Albums – Psychobilly & Rockabilly

Year Artist Title Album Type
1990 Batfinks Live And Rockin’ Live
1989 Batfinks Wazzed N’ Blasted Studio
2008 Ben Cooper Rockin’ Studio
1989 Boz & The Bozmen Dress In Dead Men’s Suits Studio
1988 Coffin Nails A Fistful of Burgers Studio
1990 Coffin Nails Live And Rockin’ Live
1989 Cropdusters If The Sober Go To Heaven Studio
1989 Deltas Live And Rockin’ Live
1994 Deltas Tuffer Than Tuff! Live
2004 Demented Are Go Call Of The Wired Live
1990 Demented Are Go Go Go Demented (Live & Rockin’ Vol 2) Live
1986 Demented Are Go In Sickness And In Health Studio
1988 Demented Are Go Kicked Out Of Hell Studio
1990 Demented Are Go Live And Rockin’ Live
1997 Demented Are Go Satan’s Rejects (The Very Best Of…) Compilation
2002 Demented Are Go Stomping At The Klub Foot Live
1993 Demented Are Go The Best Of… Compilation
1989 Demented Are Go (Demon Teds) The Day The Earth Spat Blood Studio Mini-LP
2007 Escalators Live At Le Havre 1983 Live
2007 Fractured No Peace For The Wicked Studio
1994 Frantic Flintstones Enjoy Yourself Studio
1993 Frantic Flintstones Jamboree Studio
2005 Frantic Flintstones Legendary Mushroom Sessions Compilation
1989 Frantic Flintstones Live And Rockin’ Live
1989 Frantic Flintstones Not  Christmas Album Studio
1988 Frantic Flintstones Rockin’ Out Studio Mini-LP
1990 Frantic Flintstones Schlachtof Boogie Woogie Studio
1989 Frantic Flintstones The Nightmare Continues … Demonic Verses… Chuck’s Revenge Studio
2001 Frantic Flintstones Too Sweet To Die Studio
1994 Guana Batz 1985-1990 Compilation
1990 Guana Batz Electra Glide In Blue Studio
2006 Guana Batz Get Around Rarities
1985 Guana Batz Held Down To Vinyl … At Last! Studio
1987 Guana Batz Live Over London (alias Stomping At The Klub Foot) Live
1986 Guana Batz Loan Sharks Studio
1993 Guana Batz Powder Keg Studio
1988 Guana Batz Rough Edges Studio
2001 Guana Batz The Very Best Of… Compilation
1999 Guana Batz Undercover Compilation
1999 Highliners Bound For Glory Studio
2000 Highliners Spank-O-Matic Studio
2008 Hyperjax The Wildest Card Studio
2007 Judder & The Jackrabbits All In Studio
1996 Kid Rocker & The Phantoms I’m On A Roll Studio
1986 King Kurt Big Cock Studio
1990 King Kurt Destination Demoland Rarities
1992 King Kurt Live & Rockin’ Live
1986 Krewmen The Adventures Of The Krewmen Studio
1991 Krewmen The Final Adventures Of The Krewmen (Part 1) Studio
1987 Krewmen Into The Tomb Studio
1998 Krewmen Klassik Tracks From 1985! Compilation
1988 Krewmen Plague Of The Dead Studio
1990 Krewmen Power Studio
1994 Krewmen Singled Out Studio
1987 Krewmen Sweet Dreams Studio
2003 Legendary Raw Deal Outlaw Man Studio
1989 Long Tall Texans Five Beans In The Wheel Live
1987 Long Tall Texans Saturnalia Studio
1998 Mac Curtis & The Rimshots Rockabilly Ready Studio
2004 Mad Sin Teachin’ The Goodies – Lesson One Studio
1993 Meteors Best Of The Meteors Compilation
1987 Meteors Don’t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit Studio
2004 Meteors Hell In The Pacific: Live In Japan Live
1990 Meteors Live Styles Of The Sick And Shameless Live
1985 Meteors Monkey’s Breath Studio
1988 Meteors Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly Studio
2001 Meteors Psycho Down! Studio
1986 Meteors Sewertime Blues Studio
1984 Meteors Stampede! Studio
1999 Meteors The Meteors Vs. The World Studio & Live
1988 Meteors The Mutant Monkey And The Surfers From Zorch Studio
1989 Meteors Undead, Unfriendly And Unstoppable Studio
1988 Nitros Nightshades Studio Mini-LP
2002 Number Nine Blue Grooves Studio
2002 Number Nine Countryfied Studio
1995 Number Nine Smokin’ Country Rockin’ Blues Studio
1996 P. Paul Fenech Daddy’s Hammer Studio
2008 P. Paul Fenech Fenechaphobia Studio
2000 P. Paul Fenech Screaming In The 10th Key Studio
1988 Polecats Live And Rockin’ Live
1989 Radiacs Hellraiser Studio
1990 Radiacs Live And Rockin’ Live
1985 Rantanplan Two Worlds At Once Studio
1984 Rattlers  Scare Me To Death Studio Mini-LP
1985 Rattlers Take A Ride Studio
1987 Red Crack Studio
1997 Restless Lost Sessions Rarities
1995 Restless Three Of A Kind Studio
1989 Rockin’ Rocket 88 Coming Home Studio Mini-LP
1989 Scared Stiff Dark Streets Studio
2008 Scourge Of River City Scourge Of River City Studio
1996 Sharks Colour My Flesh Studio
1993 Sharks Recreational Killer Studio
Unreleased Skitzo Unreleased Live Recordings Live
1989 Some Kinda Earthquake Devastating Studio Mini-LP
1989 Stage Frite Island Of Lost Souls Studio
1989 Sugar Puff Demons Falling From Grace Studio
1984 Sunglasses After Dark The Untamed Culture Studio
1987 Sureshots Four To The Bar Studio
1989 Surf Rats Straight Between The Eyes Studio
1988 Surf Rats Trouble Studio
2001 Surf Sluts Pot Sounds Studio
1990 Swig The Swing Swig The Swing Studio
1989 Tailgators Live And Rockin’ Live
1990 Tailgators The Tailgators Studio
1989 Termites Overload Studio
1995 Thee Waltons Get Out Yer Vegetables Studio
1988 Various Artists A Fistful Of Pussies (Blood On The Cats IV) Compilation
1983 Various Artists Blood On The Cats Compilation
1984 Various Artists Dance To It Compilation
1987 Various Artists For A Few Pussies More (Blood On The Cats III) Compilation
1988 Various Artists Graveyard Stomp Compilation
1989 Various Artists Keep Katz Rockin’ Compilation
1989 Various Artists Keep Katz Rockin’ Vol. 2 Compilation
1984 Various Artists Revenge Of The Killer Pussies (Blood On The Cats II) Compilation
1994 Various Artists Rockin’ At The Take Volumes 1 & 2 Live
1987 Various Artists Rockin It Up! Compilation
1988 Various Artists Rockin It Up! Vol. 2 Compilation
1987 Various Artists Sick Sick Sick Live
1984 Various Artists Stomping At The Klub Foot Volume 1 Live
1985 Various Artists Stomping At The Klub Foot Volume 2 Live
1986 Various Artists Stomping At The Klub Foot Volume 3 Live
1986 Various Artists Stomping At The Klub Foot Volume 4 Live
1988 Various Artists Stomping At The Klub Foot Volume 5 Live
1987 Various Artists The Klub Foot Kicks Back Live
1985 Various Artists The Rockin’ Won’t Stop! Compilation