Albums – Synthpop & Electronica

Year Artist Title Album Type
1982 Aerial FX Watching The Dance Studio
1982 Attrition Death House Studio
1983 Attrition Onslaught Studio
1983 Attrition Action And Reaction Studio
1984 Attrition The Attrition Of Reason Studio
1985 Attrition Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club Studio
1986 Attrition In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts Studio
1987 Attrition Take Five Studio Mini-LP
1988 Attrition At The Fiftieth Gate Studio
1991 Attrition A Tricky Business Studio
1993 Attrition The Hidden Agenda Studio
1995 Attrition Ephemera Studio
1995 Attrition 3 Arms And A Dead Cert Studio
1997 Attrition … This Death House Studio
1997 Attrition Étude Studio
1998 Attrition The Jeopardy Maze Studio
2000 Attrition Heretic Angels – Live In The USA Live
2000 Attrition The Hand That Feeds Compilation
2004 Attrition Dante’s Kitchen Studio
2008 Attrition Kill The Buddah! Studio
2008 Attrition All Mine Enemys Whispers Studio
2009 Attrition Across The Divide – Live In Holland Live
2011 Attrition The Truth In Dark Corners Live
2012 Attrition Invocation Studio
1981 Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah (‘Gold’) Studio
1982 Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah (‘Stripey’) Compilation
2019 Blah Blah Blah Camouflage Studio
2017 Blah Blah Blah MR1 Studio
2008 Blah Blah Blah 30th Anniversary Studio
1981 Bill Nelson Das Kabinett (The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari) Studio
1982 Bill Nelson La Belle Et La Bete (Beauty And The Beast) Studio
1984 Bill Nelson Trial By Intimacy (The Book Splendours) Studio
1989 Bill Nelson Demonstrations Of Affection Studio
1991 Bill Nelson Luminous Studio
1995 Bill Nelson My Secret Studio Volume I Studio
1995 Bill Nelson Practically Wired or How I Became… Guitarboy! Studio
1996 Bill Nelson After The Satellite Sings Studio
1997 Bill Nelson Confessions Of A Hyperdreamer: My Secret Studio Volume II Studio
1998 Bill Nelson Atom Shop Studio
2000 Bill Nelson Whistling While The World Turns Studio
2000 Bill Nelson Simplex Studio
2002 Bill Nelson Noise Candy Studio
1984 Bodhi Beat Poets Baltimore (Behold The Precious Stupa) Positive Paranoia! Studio Mini-LP
2002 Cabaret Voltaire Live at the Hacienda ’83/’86 Live
1994 Divine Born To Be Cheap Live
1983 Eddie & Sunshine Perfect Strangers Studio
1985 English Evenings After Dark Studio
1981 Eyeless In Gaza Caught In Flux Studio
1981 Eyeless In Gaza Photographs As Memories Studio
1982 Eyeless In Gaza Drumming The Beating Heart Studio
1982 Eyeless In Gaza Pale Hands I Loved So Well Studio
1983 Eyeless In Gaza Rust Red September Studio
1986 Eyeless In Gaza Back From The Rains Studio
1993 Eyeless In Gaza Voice – The Best Of… Compilation
1996 Eyeless In Gaza All Under The Leaves, The Leaves Of Life Studio
2005 Eyeless In Gaza No Noise (The Very Best Of…) Compilation
2008 Five Or Six Acting On Impulse – The Best Of… Studio
1988 Frank Chickens Club Monkey Studio
1987 Frank Chickens Get Chickenized Studio
1983 Gardening By Moonlight Method In The Madness Studio
1988 Good Shepherds One Studio
1983 Hula Cut From Inside Studio
1985 Hula Murmur Studio
1986 Hula Shadowland Live
1986 Hula 1000 Hours Studio
1987 Hula Voice Studio
1988 Hula Threshold Compilation
1994 Hula Best Of Hula Compilation
1984 Jeanette Hum… Mini-Album
1985 Jesus Couldn’t Drum Er… Something About Cows Studio
1986 Jesus Couldn’t Drum Good Morning Mr. Square Studio
1988 Jesus Couldn’t Drum Ruttling Orange Peel And Blind Lemon Pie Studio
1987 Karmas Colectivos The Last Dream Studio
1985 La Bouche Step Time Studio
1986 Laibach Nova Akropola Studio
1991 Mark Tibenham Tales From Happy Valley Studio
1986 Moving Fingers Natural Selection Studio
1983 Native Europe Searching For An Orchestration Studio
2002 Orchestra Arcana The Hermetic Jukebox (Iconography/Optimism) Studio
1982 Passage Degenerates Studio
1983 Passage Enflame Studio
1980 Passage Pindrop Studio
1997 Passage Seedy – The Best Of Compilation
1983 Passage Through The Passage Compilation
1986 Peter Hope & Jonathan S. Podmore Method Dry Hip Rotation Studio
1985 Play Red Movies Studio
1983 Richard Bone Brave Tales Studio
1985 Richard Bone Exspectacle Studio
1980 Richard Strange International Language Studio
1985 Robert Calvert Freq Studio Mini-LP
1987 Screaming Trees A Fracture In Time Studio
1987 Son Of Sam & Good Shepherds Rich And Famous Studio
1989 Success World Crash Studio
1983 Swallow Tongue Stain Upon The Silence Studio
1985 They Must Be Russians And Other Groundless Accusations Studio
2019 Rupert Hine as “Thinkman” Fighting Apathy With Shock (The Best Of…) Compilation
1985 Thirteen At Midnight Last True Friends Studio
1982 Thomas Leer Contradictions Studio
1982 Those French Girls Those French Girls Studio
2001 Toog Easy Toog For Beginners Studio
1983 Two Dreaming Spires Studio
1984 Voice Of Authority Very Big In America Right Now Studio
1982 Wibbley Brothers Go Weird Studio
1981 Yellow Dog Strangers In Paradox Studio