Albums – Ambient, Experimental & Electronic

Year Artist Title Album Type
1981 A Tent Six Empty Places Studio
1987 Beyond Episcence Studio
1985 Bill Nelson Sounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming) Studio
1986 Bill Nelson Chameleon (The Music Of Bill Nelson) Studio
1987 Bill Nelson Map Of Dreams Studio
1988 Bill Nelson Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights Studio
1995 Bill Nelson Crimsworth (Flowers, Stones, Fountains And Flames) Studio
1971 Deuter D Studio
1972 Deuter Aum Studio
2005 Edgar Froese Dalinetopia Studio
1988 Eddie Hardin Survival Studio
1996 Eddie Hardin When We Were Young Studio
1999 Eddie Hardin Dawn ‘Til Dusk Studio
1989 Edward Ball Edward Ball’s L’Orange Mechanik Studio
1994 Further 5 Further Journeys Studio
1973 Giampiero Boneschi Cybernetic Circus Studio
1982 Gilbert And Lewis Mzui Studio
1979 Good Missionaries Fire From Heaven Studio
2012 Harmony Rockets Angels Are Spirits, Flames Of Fire Studio
2012 Harmony Rockets The Crawling Journey Of The Serpents Starry Night Studio
1995 Harmony Rockets Paralyzed Mind Of The Archangel Void Studio
1979 Hybrid Kids Hybrid Kids (A Collection Of Classic Mutants) Studio
1980 Hybrid Kids Claws (The Christmas Album) Studio
2002 Jah Wobble Fly Studio
2004 Jah Wobble Elevator Music Volume 1A Studio
2009 Jah Wobble Car Ad Music Studio
1987 Joolz Hex Studio
1981 Kevin Harrison Inscrutably Obvious Studio
1971 Lol Coxhill Ear Of Beholder Studio
1980 Lol Coxhill & Morgan-Fisher Slow Music Studio
1984 Mark Springer Piano Studio
1980 Morgan-Fisher The Pocket Library Of Film Music Studio
1985 Morgan-Fisher Water Music Studio
1988 Morgan-Fisher Peace In The Heart Of The City Studio
2000 Mr Swenson The Sensual Man Studio
2004 Residents The 12 Days Of Brumalia Studio
2005 Residents Animal Lover Studio
2008 Residents Animal Lover Instrumental Studio
1995 Residents Bad Day On The Midway Studio
1985 Residents The Big Bubble (Part Four Of The Mole Trilogy) Studio
1985 Residents The Census Taker Soundtrack
1980 Residents Commercial Album Studio
2011 Residents Present Sonidos De La Noche ‎ Coochie Brake Studio
2012 Residents D*ck S*ab (35th Anniversary) Studio
2002 Residents Demons Dance Alone Studio
2000 Residents Studio
1978 Residents Duck Stab / Buster & Glen Studio
1979 Residents Eskimo Studio
1977 Residents Fingerprince Studio
1987 Residents For Elsie Studio
1990 Residents Freak Show Studio
1984 Residents George And James (American Composer Series – Volume 1) Studio
1994 Residents Gingerbread Man Studio
1988 Residents God In Three Persons Studio
1988 Residents God In Three Persons – Soundtrack Soundtrack
1996 Residents Have A Bad Day Studio
2004 Residents I Murdered Mommy! Studio
1989 Residents The King And Eye Studio
2004 Residents The King and Eye: RMX Studio
2011 Residents Lonely Teenager Studio
1981 Residents Mark Of The Mole Studio
1974 Residents Meet The Residents Studio
2007 Residents Night Of The Hunters (Dusk/Dawn) Studio
2012 Residents Night Train To Nowhere! (book and CD) Studio
1978 Residents Not Available Studio
2011 Residents Ozark Studio
1988 Residents The Snakey Wake Studio
1986 Residents Stars & Hank Forever (The American Composer’s Series – Volume II) Studio
2008 Residents The Bunny Boy Studio
2006 Residents The River of Crime Studio
2009 Residents The UGHS! Studio
1976 Residents The Third Reich ‘n’ Roll Studio
1983 Residents / Renaldo & The Loaf Title In Limbo Studio
1982 Residents The Tunes Of Two Cities Studio
2006 Residents Tweedles Studio
2007 Residents The Voice Of Midnight Studio
2004 Residents WB: RMX Studio
1984 Residents Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? Studio
1998 Residents Wormwood (Curious Stories From The Bible) Studio
1992 Residents Our Finest Flowers Studio
1999 Residents Land Of Mystery Compilation
