Albums – Modern Progressive & Psychedelia

Year Artist Title Album Type
1998 Alan Simon Excalibur (La Légende Des Celtes) Studio
2007 Alan Simon Excalibur II (The Celtic Ring) Studio
2012 Alan Simon Excalibur III (The Origins) Studio
2000 Alan Simon Excalibur (Le Concert Mythique) Live
2014 Andy Jackson Signal To Noise Studio
2016 Andy Jackson 73 Days At Sea Studio
2017 Acqua Fragile A New Chant Studio
1996 Arjen Anthony Lucassen Strange Hobby Studio
2004 Beginning This Is… Studio
2015 Blurred Vision Organized Insanity Studio
1994 Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika Psychic Revolution Studio
1999 Breit Band Fadu Und Der Untershied Studio
2017 Cairo Say Studio
2020 Cats In Space Atlantis Studio
2019 Cats In Space Daytrip To Narnia Studio
2021 Cats In Space Diamonds (The Best Of…) Compilation
2017 Cats In Space Scarecrow Studio
2015 Cats In Space Too Many Gods Studio
2016 Cross & Quinn Cold Sky Blue Studio
2015 Dave Sturt Dreams And Absurdities Studio
1994 Dead Flowers Altered State Circus Studio
2012 D.B.A. (Downes Braide Association) Pictures Of You Studio
2015 D.B.A. (Downes Braide Association) Suburban Ghosts Studio
2020 Djabe The Magic Stag Studio
2019 Djabe & Steve Hackett Back To Sardinia Studio
2018 Djabe & Steve Hackett Life Is A Journey – The Budapest Live Tapes Live
2017 Djabe & Steve Hackett Life Is A Journey – The Sardinia Tapes Live
2015 Dreaming Tree Silverfade Studio
2016 Esquire No Spare Planet (Esquire III) Studio
1990 Ethereal Counterbalance Ethereal Counterbalance Studio
1994 Ethereal Counterbalance Ethereal Counterbalance II ‎– Mellifluous Confluence Studio
2019 Fish On Friday An Initiation (2010-2017) Compilation
2014 Fish On Friday Godspeed Studio
2017 Fish On Friday Quiet Life Studio
1997 Fraternal Order Of The All Greetings from Planet Love Studio
1994 Fred Bison Five Beatroots Studio
2014 Garden Music Project Inspired By Syd Barrett’s Artwork Studio
1993 Hammill / Sonix Unsung Live
2014 HeKz Caerus Studio
2014 Hi Fiction Science Curious Yellow Studio
1999 House Water Under The Bridge Studio
2014 Intelligent Music Project II My Kind O’ Lovin’ Studio
2015 Intelligent Music Project II Touching The Divine Studio
1997 Jeff Tarlton Astral Years Studio
2000 Jeff Tarlton Dragin’ Spring Studio
1986 Jellymonsters Two True Believers Studio
2013 Jeronimo Road Live At The Orange Live
1999 John Fallon Atomic Cossack Studio
2015 John Hackett Another Life Studio
2018 John Hackett & Nick Fletcher Beyond The Stars Studio
2017 John Hackett Band We Are Not Alone Studio
2014 John Lawton/Intelligent Music Project I The Power Of Mind Studio
2002 Josiah Josiah Studio
2004 Josiah Into The Outside Studio
1995 Kava Kava You Can Live Here Studio
1997 Kava Kava Supalube Studio
1996 Kryptasthesie Inner Whirl Studio
2012 Landmarq Entertaining Angels Studio
2014 Landmarq Origins: An Anthology 1991-2014 Compilation
2015 Landmarq Roadskill – Live In The Netherlands Live
1996 Liberation Thru’ Hearing Liberation Thru’ Hearing Studio
2013 Lifesigns Lifesigns Studio
2015 Lucifer’s Friend Awakening Compilation
2015 Lucifer’s Friend Live @ Sweden Rock 2015 Live
2016 Lucifer’s Friend Too Late To Hate Studio
1987 Magic Muscle Laughs & Thrills Studio
1990 Magic Muscle Living Weeds From Ancient Seeds Compilation
1988 Magic Muscle The Pipe, The Roar, The Grid Studio
1994 Magic Mushroom Band Magic Studio
1992 Magic Mushroom Band Re-Hash Studio
1993 Magic Mushroom Band R U Spaced Out 2 Studio
1988 Mandragora Over The Moon Studio
2014 Matt Stevens Lucid Studio
1995 Moom Toot Studio
1999 Moom Bone Idol Studio
1997 Moonboot Oz Music From The Psychedelic Café Studio
1992 Nick Riff Freak Element Studio
1995 Nick Riff Cloak Of Immortality Studio
1987 Nova Express Space Khmer Studio
1997 Nukli The Time Factory Studio
1993 Omnia Opera Omnia Opera Studio
1997 Omnia Opera Red Shift Studio
1995 On Trial S.K.U.N.K. Studio
2000 On Trial New Day Rising Studio
2002 On Trial Blinded By The Sun Studio
2003 On Trial Head Studio
2004 On Trial Live Live
1994 Outskirts Of Infinity Incident At Pilatus Studio
1987 Outskirts Of Infinity Lord Of The Dark Skies Studio
1989 Outskirts Of Infinity Scenes From The Dreams Of Angels Studio
1989 Outskirts Of Infinity Scenes From The Dreams Of Angels Live
1993 Outskirts Of Infinity The Altar Of The Elements Studio
1983 Pallas Arrive Alive Studio
1997 Pallas Live From London Live
2008 Panic Room Visionary Position Studio
2012 Panic Room Skin Studio
2014 Panic Room Satellite Studio
2014 Peter Hammill All That Might Have Been Studio
