Albums – Reggae, Ska & Revival

Year Artist Title Album Type
2010 Arthur Kay & Originals Reunion – Live At The Horsebridge Live
1988 Arthur Kay’s Originals Rare ‘N’ Tasty Rarities
1988 Arthur Kay’s Originals Sparkes Of Inspiration Studio
Year Artist Title Album Type
1988 Bad Manners Eat The Beat Studio
1993 Bad Manners Greatest Hits Live (aka Live And Loud) Live
1997 Bad Manners Heavy Petting Studio
1999 Bad Manners Rare And Fatty Compilation
1989 Bad Manners Return Of The Ugly Studio
1996 Bad Manners This Is Ska! Studio
2001 Bakesys Bakesys Studio
2009 Bakesys Return To The Planet Of The Bakesys Studio
2007 Big Whatever Makes You Happy Studio
1995 Big 5 In Yer Face Studio
1996 Big 5 Live Injection Live
1996 Big 5 Popskatic Studio
1969 Brixton Market Black Funk Studio
1989 Burial A Day On The Town Studio
1989 Buster’s Allstars Skinhead Luv Affair Studio
2011 Capone & The Bullets Capone & The Bullets Studio
2012 Carolegians Fat Is Back Studio
1973 Colonel Elliott & Lunatics Interstellar Reggae Drive Studio
1982 Creation Rebel Lows And Highs Studio
1982 Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers Threat To Creation Studio
2000 Dave Barker & The Selecter Kingston Affair Studio
1979 Detonators Gangster Studio
2012 Dualers Prince Buster Showdown Studio
1998 Edna’s Goldfish Before You Knew Better Studio
1999 Edna’s Goldfish The Elements Of Transition Studio
2000 Ex-Cathedra Forced Knowledge Studio
2002 Farse Boxing Clever Studio
1975 Greyhound Leave The Reggae To Us Studio
1989 Hotknives Live At Horsham Live Mini-LP
1988 Hotknives Live At The Boatman Live
1989 Hotknives Live ‘N’ Skankin’ Live
1990 Hotknives The Way Things Are Studio
1996 House Of Rhythm In A Different Style Live
2011 Intensified Lunar City Groove Studio
1992 International Beat The Hitting Line Crosses The Border Studio
1970 Jamestown Sheiks Lennon & McCartney Reggae Style Studio
unknown Judge Dread Big Live – Live In Leeds Live
1996 Judge Dread Dread White & Blue Studio
1973 Judge Dread Dreadmania – It’s All In The Mind Studio
2000 Judge Dread Judge Dread’s Big Tin Compilation
1988 Judge Dread Live & Lewd Live
1985 Judge Dread Not Guilty Studio
1981 Judge Dread Rub-A-Dub Studio
1993 Judge Dread The Early Years Compilation
1989 Judge Dread The Legendary Judge Dread Vol. 1 – King Of Rudeness Compilation
1990 Judge Dread The Legendary Judge Dread Vol. 2 – Reggae And Ska Years Compilation
1974 Judge Dread Working Class ‘Ero Studio
2012 King Fatty Rocksteady Dynamite Studio
1995 King Prawn First Offence Studio
1998 King Prawn Fried In London Live
1999 Laurel Aitken En Espanol Live
1993 Laurel Aitken Godfather Of Ska Compilation
2004 Laurel Aitken Live At Club Ska Live
2000 Laurel Aitken Meets Floyd Lloyd & Potato 5 Studio
1973 Laurel Aitken Moria Sophia Studio
1969 Laurel Aitken Rise And Fall Studio
1969 Laurel Aitken Says Fire Studio
1966 Laurel Aitken Ska With Laurel Studio
2005 Laurel Aitken Superstar Studio
1972 Laurel Aitken The Fantastic Laurel Aitken Studio
1970 Laurel Aitken The High Priest Of Reggae Studio
1964 Laurel Aitken The Original Cool Jamaican Ska Studio
1995 Laurel Aitken The Story So Far… Compilation
1969 Laurel Aitken & Girlie Scandal In Brixton Market Studio
1999 Laurel Aitken & Skatalites Ska Titans Studio
1998 Laurel Aitken & Unitones Live At Brighton 1980 Live
1998 Loafers City Skanking Studio
1998 Loafers Contagious Studio
1989 Loafers Skankin’ The Place Down! (Live) Live
1990 Loafers Skaraties Compilation
2000 Lubby Nugget Subtle Crucial Studio
2000 Lubby Nugget/Shootin’ Goon Big Up Clash Studio