1990 Residents Liver Music Compilation
2010 Residents Lost In A Vacant Lot Compilation
1995 Residents Louisiana’s Lick Compilation
1985 Residents PALTV LP Compilation
2002 Residents Petting Zoo Compilation
2001 Residents Roosevelt 2.0 Compilation
2008 Residents Smell My Picture Compilation
1989 Residents Buckaroo Blues Compilation
1994 Residents Poor Kaw-Liga’s Pain Compilation
1984 Residents Assorted Secrets Compilation
2006 Residents Best Left Unspoken… Vol. One: Pollex Christi And Other Selections Compilation
2007 Residents Best Left Unspoken… Vol Two: High Horses And Other Selections Compilation
2007 Residents Best Left Unspoken… Vol. Three: For Elsie And Other Selections Compilation
1991 Residents Daydream B-Liver Compilation
2002 Residents Eat Exuding Oinks (Ralph Records’ 1977 Radio Special) Compilation
1986 Residents Heaven? Compilation
1986 Residents Hell! Compilation
2001 Residents Icky Flix Soundtrack
1985 Residents Memorial Hits Compilation
1997 Residents Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses Compilation
1979 Residents Please Do Not Steal It! (aka Nibbles) Compilation
1984 Residents Ralph Before ’84: Vol. 1 Compilation
1999 Residents Refused Compilation
1983 Residents Residue Of The Residents Compilation
1998 Residents Residue Deux Compilation
1990 Residents Stranger Than Supper Compilation
2009 Residents Ten Little Piggies Compilation
2013 Residents Ten Two Times Compilation
2013 Residents The Delta Nudes Greatest Hiss Compilation
1998 Residents Twenty-Five Years Of Eyeball Excellence Compilation
1977 Residents Radio Special Compilation
2007 Residents RMX Compilation
2010 Residents Brava Live
1990 Residents Cube-E (The History Of American Music In 3 E-Z Pieces) – Live In Holland Live
2006 Residents Cube-E (Box Set) Live
2012 Residents Demonic (Demons Dance Alone 2002-12 – Live In Oslo) Live
1983 Residents Mole Show (Live At The Roxy October 30 1982) Live
1988 Residents Snakey Wake Live
1986 Residents feat. Snakefinger 13th Anniversary Show – Live In Japan (alias The Eyeball Show) Live
1986 Residents feat. Snakefinger 13th Anniversary Show – Live In The USA Live
1987 Residents feat. Snakefinger 13th Anniversary Show – Live In Holland Live
2011 Residents Talking Light Bimbo’s Live
1998 Residents Live At The Fillmore 1997 Live
2014 Residents Marching To The See: The Wonder Of Weird Tour Live
2000 Residents Roadworms: The Berlin Sessions Live
2015 Residents Shadowland / Shadow Stories Live
2010 Residents Talking Light (Various Shows) Live
2010 Residents Talking Light (Rehearsals) Live
2014 Residents The Wonder of Weird Live
2018 Residents The W***** B*** Album Rarities
2012 Residents Triple Dub-Ya (The Way We Were Melbourne) Live
1999 Residents Wormwood Live 1999 Live
2003 Residents Kettles Of Fish On The Outskirts Of Town (CD+DVD) Live
2005 Residents The Way We Were (CD/DVD) Live
1999 Simon Fisher Turner Still Moving Light Studio
1993 Simon  Turner Revox Volume I Compilation
1985 Tom Newman Aspects Studio
1985 Tom Newman Bayou Moon Studio
1996 Tom Newman Ozymandias Studio
2020 Woo Arcturian Corridor Studio
2016 Woo Awaawaa Studio
1991 Woo A La Luna Studio
1995 Woo Forever Healing Studio
1990 Woo Into The Heart Of Love Studio
1989 Woo It’s Cosy Inside Studio
2014 Woo Light Of The World Studio
1995 Woo Live From Venus Studio
2014 Woo Please Remember to Breathe Studio
2015 Woo Waxwings Instrumental Studio
2018 Woo When My Love Goes Away Studio
2014 Woo When The Past Arrives Studio
1982 Woo Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong Studio
2016 Woo Woo Romantics Studio
1997 Wurzel Chill-Out Or Die (The Ambient Album) Studio
1980 Various Artists Miniatures Compilation
1981 Various Artists Perspectives And Distortion Compilation
2000 Various Artists Miniatures 2 Compilation