Albums – Alternative Rock & Pop

Year Artist Title Album Type UK Chart # Indie Chart #
1989 2 Lost Sons 808 Fever Mini-LP
1984 The 012 Let’s Get Professional Studio
1983 39 Clocks Blades In Your Masquerade Compilation
2020 Ascension Of The Watchers Apocrypha Studio
1992 Atom Heart Mother Skin ‘Em Up-Chop ‘Em Out-Rawhide Studio
1985 Band Of Outsiders Up The River Studio Mini-LP
1983 Barracudas Mean Time Studio
1984 Barracudas The Big Gap (1978-1981) Rarities
1984 Barracudas Endeavour To Persevere Studio
1985 Barracudas The World’s A Burn Compilation Mini-LP
1989 Barracudas The Garbage Dump Tapes! (House Of Kicks Sessions 1982) Rarities
1991 Barracudas Wait For Everything Studio
1993 Barracudas Two Sides Of A Coin (1979-1984) Compilation
2000 Big Country Come Up Screaming Live
1999 Big Country Driving To Damascus Studio
2000 Big Country Nashville Sessions Mini-LP
2004 Blueprint Phenomenology Studio
1987 Blyth Power Wicked Men, Wicked Women And Wicket Keepers Studio
1988 Blyth Power The Barmen And Other Stories Studio
1989 Blyth Power Pont Au-Dessus De La Brue Studio
1990 Blyth Power Alnwick And Tyne Studio
1991 Blyth Power The Guns Of Castle Carey Studio
1994 Blyth Power Ten Years Inside The Horse Compilation
1994 Captain Sensible Live At The Milky Way Live
1996 Captain Sensible Mad Cows And Englishmen Studio
1995 Captain Sensible Meathead Studio
1980 Clive Langer & The Boxes Splash Studio
1996 Colin Lloyd Tucker Songs Of Life, Love And Liquid Studio
1991 Dinosaur Jr Green Mind Studio 36
1997 Dinosaur Jr Hand It Over Studio
1993 Dinosaur Jr Where You Been Studio 10
1994 Dinosaur Jr Without A Sound Studio 24
2006 Dinosaur Jr/J Mascis J Mascis Live At CBGB’s The First Acoustic Show Live
2006 District Great Exit Lines Studio
1994 Done Lying Down John Austin Rutledge Studio
1996 Done Lying Down Kontrapunkt Studio
2005 Dopamine Auditioning My Escape Plan Studio
1987 Dustdevils Rhenyards Grin Studio
1988 Dustdevils Gutter Light Studio
1980 Emmitt Till Crimewave Studio
1985 Emmitt Till Hit Man Studio
1987 England’s Glory The Legendary Lost Album Rarities
1983 Flag Of Convenience The Big Secret Studio
1987 Flag Of Convenience Northwest Skyline Studio
1988 Flag Of Convenience War On The Wireless Set Studio
1982 Force Force Studio
1988 Heavy Metal Kids Live And Loud!! Live
2003 Honest John Plain Honest John Plain & Amigos Studio
2005 Hurt Process A Heartbeat Behind Studio
2002 Hurt Process Another Day Studio Mini-LP
2003 Hurt Process Drive By Monologue Studio
2010 Iggy Pop Move Ass Baby Rarities
1990 Immaculate Fools Another Man’s World Studio
1987 Immaculate Fools Dumb Poet Studio
1985 Immaculate Fools Hearts Of Fortune Studio
1996 Immaculate Fools Kiss And Punch Studio
1987 Immaculate Fools Live Live
1992 Immaculate Fools The Toy Shop Studio
1994 Immaculate Fools Woodhouse Studio
1989 Inmates Fast Forward Studio
1988 Into A Circle Assassins Studio 7
1996 J Mascis Martin + Me Live
1988 Janitors Deafhead Studio
1986 Janitors Thunderhead Studio 6
1986 Jayne County Amerikan Cleopatra Studio
2003 Jesse James Mission Studio
2002 Jesse James Punk Soul Brothers Studio
1984 Johnny & The Drivers ‎ Homing In On Zero Studio
