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Chemical Brothers Touch

Morgan Fisher is an English keyboard player and composer best known as a member of Mott the Hoople in the early 1970s. In 1980, Morgan locked himself away in his minimal studio in a corner of his small Notting Hill apartment and produced the notable

Beeside Themselves

Tintern Abbey were a British psychedelic rock band professionally active between 1967 and 1968, who are best remembered for their single ‘Vacuum Cleaner’. Formed by Stuart MacKay and Don Smith after meeting David MacTavish at the Overseas Visitors Club in London, the band later included classic rock

Pucking Perfect

The Defects are a punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in 1978. The line-up of Ian "Buck" Murdock (vocals), Marcus "Dukie" Duke (guitar), Jeff Gilmore (bass) and Glenn Kingsmore (drums) wrote and recorded their debut album in 1982, epitomising the sound of what we know

Souvenir From Tenth Avenue

Mick Ronson’s version of Slaughter On Tenth Avenue has been chosen to appear in the upcoming film The Souvenir Part II. Originally a ballet with music by Richard Rodgers, Mick chose the name as the title track to his debut solo album of the same name. The former lead guitarist

A Good Musical Hand

Phillip Goodhand-Tait is an English singer-songwriter, record producer and keyboard player. Through a long and varied career, Phillip has written and recorded songs covered by Roger Daltrey, wrote the soundtrack for the film Universal Soldier, and even played harmonium for a couple of Chris De Burgh albums.

Resident Sounds

Oh, It Hertz! is a new feature documentary directed by Gunnar Hall Jensen. As Gunnar follows vocalist Laurie Amat in a revealing look at how sound affects us in ways unknown to most people; what neither of them expected was finding out how World War II and the

Chessboxing Gets Ejected!

Hailing from Dagenham, Essex, The Ejected were an early 80s punk band signed to Bristol label Riot City. Their fast-and-furious 1982 indie hit 'Have You Got 10p' appears in a newly released film, By Rook or Left Hook. Described as "Rocky meets The Queen's Gambit as

Pining For Soul

Lu Pine Records was a small label in Detroit, Michigan, active during the late-1950s and 1960s. The company released records by artists such as Joe Stubbs (brother of Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs), Eddie Floyd, The Falcons and The Ohio Untouchables (later renamed the Ohio Players). Lu Pine might be most notable for releasing

Ring Snapper

Founded in the early 70s, veteran London band Cock Sparrer are now one of the biggest on the punk scene, headlining the likes of Rebellion festival. These leading voices on the Oi scene often penned lyrics which dealt with topics related to the daily life of the working

Putting Down Roots

Ian A. Anderson is an English folk musician, broadcaster and founding editor of the popular folk magazine fRoots. He started the record label The Village Thing and was one of the pioneers of psychedelic/acid folk, as well presenting shows on BBC Radio 2, BBC World Service and Jazz FM. Cherry