2002 Peter Hammill Clutch Studio
2011 Peter Hammill Consequences Studio
1982 Peter Hammill Enter K Studio
1997 Peter Hammill Everyone You Hold Studio
1992 Peter Hammill Fireships Studio
2017 Peter Hammill From The Trees Studio
2004 Peter Hammill Incoherence Studio
2021 Peter Hammill In Translation Studio
1983 Peter Hammill Loops And Reels Studio
2000 Peter Hammill None Of The Above Studio
1983 Peter Hammill Patience Studio
1994 Peter Hammill Roaring Forties Studio
2006 Peter Hammill Singularity Studio
1996 Peter Hammill Sonix (Hybrid Experiments 1994-1996) Studio
1993 Peter Hammill The Noise Studio
2009 Peter Hammill Thin Air Studio
1998 Peter Hammill This Studio
1999 Peter Hammill Typical Live
2001 Peter Hammill What, Now? Studio
2018 Peter Hammill X Studio
1996 Peter Hammill X My Heart Studio
1988 Peter Hammill & Guy Evans Spur Of The Moment Studio
1985 Peter Hammill & K Group The Margin Live
2001 Peter Hammill / The Noise There Goes The Daylight Live
2006 Peter Hammill With Stuart Gordon Veracious Live
1994 Plasticland Dapper Snappings Studio
1995 Plasticland Mink Dress & Other Cats Studio
1984 Plasticland Plasticland Studio
1994 Praise Space Electric 2 Leaving Demons Studio
1997 Praise Space Electric Mushroom Jazz Studio
1997 Psychomuzak Send Studio
2003 Psychomuzak The Extasie Studio
2015 Quill Brush With The Moon Studio
2012 Reasoning Adventures In Neverland Studio
2000 Reefus Moons V Suicidal Flowers Marmalade Sun Studio
1999 Roger Eno & Peter Hammill The Appointed Hour Studio
1995 Saddar Bazaar The Conference Of The Birds Studio
1998 Saddar Bazaar Path Of The Rose Studio
2015 Sam Coulson Electrical Classical Studio
2012 Sanguine Hum Diving Bell Studio
2013 Sanguine Hum The Weight Of The World Studio
2015 Sanguine Hum Now We Have A Light Studio
2016 Sanguine Hum What We Ask Is Where We Begin Studio
2014 Schnauser Protein For Everyone Studio
2013 Solstice Prophecy Studio
1999 Sons Of Selina Fire In The Hole Studio
1994 Sons Of Selina Nour D’Ooui Studio
2014 Sontaag Sontaag Studio
1999 Spacious Mind The Mind Of A Brother Studio
2015 Stephen W. Tayler Ostinato Studio
1986 Steppes Drop Of The Creature Studio
1988 Steppes Stewdio Studio
1989 Steppes Enquire Within Studio
1990 Steppes Harps And Hammers Studio
1991 Steppes Alive Alive Oh! Live
1997 Steppes Rarities Rarities
1998 Steppes Gods, Men And Ghosts Studio
2019 Steve Hackett & Djabe Back To Sardinia Studio
2017 Steve Hackett & Djabe Life Is A Journey Live
2013 Steve Hackett & Djabe Summer Storms & Rocking Rivers Studio
1996 Suicidal Flowers Burn Mother Burn Studio
1993 Suicidal Flowers The Final Arrangements Studio
1997 Suicidal Flowers The Psychedevilic Sounds Of… Live
1998 Suicidal Flowers Worship The Waterfall Studio
1990 Sun Dial Other Way Out Studio
1992 Sun Dial Reflecter Studio
1993 Sun Dial Return Journey Rarities
2009 Sun Dial Pumpkinhead Compilation
Unreleased Sun Dial Kohoutek Studio
1995 Sun Dial Live Drug Live
2003 Sun Dial Zen For Sale Studio
2005 Sun Dial Other Way In Rarities
2006 Sun Dial Shards Of God Compilation
2010 Sun Dial Sun Dial Studio
1997 Tangle Edge Tarka Studio
2015 This Oceanic Feeling Universal Mind Studio
2015 Tony Patterson Equations Of Meaning Studio
2013 Touchstone Oceans Of Time Studio
Unreleased Treatment How Much Is Enough Studio
Unreleased Treatment The Bruton Tapes Studio
1993 Treatment Cipher Caput Studio
1986 Tryp My Brain Collapsed Studio
1984 Underground Zero Never Reach The Stars Studio Mini-LP
1986 Underground Zero Through The Looking Glass Live/studio Mini-LP
1993 Various Artists Fun With Mushrooms Compilation
2014 Winter In Eden Court Of Conscience Studio
1992 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Fresh Today Studio
1999 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle It Came From Nowhere Studio
1991 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Kingdom Of The Big White Rabbit Studio
1994 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Overflowing Bowl Of Green Jelly Studio
1993 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Rockadelic Reefer Studio
1993 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Sock It To Me Compilation
1994 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Spiralize Surprize Studio
1994 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Surrealistic Clock Tower Compilation
1996 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Tales From The Electric Beyond Live
2015 Yuka & Chronoship The 3rd Planetary Chronicles Studio