Albums – 80s Punk & Beyond

Year Artist Title Album Type UK Indie Chart #
2004 4Ft Fingers A Cause For Concern Studio
2001 4Ft Fingers …At Your Convenience Studio
2002 4Ft Fingers From Hero To Zero Studio
1983 4 Skins A Fistful Of … 4Skins Studio 13
1999 4 Skins Clockwork Skinhead Compilation
1984 4 Skins From Chaos To 1984 (The 4 Skins Live) Live
1989 4 Skins Live And Loud!! (The Bridgehouse Tapes) Live
2002 4 Skins One Law For Them Compilation
1998 4 Skins Singalong-A 4-Skins Compilation
1999 4 Skins Singles And Rarities Compilation
1991 4 Skins The Best Of The 4-Skins Compilation
1982 4 Skins The Good, The Bad And The 4 Skins Studio 1
2001 4 Skins The Secret Life Of The 4 Skins Compilation
1987 4 Skins The Wonderful World Of The 4-Skins Compilation
1987 999 Feelin’ Alright With The Crew (Klub Foot 18 04 87) Live
1990 999 Live And Loud!! Live
1987 999 Lust Power And Money Live
1998 999 Takeover Studio
1980 999 The Biggest Tour In Sport Live Mini-LP
1990 999 The Cellblock Tapes Compilation
1993 999 You Us It! Studio
1987 Abnormal/Barbed Wire Skins & Punks (Volume 4) Studio
2003 Abrasive Wheels The Riot City Years 1981-1982 Compilation
1982 Abrasive Wheels When The Punks Go Marching In! Studio 3
1989 Abs Mentalenema Studio
1984 Accident A Clockwork Legion Studio
1992 Adicts 27 Studio
2004 Adicts Joker In The Pack Live
1987 Adicts Live And Loud!! Live
1985 Adicts Smart Alex Studio 7
1982 Adicts Sound Of Music Studio 2
1986 Admit You’re Shit (A.Y.S.) Someplace Special – Are You Sure (12” Of A.Y.S.) Studio
1992 Adverts Live And Loud!! Live
2015 Alternative TV Opposing Forces Studio
1987 Alternative TV Peep Show Studio
2001 Alternative TV Revolution Studio
2004 Alternative TV Viva La Rock’n’Roll (Official ATV Bootleg!) Live
1996 Ampersand Mug Of Mischief Compilation
1987 Angelic Upstarts Blood On The Terraces Studio
1985 Angelic Upstarts Bootleg And Rarities Compilation
1992 Angelic Upstarts Greatest Hits Live Live
1984 Angelic Upstarts Last Tango In Moscow Studio
1988 Angelic Upstarts Live And Loud!! Live
1985 Angelic Upstarts Live In Yugoslavia Live
1991 Angelic Upstarts Lost And Found Rarities
1986 Angelic Upstarts Power Of The Press Studio
1997 Angelic Upstarts Rarities Compilation
1983 Angelic Upstarts Reason Why? Studio 12
2002 Angelic Upstarts Sons Of Spartacus Studio
1990 Anti-Nowhere League Live And Loud!! Live
1983 Anti Nowhere League Live In Yugoslavia Live 13
2001 Anti Nowhere League Punk Singles And Rarities 1981-84 Compilation
1991 Anti Nowhere League The Best Of… Compilation
1982 Anti Nowhere League We Are … The League Studio 1
1983 Anti-Pasti Anti-Pasti Compilation
1982 Anti-Pasti Caution In The Wind Studio 7
1981 Anti-Pasti The Last Call Studio 1
2005 Anti-Pasti The Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1986 Apostles Punk Obituary Studio
2004 Argy Bargy 100% Thug Rock Studio
2002 Argy Bargy Songs From The Streets Studio
2008 Argy Bargy The Likes Of Us Studio
1983 Attak Zombies Studio
1986 Barbed Wire The Age That Didn’t Care Studio
1997 Blitz Blitzed – An All Out Attack Compilation
Unknown Blitz Rough And Ready Live
1983 Blitz Second Empire Justice Studio 5
2000 Blitz The Complete Singles Collection Compilation
1989 Blitz The Killing Dream Studio
1982 Blitz Voice Of A Generation Studio 2
1980 Boys Boys Only Studio
1999 Boys Punk Rock Rarities Rarities
1996 Brainless Superpunktuesday Studio
2000 Broken Bones Without Conscience Live
1991 Business 1979-1989 Compilation
1983 Business 1980-81 (Official Bootleg) Rarities 17
2000 Business Harry May Compilation