1996 Mark Foggo’s Skasters Captain Skarlet – Live Live
1990 Maroon Town High And Dry Studio
1983 Mr. Spaulding Twelve Tribe Of Israel Studio
1990 Natural Rhythm Bluebeat And Ska Studio
2005 Pama International Float Like A Butterfly Studio
2008 Pama International Highrise Studio
2008 Pama International Love Filled Dub Band Studio
2004 Pama International Pama International Studio
2002 Pama International Too Many Freaks Not Enough Stages Studio
2012 Phoenix City All-Stars Two Tone Gone Ska Studio
1982 Playgroup Epic Sound Battles Chapter 1 Studio
1983 Playgroup Epic Sound Battles Chapter 2 Studio
1990 Potato 5 Five Alive Live
1988 Potato 5 feat. Laurel Aitken True Fact Studio
2006 Rebelation Pounds And Pence EP Mini-LP
2007 Rebelation State Of The Union Studio
2004 Rebelation Steppas Studio
2002 Rebelation Yo Swing Dat Mama Studio
2015 Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers Studio
2007 Riffs Live At Club Ska Live
1989 Riffs Who Wants It? Studio
1998 Selecter Cruel Britannia Studio
1996 Selecter Greatest Hits Live Live
2013 Selecter Indie Singles Collection 1991-96 Compilation
1995 Selecter Pucker! (alias Hairspray) Studio
1994 Selecter Rare Volume 1 Rarities
1995 Selecter Rare Volume 2 Rarities
2003 Selecter Real To Reel Compilation
1994 Selecter The Happy Album Studio
1995 Selecter Versions (Rare Volume 3) Rarities
2000 Shootin’ Goon Splottside Rocksteady Studio
2011 Sidewalk Doctors Music Is Medicine Studio
1984 Singers & Players Leaps And Bounds Studio
1999 Skatalites Guns Of Navarone Live
1997 Skatalites & Friends Ska Legends – Miss Jamaica Meets The Skatalites Studio
1999 Skatalites & Friends Ska Splash Live
1999 Skatalites & Laurel Aitken Ska Titans Studio
2000 Skoidats A Cure For Whatever Ales You Studio
1997 Skoidats The Times Studio
2000 Slow Gherkin ‎ Roman Holiday (A Collection: 1998–2000) Compilation
2004 Solabeat Alliance Island Fire Studio
2004 Sonic Boom Six Sounds To Consume Compilation
1993 Special Beat Live In Japan Live
1998 Spunge Pedigree Chump Studio
2008 Symarip Moonstompin’ At The Club Ska Live
1980 Tigers Savage Music Studio
2012 Toasters 30th Anniversary Compilation
1987 Toasters Pool Shark Studio
1998 Tommy McCook & Friends The Authentic Sound Of Tommy McCook Studio
2004 Uncle Brian All The Gear But No Idea Studio
2000 Uncle Brian Barbecue Music Studio
2002 Uncle Brian It Just Seems Right Studio Mini-LP
2006 Upsessions The New Heavyweight Champion Studio
1970 Various Artists In Reggae Time Compilation
1995 Various Artists Last Train To Skaville Vol 1 Compilation
2012 Various Artists Phoenix City Dub Compilation
2011 Various Artists Phoenix City Scorchers Volume 1 Compilation
2011 Various Artists Phoenix City Scorchers Volume 2 Compilation
2012 Various Artists Phoenix City Scorchers Volume 3 Compilation
1993 Various Artists Ska Explosion (Ska On A Summer’s Day) Live
1989 Various Artists Ska For Ska’s Sake Compilation
1988 Various Artists Skank – Licensed To Ska Compilation
2011 Various Artists The Best Of Local Records Compilation
1990 Various Artists The Twelve Commandments Of Ska (alias The Fifteen Commandments Of Ska) Compilation
1981 Various Artists Wild Paarty Sounds Compilation
1989 Volcanoes Skatoon Time Studio
1983 Weapon Of Peace Rainbow Rhythm Studio
1981 Weapon Of Peace Weapon Of Peace Studio
2002 Whitmore Pack Of Three – Electronically Tested Compilation
2002 Whitmore Smoke The Roach Studio
2009 Whitmore Solstice Rise Studio
2011 Ya Bass Back A Yard Dub Studio
2005 Zen Baseballbat For Refund Insert Baby Studio
2000 Zen Baseballbat I Am The Champion Concrete Mixer Studio