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Nocturnal Possessions

Formed in 1982, Alien Sex Fiend are still going strong to this day, and their catalogue includes the seminal albums Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain, Acid Bath, Maximum Security and IT. Cherry Red now represent the vast majority of the ASF output. And we’re now proud to add their 1990s/2000s

Dream On

Silesian Opera is an opera company in Poland that was founded in 1945 and based at the former City Theatre built in 1881. This grand location recently hosted a performance of Tangerine Dream’s 1984 live album Poland for three nights only. Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese, the band are considered

Do The Wobble, Baby

Wobble Jaggle Jiggle were an English psychedelic rock band active in Brighton during the 1990s. Their style and image was based heavily on 1960s psychedelia and heavy drug references, with the band's name taken from guitarist and vocalist Robert 'Wobbly Bob' Chambers' description of a drug experience. Many of his lyrics alluded to the counter-culture

Rev It Up!

Since their emergence in the early 1990s, Mercury Rev have remained at the vanguard of American alternative music. Cherry Red represents and has reissued some of their landmark discography, including 2001’s All Is Dream, The Secret Migration (2005), Hello Blackbird (2006) and Snowflake Midnight (2008) as well as its instrumental companion Strange Attractor (2008). Drop us a line

Swing Of Destiny

Fronted by the powerful, soaring vocals of Kirk Brandon, Theatre Of Hate felt like a breath of Post-Punk fresh air back in the early 80s. Cherry Red represents the band's back catalogue, and has also acquired the album Religion, from Kirk’s other band Spear Of Destiny. The band’s seventh album was released in

An Optimal Illusion

The Mirage were a late 1960s psychedelic pop band from London, who later became Jawbone. Their most notable releases were perhaps the 1967 single ‘The Wedding Of Ramona Blair’ and their cover of The Beatles’ psych classic ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. They also backed Elton John at some of his early concerts. Although both groups

Forever Ionic

Primarily the vehicle of Mancunian multi-instrumentalist composer Vini Reilly, The Durutti Column were one of the first acts signed to Factory Records. Thanks to Reilly’s instantly recognisable guitar playing their music stood out from the more intense post-punk bands of the time. Cherry Red have recently acquired material from 2001-2009,

For Whom The Bell Toks

Known for its haunting use in the film The Exorcist, ‘Tubular Bells’ has become one of the most famous pieces of music in modern history. Written and recorded by Mike Oldfield in 1973, the album was presented originally as two distinct 20-odd minute halves. The massive success of the record

Strawbs And Cream

Legendary folk-rock band Strawbs were founded in 1964 as a bluegrass outfit, eventually expanding their repertoire to embrace, folk, progressive and even glam rock. Their discography now stretches to around 25 studio albums, plus many more live recordings and compilations, which found a home at Cherry Red after

Telescopes And Trucks

Space rock, noise pop, dream rock. However you want to label them, The Telescopes have always drawn their influences from a wide pool. Their diversity and musical dexterity has seen them collect admirers from all over the world, which might be why their song ‘Flying’ – their dreamy 1991 single from the era