1989 Business In And Out Of Business Compilation
1989 Business Live And Loud!! Live
1984 Business Loud Proud And Punk – Live Live 22
1996 Business Loud, Proud And Oi! Compilation
1985 Business Saturdays Heroes Studio
1986 Business Singalong A Business Compilation
1988 Business Smash The Discos Studio
1983 Business Surburban Rebels Studio
1992 Business The Best Of The Business Compilation
1995 Business The Complete Singles Collection Compilation
1988 Business Welcome To The Real World Studio
1996 Capability Green 53310761 Studio
1983 Chaos U.K. Chaos UK LP Studio 16
1998 Chaos U.K. Heard It, Seen It, Done It Studio
2008 Chaos U.K. King For A Day (Vinyl Japan Years) Compilation
1997 Chaos U.K. The Morning After The Night Before Studio
2004 Chaos U.K. The Riot City Years Compilation
1984 Chaos U.K. The Singles Compilation
1991 Chaos U.K. Total Chaos – The Singles Collection Compilation
1984 Chaotic Dischord Don’t Throw It All Away (alias New Improved) Studio Mini-LP 14
1984 Chaotic Dischord Fuck Off You C**t What A Load Of Bollocks Studio 22
1983 Chaotic Dischord Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You! Studio 6
1986 Chaotic Dischord Goat Fuckin’ Virgin Killerz From Hell! Studio
1984 Chaotic Dischord Live In New York Live 18
1985 Chaotic Dischord Now That’s What I Call A Fuckin’ Racket (Vol. 1) Compilation
2003 Chaotic Dischord The Riot City Years 1982-1984 Compilation
1994 Chaotic Dischord Their Greatest Fuckin’ Hits Compilation
1988 Chaotic Dischord Very Fuckin’ Bad Studio
1982 Charge Perfection Studio
1988 Chaotic Dischord You’ve Got To Be Obscene To Be Heard Studio Reissue
2005 Chelsea Faster Cheaper And Better Looking Studio
1984 Chelsea Live And Well Live
2002 Chelsea Metallic F.O. Live At CBGB’s Live
2017 Chelsea Mission Impossible Studio
1985 Chelsea Original Sinners Studio
1994 Chelsea Traitors Gate Studio
1989 Chelsea Underwraps Studio
1982 Chron Gen Chronic Generation Studio 2
1983 Chron Gen Live On The Apocalypse Now Tour June 1981 Live 15
1985 Chron Gen Live At The Old Waldorf – San Francisco Live
1984 Chron Gen Nowhere To Run Studio Mini-LP 25
1994 Chron Gen The Best Of Chron Gen Compilation
1990 Close Shave Hard As Nails Studio
1988 Close Shave Oi! Kinnock Give Us Back Our Rose Studio
2003 Cock Sparrer Back Home Live
1999 Cock Sparrer Chip On My Shoulder Compilation
1997 Cock Sparrer England Belongs To Me Compilation
1994 Cock Sparrer Guilty As Charged Studio
2009 Cock Sparrer Guilty As Charged 2009 Studio
2007 Cock Sparrer Here We Stand Studio
1987 Cock Sparrer Live And Loud!! Live
1992 Cock Sparrer Rarities Compilation
1996 Cock Sparrer Rumours Carry More Weight Than Fact (The Best Of…) Compilation
1984 Cock Sparrer Running Riot In ‘84 Studio
1983 Cock Sparrer Shock Troops Studio
1997 Cock Sparrer Two Monkeys Studio
2009 Cock Sparrer Two Monkeys 2009 Studio
2000 Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Volume 4 (Here They Come Again) Compilation
1987 Cockney Rejects Live And Loud!! Live
2002 Cockney Rejects Out Of The Gutter Studio
1985 Cockney Rejects Unheard Rejects Rarities
1989 Condemned 84 Live And Loud!! Live
1989 Conflict Against All Odds Studio Mini-LP
1993 Conflict Conclusion Studio
1997 Conflict Deploying All Means Necessary – Issue Two Compilation
1993 Conflict Employing All Means Necessary Compilation
1994 Conflict In The Venue Live
1984 Conflict Increase The Pressure Studio 2
1983 Conflict It’s Time To See Who’s Who Now Studio 1
1986 Conflict Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI Studio 5