1983 Johnny & The Drivers ‎ This Must Be The Night Studio
1988 Junk Drop City Souvenirs Studio
1986 Junk Cuckooland Studio
1983 Kevin Ayers Diamond Jack And The Queen Of Pain Studio
1988 Kevin Ayers Falling Up Studio
1995 Kirk Brandon’s 10:51 Stone In The Rain Studio
1984 Long Ryders Native Sons Studio
1993 Looking For Adam Bombshell Marie Studio
2006 Martin Newell The Wayward Genius Of Martin Newell Compilation
1993 Martin Newell & Andy Partridge The Greatest Living Englishman Studio
1983 Michael Strange & The Straightjackets Permanent Wave Studio
1986 Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power Here Come The Blues Studio
1989 Monotony Commission One Hand Turns To Heaven Studio
2003 Mr. Zippy Ambition Is Critical Studio
1999 Mr. Zippy What You Are Like…. Says A Lot About The Kind Of Person You Are Studio
2000 Muffs Kaboodle Compilation
2014 Muffs Whoop Dee Doo Studio
1987 Myth The Myth Studio
1987 Nico In Tokyo Live
1996 Nico Janitor Of Lunacy Live
2000 Nico Heroine Live
2007 Nico All Tomorrow’s Parties Live
1985 Orson Family Bugles, Guitars, Amphetamines Live
1987 Paul Roland A Cabinet Of Curiosities Studio
2012 Paul Roland Bates Motel Studio
2015 Paul Roland Bitter and Twisted Studio
1985 Paul Roland Burnt Orchids Studio
1988 Paul Roland Confessions Of An Opium Eater Compilation
1987 Paul Roland Danse Macabre Studio
1989 Paul Roland Duel Studio
1997 Paul Roland Gargoyles Studio
2003 Paul Roland Gaslight Tales Compilation
2011 Paul Roland Grimm Studio
1988 Paul Roland Happy Families Studio
2013 Paul Roland Hexen Studio
1985 Paul Roland House Of Dark Shadows Compilation
1990 Paul Roland Masque Studio
2008 Paul Roland Nevermore Studio
2004 Paul Roland Pavane Studio
2006 Paul Roland Re-Animator Studio
1991 Paul Roland Roaring Boys Studio
1994 Paul Roland Sarabande Studio
1992 Paul Roland Strychnine Studio
1987 Pool Sharks Final Adjustments Studio
1986 Popular Front A Heartbeat Of Laughing Studio
1987 Rollin’ Thunder Howl Studio
1982 Saints Out In The Jungle Studio
2000 Schindler Transverse Mercator Studio
1980 Sean Tyla Sean Tyla’s Just Popped Out Studio
1981 Sean Tyla Redneck In Babylon Studio
1983 Sean Tyla Rhythm Of The Swing Studio
2009 Sean Tyla Back In The Saddle Studio
1983 Sean Tyla Live In Hamburg Live
1991 Smashing Orange Smashing Orange Studio
1991 Smell Funky Beast Burnin’ Studio
1985 Snake Corps Flesh On Flesh Studio
1990 Snake Corps More Than The Ocean Compilation
1990 Snake Corps Smother Earth Studio
1995 Snake Corps Spice (The Best Of… 1984-1993) Compilation
1995 Sonar Nation Cylinders In Blue Studio
1997 Spear Of Destiny Religion Studio
2000 Steve Diggle & Flag Of Convenience The Best Of… (1981-1989) Compilation
1990 Stevie Vayne & The Slaves Guarana Studio
1986 Them Howlin Horrors (Look Out ! For) The Changing Tide Mini-LP
1985 Tulpa Mosiac Fish Studio
1990 Ugly Noize Incorporated D*nce Like A Bastard Studio
1984 Underground Zero Never Reach The Stars Mini-LP
1987 Underlings Fatal Purpose Studio
1989 Vaynes Vayneglorious Studio
1989 Yeah God! Noizgasm Studio
2002 Yeast Expander Studio
1980 Various Artists Brum Beat Live At The Barrel Organ Live
1983 Various Artists Trash On Delivery Compilation