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The Pop Group(s)

'New Pop;’ a term coined by NME's Paul Morley, marked a departure from rock and punk styles in early 1980s British music, embodying aspiration and forward-thinking. Heaven Sent: The Rise Of New Pop 1979-1983 is a new 4CD boxset that captures five transformative years, embracing curated, image-conscious

Fox In The Show

In the mid-1970s, Noosha Fox and her band Fox brought sophisticated glamour to the UK charts with hits like ‘Only You Can’ and ‘S-S-S Single Bed,’ the latter reaching No. 4 in the UK and topping charts in Australia in 1976. Their music, reminiscent of

Wilde Fishing

Bloom de Wilde, formerly of the multi-platinum UK band Sam and the Womp, releases her new single 'Ride With The Fishes' today. This track showcases Bloom's prismatic voice amid an eclectic mix of alternative pop, downtempo, jazz, and dub, reminiscent of Björk and Fever Ray.

Fruit Of The Loom

Grapefruit is Cherry Red’s bespoke psych/garage-era imprint, devoted to issuing single-artist career anthologies and definitive versions of rare and classic albums dating from the 1966-70 timeframe. All releases boast authentic artwork, rare photos, detailed liner notes and from-the-masters sound quality. Coming in July is the

Evidently Chickentown

Frank Chickens are a Japanese synth-punk pop group who formed in 1982. Favourites of John Peel, they have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, hosted a television chat show on Channel 4 and have released five studio albums, including Get Chickenized (1987) and Club Monkey (1988), both of which are now

Deep Burn!

Formed in early 1970 by former Deep Purple bassist Nick Simper, Warhorse  began life as backing band for singer Marsha Hunt. Their self-titled debut album was released in late 1970 on Vertigo, with their next album Red Sea released in 1972. A fine example of the era’s progressive hard rock, listen

Sixty Year Old Ravers!

Next month, our Grapefruit label unveils the latest of our year-by-year summaries of cutting edge bands – this time celebrating the 60th anniversary of the year when British R&B music went global. Having A Rave-Up boasts over 90 slabs of snotty teenage(ish!), testosterone-fuelled mayhem, many of which we

Cookin’ With The Crew

Cookie Crew were an all female British hip hop music duo consisting of Cookie Pryce (MC Remedee) and Susie Banfield (Suzy Q) from South London between 1983 and 1992. Their career took off after winning a national rap championship and recording two sessions for the John Peel BBC Radio 1 show. They

Cherry Blue

Ever since, perhaps, Robert Johnson sold his soul at that mythical crossroads, The Blues has influenced and inspired pop and rock down the decades. We boast all manner of blues-flavoured recordings – British and American, from intimate acoustic works to out-and-out blues rock – by

Musical Ammo!

Across the very late 1960s and 1970s, Chris Arnold, David Martin and Geoff Morrow were prolific songwriters and producers, often operating under the Ammo identity (including some releases on the Ammo label). We’re pleased to represent vast tracts of the Ammo output, including albums by