2004 Conflict Rebellion Sucks Compilation
1989 Conflict Standard Issue 82-87 Compilation
1995 Conflict Standard Issue II 88-94 Compilation
1989 Conflict The Final Conflict Studio 13
1986 Conflict The Ungovernable Force Studio 2
2003 Conflict There’s No Power Without Control Studio
1987 Conflict Turning Rebellion Into Money Studio 1
2002 Consumed Pistols At Dawn Studio
1997 Crack All Cracked Up – The Demos And Rarities Compilation
1989 Crack In Search Of… Studio
1999 Crack The Best Of The Crack Compilation
2005 Crashed Out Pearls Before Swine Studio
1980 Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Studio
1983 Dead Man’s Shadow The 4P’s Studio
1984 Dead Man’s Shadow To Mohammed A Mountain Studio
2003 Deadline Back For More… Studio
1983 Defects Defective Breakdown Studio 10
1982 Destructors Exercise The Demons Of Youth Studio 12
2006 Destructors Punk Singles Collection Compilation
2004 Discipline/Argy Bargy 100% Thug Rock Studio
1985 Disorder Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din Live
2005 Disorder Kamikaze Studio
1985 Disorder Live In Oslo Live 18
1986 Disorder One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz Studio Mini-LP
1998 Disorder Sliced Punx On Meathooks Compilation
1991 Disorder The Complete Disorder Compilation
2005 Disorder The Riot City Years Compilation
1984 Disorder Under The Scalpel Blade Studio 7
1989 Disorder Violent World Studio
1999 Drones Sorted (alias Dirty Bastards) Studio
1998 Drones Take Shelter Live
2005 Dumpster Pop Punch The Clown Studio
1982 Ejected A Touch Of Class Studio
1984 Ejected The Spirit Of Rebellion Studio
1999 Ejected The Best Of The Ejected Compilation
1984 Enemy Last But Not Least Studio/Live
1985 English Dogs Forward Into Battle Studio 4
1994 Erazerhead Shellshocked (The Best Of…) Compilation
1984 Erazerhead Take Me To Your Leader Studio
1982 Erazerhead The Rumble Of The East Studio 21
1985 Exit-Stance While Backs Are Turned… Studio Mini-LP
1981 Exploited Apocalypse Tour 1981 Live
1983 Exploited Let’s Start A War… Studio 8
1987 Exploited Live And Loud!! Live
1981 Exploited On Stage Live 2
1981 Exploited Punk’s Not Dead Studio 1
1993 Exploited The Singles Collection Compilation
1984 Exploited Totally Exploited (The Best Of…) Compilation 16
1982 Exploited Troops Of Tomorrow Studio 1
1982 Fits You’re Nothing, You’re Nowhere Studio
1995 Fun Bug Spunkier Studio
2002 Gash A Day Off For The Conscience Studio
2000 Gash Virgin’ On The Ridiculous Studio
1989 GBH A Fridge Too Far Studio
1992 GBH Church Of The Truly Warped Studio
1990 GBH From Here To Reality Studio
1996 GBH Live In Los Angeles 1988 Live
1997 GBH Punk Junkies Studio
1995 Gene October Life And Struggle Studio
1988 Glory We Are What We Are Studio
1984 Gonads Live – Official Bootleg Live
1994 Gonads Punk Rock Will Never Die – The Best Of… Compilation
1989 Gonads The Revenge Of… (The Best Of) Compilation
2002 Guitar Gangsters Another Day In Pleasantville Studio
2005 Guitar Gangsters Let ‘Em Have It Studio
2008 Guitar Gangsters Made in England – Live In Europe Live
1994 Guitar Gangsters Power Chords For England Studio
1989 Guitar Gangsters Prohibition Studio
2008 Guitar Gangsters Razor Cuts – The Best Of (So Far) Compilation
2002 Guitar Gangsters Road To Reality Studio
1997 Guitar Gangsters Skweeler! Studio
1989 Guttersnipe Army Never Die Studio
1989 Guttersnipes The Poor Dress Up Studio
1983 Gymslips Rocking With The Renees Studio 14
1988 Heavy Metal Kids Live And Loud!! Live
1982 Icons Of Filth Not On Her Majesty’s Service Studio
