Albums – 90s Indie Britpop

Year Artist Title Album Type
1991 14 Iced Bears Wonder Studio
1995 Aardvarks Bargain Studio
2004 Billy Childish The Genius Of Billy Childish… Live
1992 Blind Mr Jones Stereo Musicale Studio
1994 Blind Mr Jones Tatooine Studio
2005 Blind Mr Jones Spooky Vibes (The Very Best Of…) Compilation
2008 Blind Mr Jones Over My Head (The Complete Recordings) Compilation
1990 Blow Up In Watermelon Sugar Studio
1991 Blow Up Amazon Eyegasm Studio
2006 BMX Bandits My Chain Studio
1990 Brilliant Corners Hooked Studio
1993 Brilliant Corners A History Of White Trash Studio
2004 Butterscott Throwing Meatloaf At The Sun Compilation
1991 Buzzcocks Demo LP Rarities
1999 Buzzcocks Modern Rarities
1994 Captain Sensible Live At The Milky Way Live
1995 Captain Sensible Meathead Studio
1991 Charlottes Things Come Apart Studio
1994 Chesterfields Flood Studio
1995 Colin Lloyd Tucker Songs Of Life Love & Liquid Studio
1992 Crazy Alice Wheel Studio
1990 Cud Elvis Belt Compilation
1990 Cud Leggy Mambo Studio
1990 Dentists Heads And How To Read Them Studio
2000 Diaboliks Three Furburgers And A Hot Chilli Dog To Go Studio
1991 Drop Within And Beyond Studio
2002 Drugstore Collector Number One Rarities
1995 Drugstore Drugstore Studio
2001 Drugstore Songs For The Jet Set Studio
1998 Drugstore White Magic For Lovers Studio
1996 Ed Ball Catholic Guilt Studio
1995 Ed Ball If A Man Ever Loved A Woman Studio
1995 Ed Ball Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Ed Ball Compilation
1999 Ed Ball Why Do I Need A Gun I’m Chelsea Studio
1990 Emotionals Personal Pleasure Studio
1991 Emotionals In Response Studio
1992 Exuberants Led The Way Studio
1999 Go-Kart Mozart Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture Studio
2005 Go-Kart Mozart Tearing Up The Album Chart Studio
1991 Greenhouse Denser Studio
1991 Greenhouse Normless Studio
1992 Headcleaner Au Fou Studio
1990 Horse Latitudes September Songs Studio
1996 Jah Wobble The Inspiration Of William Blake Studio
1998 Jah Wobble The Light Programme Studio
1998 Jah Wobble Umbra Sumus Studio
1999 Jah Wobble Deep Space Studio
1999 Jah Wobble & Invaders Of The Heart Full Moon Over The Shopping Mall Studio
1998 Jah Wobble & Zi Lan Liao The Five Tone Dragon Studio
2005 Jah Wobble Jaki Liebezeit Philip Jeck Live In Leuven Live
1997 Jah Wobble’s Invaders Of The Heart The Celtic Poets Studio
2001 Jasmine Minks Popartglory Studio
2000 Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Rotten Soul Studio
2006 Jim Bob The Best Of Jim Bob Compilation
2006 Jim Bob School Studio
2007 Jim Bob A Humpty Dumpty Thing Studio
1991 King Of The Slums Blowzy Weirdos Studio
1990 Korova Milk Bar Milk Plus Compilation
1990 Little Red Schoolhouse Grubby Highway Country Lane Studio
1991 Louis Philippe Rainfall Studio
1992 Louis Philippe Jean Renoir Studio
1993 Louis Philippe Delta Kiss Studio
1994 Louis Philippe Sunshine Studio
1993 Martin Newell The Greatest Living Englishman Studio
1995 Martin Newell The Off White Album Studio
1990 McCarthy Banking, Violence And Inner Life Today Studio
1992 Mexico 70 The Dust Has Come To Stay Compilation
1991 Milk Rash Studio Mini-LP
1991 Milk Tantrum Studio
1990 Mock Turtles Turtle Soup Studio
1990 Monochrome Set Dante’s Casino Studio
1992 Monochrome Set Charade Studio
1994 Monochrome Set Misère Studio
1995 Monochrome Set Trinity Road Studio
1992 Monster Zero Wreck Studio
1991 Ned’s Atomic Dustbin Bite Compilation
1985 Paul Bevoir The Happiest Days Of Your Life Studio
1994 Paul Bevoir Dumb Angel Studio
2002 Phaze Who Do We Think You Are Studio
1993 Phil Shöenfelt God Is The Other Face Of The Devil Studio
1994 Phil Shöenfelt with Tichá Dohoda Live In Prague! Live
1994 Pictures Of Tom Ridiculous Positions Studio
1990 Popguns Eugenie Studio
1991 Popguns Snog Studio
1996 Popguns Another Year Another Address – The Best Of The Midnight Years Compilation
1994 Prolapse Pointless Walks To Dismal Places Studio
1990 Raintree County Seven Day Weekend Studio
1991 Raintree County Roadsongs Studio
1990 Red Harvest Saved Studio
1992 Scissormen Nitwit? Studio Mini-LP
1992 Scorpio Rising If… Studio
1990 Seers Psych Out Studio
1992 Seers Peace Crazy Studio
2013 Servants Small Time / Hey Hey We’re The Manques Rarities
1997 Sleepy People Typhoid & Swans Studio
1991 Smashing Orange Above Ming Gardens Studio
1991 Smashing Orange Smashing Orange Studio
1990 Snapdragons The Eternal In A Moment Studio
1992 Spitfire Feverish Studio Mini-LP
1991 Steamkings Six Songs Studio Mini-LP
1991 Steamkings Honey Pot Studio
1992 Teenage Filmstars Star Studio
1993 Teenage Filmstars Rocket Charms Studio
1997 Teenage Filmstars Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness Studio
1999 Teenage Filmstars Bring Back The Cartel Studio
1992 Telescopes The Telescopes Studio
1992 Times At The Astradome Lunaville Studio
2015 Telescopes Splashdown Compilation
1993 Times Alternative Commercial Crossover Studio
1990 Times Et Dieu Crea La Femme Studio
1999 Times Pirate Playlist 66 Studio
1991 Times Pure Studio
1994 Tse Tse Fly Mudflat Joey Studio
1994 TV Smith Immortal Rich Studio
1998 Velcro Heidelberg Speedmaster Studio
1997 Vex Frontiers And New Technologies Studio
2003 Walnut Dash Titbits (The Singles So Far & Then Some) Studio
1990 Wasp Factory Pretty Quickly … Ugly Slowly Studio
1990 Western Promise Showdown With Fate Studio
1990 Wolfhounds Attitude Studio
2002 Wondermints Mind If We Make Love To You Studio
1993 Would-Be-Goods Mondo Studio
1995 Various Artists Humbuggery Compilation