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Beats Meets Manifesto

In the post post-punk aftermath, as electronic rhythms and synthesisers began to dominate, cutting edge artists began fusing minimal, proto-house music with dark, Gothic-tinged aesthetics to create a hybrid was simultaneously cold/alienated and danceable. Our latest 3CD compilation, Control I’m Here: Adventures On The Industrial Dance

Native Sons

Cited as key players in the so-called ‘Paisley Underground’ scene of the early-to-mid- 80s, American band The Long Ryders were actually rooted as much in alternative country music (Gram Parsons style) as psychedelia. We are the proud representatives of various Long Ryders and Sid Griffin albums. This includes live recordings, demos, B-sides, alternative

Things Can Only Get Chipper!

Back in the 80s and early 90s, Howard Jones notched up a string of catchy, memorable synth-pop hits on both sides of the Atlantic. Cherry Red are the proud custodians of recordings from the first decade of Howard's career (1983-1993). Included are all his hit singles, such as 'New Song', 'What Is Love?', 'Like To Get

Hollier Than Thou

British songwriter and folk musician Tim Hollier released four albums across the late 60s to early 70s (originally on United Artists, Fontana and Philips). His magnum opus is considered to be his eponymous second album, described by one critic as “hauntingly beautiful”. Tim later moved into music publishing and founded The

Sync Another One!

Amazon Prime’s new German language drama series, Luden: Könige Der Reeperbahn, tells the gritty story of Hamburg’s red light district and local gang wars in the late 1970s / early 1980s. It also soundtracks an abundance of Cherry Red material, from punk stalwarts Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’ to

Icing On The Cake

C86-era scenesters 14 Iced Bears were formed in Brighton in 1985 by frontman Rob Sekula and guitarist Kevin Canham. Awash with buzzsaw guitars, their jangly, psych infused indie-pop saw them receive critical acclaim from the music press and John Peel. The band have recently had tracks featured on the ITV crime drama Karen Pirie and Amazon

A Message For You, Rah!

The RAH Band was the brainchild of one Richard Anthony Hewson - an English producer, arranger, conductor and multi-instrumentalist. His career began in the late 60s as an arranger, working with The Beatles, The Bee Gees, James Taylor, Al Stewart, Fleetwood Mac and others. He founded the RAH Band in 1977,

A World Divided

Award-winning guitarist/composer Jane Getter has carved out a niche at the intersection of jazz, metal and rock with her unique singer-songwriter approach. Division World, the latest album from her band Jane Getter Premonition, is released in February. Her latest single, title track ‘Division World’, is a complex but accessible jam with

A Viral Surprise, Surprise!

With a career launched on the back of The Beatles-led Merseybeat boom of 1963, Liverpudlian Cilla Black became one of the most successful female performers in British pop. In due course, she was also a notable TV personality, famous for her affable persona hosting shows such as Blind Date and Surprise

Give Us A Bell!

Blues rock musician Eric Bell made his name as original guitarist of Thin Lizzy (he was a member from 1969 to 1973). Thereafter, he has released several solo albums and performs regularly with his blues-based trio, the Eric Bell Band. We recently acquired the rights to