cincinnatti, Ohio, led by Gene Hughes. Although they were best-known for their 1967 hit 'Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye', today’s tune is their 1964 track ‘That’s The Way’, an uptempo R&B number which was recently used in the new Amazon Prime sports drama series Fifteen Love. The recording

Let’s Get Physical

Howard Jones should need no introduction. Back in the 1980s, he notched up a string of catchy, memorable synth-pop hits on both sides of the Atlantic. And he is still extremely active to this day. Cherry Red are the proud custodians of recordings from the first decade of Howard's career (1983-1993). Included

Atomic Shelter

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin were part of the Midlands’ so-called ‘grebo rock scene’ that enjoyed popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. Issued on indie label Chapter 22, their 1991 hit single ‘Until You Find Out’ has been used in new Amazon Prime drama series Shelter, based on the best-selling book