1984 Icons Of Filth Onward Christian Soldiers Studio 7
1995 Icons Of Filth The Mortarhate Projects Compilation
1999 Infa Riot In For A Riot Compilation
1988 Infa Riot Live And Loud!! Live
1982 Infa Riot Still Out Of Order Studio
2005 Infa Riot The Best Of Infa Riot Compilation
2003 Inner Terrestrials X Studio
Unreleased Instant Agony Easy Does It Studio
1980 Jayne County Rock ‘n’ Roll Resurrection Live
1989 Kicker Boys Kicker Boys Studio
1982 Last Resort A Way Of Life – Skinhead Anthems Studio
1988 Last Resort Kings Of The Jungle Studio
2005 Last Resort Resurrection Studio
1993 Last Resort The Best Of The Last Resort (18 Classic Oi! Anthems) Compilation
1997 Last Resort Violence In Our Minds Compilation
1986 Last Rough Cause/Societys Rejects Skins & Punks (Volume 1) Studio Mini-LP
1998 Legion Of Parasites Man Made Filth Studio
1986 Liberty The People Who Care Are Angry Studio
1984 Ligotage Forgive & Forget Live
1984 Lost Cherrees All Part Of Growing Up Studio 9
2003 Lost Cherrees In The Beginning Compilation
2003 Lurkers 26 Years Studio
2008 Lurkers Fried Brains Studio
1989 Lurkers King Of The Mountain Studio Mini-LP
1989 Lurkers Live & Loud!! (alias Greatest Hits Live) Live
1992 Lurkers Live In Berlin Live
1990 Lurkers Powerjive Studio
1991 Macc Lads 20 Golden Crates (Best Of) Compilation
1994 Macc Lads Alehouse Rock Studio
1993 Macc Lads An Orifice And A Genital Compilation
1985 Macc Lads Beer & Sex & Chips N Gravy Studio
1987 Macc Lads Bitter, Fit Crack Studio
1989 Macc Lads From Beer To Eternity Studio
1988 Macc Lads Live At Leeds (The Who?) Live
1990 Macc Lads The Beer Necessities Studio
1988 Magnificent Hit And Run Studio
1985 Major Accident Crazy Studio
1982 Major Accident Massacred Melodies Studio
1984 Major Accident Tortured Tunes (Live – The Official Bootleg) Live 24
1985 Mau Maus Fear No Evil Studio
1983 Mau Maus Live At The Marples Live 3
1996 Mau Maus The Punk Singles Collection Compilation
2001 Menace Crisis Studio
2004 Menace Rogues Gallery Studio
2000 Menace Live In Bermondsey Live
2003 Mixtwitch Smile For The Money Shot Studio
1989 Moonstomp They Never See Studio
1983 Newtown Neurotics Beggars Can Be Choosers Studio 6
1983 One Way System All Systems Go Studio 11
1996 One Way System Return In Breizh Live
2007 One Way System Singles Collection Compilation
1995 One Way System The Best Of… Compilation
1983 One Way System Writing On The Wall Studio 6
1985 Only Alternative As Fate Would Have It Studio
1997 Oppressed Antifascist Oi! Live And Loud!! Live
1995 Oppressed Dead & Buried And Fatal Blow Studio
1997 Oppressed Live (alias Live 1984) Live
1996 Oppressed Music For Hooligans Studio
1984 Oppressed Oi! Oi! Music! Studio
2001 Oppressed Oi! Singles And Rarities Compilation
1983 Oppressed Oi! The Tape Cassette
1994 Oppressed We Can Do Anything Studio
1982 Outcasts Blood And Thunder Studio
2011 Outcasts Vive Lyon! Live
1984 Paranoia Shattered Glass Studio
1983 Partisans Partisans Studio 5
1992 Partisans Police Story Compilation
1982 Partisans The Demo Album Rarities
1984 Partisans The Time Was Right Studio/Live 20
1983 Patrik Fitzgerald Drifting Towards Violence Studio
1983 Patrik Fitzgerald Gifts And Telegrams Studio
1986 Patrik Fitzgerald Tunisian Twist Studio
2004 Patrik Fitzgerald The Very Best Of… Compilation
1993 Patrik Fitzgerald Treasures From The Wax Museum Compilation
1983 Peter & Test Tube Babies 3 X 45 Studio Mini-LP 11
1998 Peter & Test Tube Babies Alien Pubduction Studio
1991 Peter & Test Tube Babies Cringe Studio
