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Maximum Medium

Formed circa 1979, Nottingham band Medium Medium forged a distinctive blend of post-punk and funk. Their 1983 indie hit, ‘Hungry, So Angry’, features in Netflix’s exciting new drama series Eric, set in New York City and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a troubled, alcoholic parent whose son has disappeared. ‘Hungry, So Angry’ epitomises

We Are Family

Family were a progressive rock group active primarily from 1966 to 1973. Renowned for their eclectic sound that blended rock, jazz, blues, and folk influences, they created a distinctive style that set them apart from their contemporaries. The band's lineup included several talented musicians, but Roger

Joy Davidson

TJM Records, operated from Manchester by Tony Davidson, was known for its distinctive contributions to the punk and post-punk scenes. TJM was instrumental in launching and promoting various influential acts, including Slaughter and the Dogs, The Teardrops and Private Sector. Tony’s commitment to nurturing raw talent help established the

Mock The Geek?

Fronted by Steve Coogan's brother Martin, The Mock Turtles came to prominence in 1989 at the height of 'Madchester', alongside fellow Manchester bands the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. Cherry Red are proud to represent the Mock Turtles' Imaginary recordings from 1987-1991, including the original indie versions of their hit 'Can You Dig It?' and 'And Then She Smiles'. While

Tip Top Timperley

Manchester’s Frank Sidebottom, the quirky alter ego of comedian and musician Chris Sievey, became a cult figure with his eccentric persona and distinctive papier-mâché head. Alongside his solo work, Sidebottom had previously fronted power pop band The Freshies, releasing some memorable albums and EPs. Frank albums include 13.9.88, 5.9.88, and Medium Play, which

Top Of The Pops

For a few years now, Top Sounds has been unearthing hitherto unheard archive finds from cult UK bands of the mid-to-late 1960s. Specialising in unearthing forgotten gems, the label has crafted meticulously curated compilations centred around genres such as British R&B, freakbeat, mod and psychedelia, featuring artists like The Purple Barrier, The

Father And Son(g)

After leaving The Shadows in the 1960s, drummer Brian Bennett delved into solo projects, blending his talents with soundtrack and library music compositions. His 1978 album, Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk), stands as a testament to his innovative spirit, combining early Bob James and Lonnie Liston Smith's space

The Pop Group(s)

'New Pop;’ a term coined by NME's Paul Morley, marked a departure from rock and punk styles in early 1980s British music, embodying aspiration and forward-thinking. Heaven Sent: The Rise Of New Pop 1979-1983 is a new 4CD boxset that captures five transformative years, embracing curated, image-conscious

Fox In The Show

In the mid-1970s, Noosha Fox and her band Fox brought sophisticated glamour to the UK charts with hits like ‘Only You Can’ and ‘S-S-S Single Bed,’ the latter reaching No. 4 in the UK and topping charts in Australia in 1976. Their music, reminiscent of

Wilde Fishing

Bloom de Wilde, formerly of the multi-platinum UK band Sam and the Womp, releases her new single 'Ride With The Fishes' today. This track showcases Bloom's prismatic voice amid an eclectic mix of alternative pop, downtempo, jazz, and dub, reminiscent of Björk and Fever Ray.