New Catalogue

Psychdelic Gospels

Late 60s psychedelic rock band Methuselah were influenced by folk and gospel music. Members included Mick Bradley, formerly of The Sorrows, John Gladwin and Terry Wincott. Having signed to legendary US label Elektra Records, they made just one album, 1969’s Matthew Mark Luke and John. Cherry Red are now the custodians of this overlooked period piece,

Bloom-in Kangaroos!

One half of multi-platinum selling and Number One UK band Sam and the Womp, Bloom De Wilde has just released her brand-new single ‘Clown’s Ride On A Kangaroo!’. The talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is gearing up for a new album in 2024 and draws on her eclectic heritage,

Jay Walking Permitted Here!

We are pleased to announce a partnership with MVD Entertainment Group and Jay Records to distribute physical releases from one of the largest catalogues from the world of musical theatre. Jay Records is a UK-based label that specializes in theatrical recordings of some of the biggest classical and musical

Please Stay, Joe Meek!

Hailing from Liverpool, The Cryin’ Shames only issued three singles under the watchful gaze of legendary producer Joe Meek but they boasted the haunting radio hit ‘Please Stay’ and the menacing freakbeat of ‘Come On Back’. We are proud to represent the rights to these and many

Identified Flying Objects

Speaking of alien-inpired matters, UFO need no introduction to fans of hard rock, heavy metal and NWOBHM. Their career has spanned over 55 years, releasing 22 studios in the process. Alongside others, Cherry Red are now custodians of their LPs Covenant (2000) and Sharks (2002). Featuring UFO mainstays vocalist Phil Mogg and bassist Pete

National Nineties Day!

This year’s National Album Day celebrations are 1990s themed, so what better way to reintroduce our dedicated 90s pop label 90/9. Committed to the best of pop music from the decade. The imprint’s label release is by Dannii Minogue, whose 25th anniversary edition of her

TKO – Round 2!

An American hard rock/heavy metal band from Seattle, TKO were formed in 1977, centred around vocalist Brad Sinsel. We’re now the proud custodians of TKO’s recorded output, including the albums  Let It Roll (1979), In Your Face (1984) and Below The Belt (1986), as well as related demos and live material. We also represent Brad’s

Autumn Harvest

Formed in 1966, Barclay James Harvest remain one of the most successful progressive rock bands of all time, with a massive worldwide following and vast back catalogue. In April 1968, their first single 'Early Morning'was released on Parlophone before they were signed to EMI’s progressive label Harvest (named

Grapes Of Worth

Grapefruit were a London-based band of the late 1960s, assembled by Terry Doran (who worked for The Beatles’ Apple Publishing business). Their music was a blend of 1960s rock/pop and psychedelia, using effects such as phasers and vocoders alongside classical arrangements. Their recorded output included

Australian Aura

Co-founded by an old friend of Cherry Red’s, Martin Clarke, the Perth-based label Clarion was one of the most successful independents operating in Australia from the early 1960s to the late 1970s, releasing over 100 singles and a handful of albums. Among the acts on Clarion were The