1985 Peter & Test Tube Babies The Loud Blaring Punk Rock LP Studio 7
1982 Peter & Test Tube Babies Pissed And Proud Studio 2
1996 Peter & Test Tube Babies Schwein Lake Live Live
1986 Peter & Test Tube Babies Soberphobia Studio 11
1995 Peter & Test Tube Babies Supermodels Studio
1983 Peter & Test Tube Babies The Mating Sounds Of South American Frogs Studio 4
1990 Peter & Test Tube Babies The $hit Factory Studio
2000 Pits Introducing… Studio
1985 Potential Threat Demand An Alternative Studio
2001 Red Alert Border Guards Compilation
1996 Red Alert Breakin’ All The Rules/A Session With The Lads Studio
2005 Red Alert Excess All Areas Studio
1999 Red Alert Wearside Studio
1983 Red Alert We’ve Got The Power Studio
1984 Red London This Is England Studio
2004 Resistance 77 Long Time Dead Studio
2001 Resistance 77 Retaliate First Studio
2006 Resistance 77 Songs For A Nanny State Studio
1984 Resistance 77 Thoroughbred Men Studio
1989 Resort 1989 Studio
1984 Riot Squad No Potential Threat Compilation 13
1995 Riot Squad The Complete Punk Collection Compilation
2005 Ruefrex Capital Letters – The Best Of… Compilation
1987 Ruefrex Political Wings Studio Mini-LP
2000 Ruts In A Rut (alias In A Can) Rarities
1987 Ruts Live Live
1987 Ruts Live And Loud!! Live
1984 Satellites Here Is Todays News… Studio
1987 Section 5 For The Love Of Oi! Studio
1993 Section 5 Live And Loud Live
1988 Section 5 Street Rock ‘N’ Roll Studio
1996 Section 5 The Best Of Section 5 Compilation
1990 Section 5 The Way We Were Studio
1985 Section 5 We Won’t Change Studio
1983 Serious Drinking The Revolution Starts At Closing Time Studio 4
1984 Serious Drinking They May Be Drinkers, Robin, But They’re Also Human Beings Studio 16
2001 Sham 69 Greatest Hits Live Live
1991 Sham 69 Information Libre Studio
1987 Sham 69 Live And Loud!! Live
1988 Sham 69 Live And Loud!! Vol. 2 Live
2002 Sham 69 Live At CBGB’s 1988 Live
1988 Sham 69 Sham’s Last Stand Live
1995 Shutdown Emits A Real Bronx Cheer Studio
1997 Shutdown Icarus Studio
1991 Sixteen Tons Headshot Studio
1988 Skin Deep More Than Skin Deep Studio
2001 Slaughter & The Dogs Beware Of… Studio
Unreleased Slaughter And The Dogs Live And Loud Live
1989 Slaughter & The Dogs The Slaughterhouse Tapes Rarities
1982 Special Duties 77 In ‘82 Studio
1997 Special Duties 77 In ‘97 Studio
2002 Spine Restoration Studio
Unreleased Splodgenessabounds 79/80 Studio
2000 Splodgenessabounds I Don’t Know Studio
1982 Splodgenessabounds In Search Of The Seven Golden Gussetts Studio
1988 Splodgenessabounds Live And Loud!! Live
2001 Splodgenessabounds The Artful Splodger Studio
2009 Stains Hackney Bin Liner Sessions Rarities
1996 Stains Songs For Swinging Losers Studio
1992 Stiff Little Fingers Fly The Flags (Live At Brixton Academy 1991) Live
1988 Stiff Little Fingers Live And Loud!! (alias Greatest Hits Live) Live 6
1995 Stiff Little Fingers Pure Fingers (St. Patrix: Live In Glasgow 1993) Live
1997 Stiff Little Fingers Tinderbox Studio
1995 Strike/Betrayed Skins ‘N’ Punks (Volume 2) Studio
2004 Strike The Oi! Collection Compilation
2003 Tiny Elvis We Are Not All Civilians Studio
2001 UK Subs Countdown Compilation
1991 UK Subs Down On The Farm (A Collection Of The Less Obvious) Compilation
1982 UK Subs Endangered Species Studio 11
1985 UK Subs Huntington Beach Studio
1986 UK Subs In Action (Tenth Anniversary) Live
1989 UK Subs Live And Loud!! (alias Greatest Hits Live In Paris) Live
2000 UK Subs Riot Studio
2002 UK Subs Universal/Live At The Borderline Studio/Live
1999 UK Subs Warhead Compilation
2010 UK Subs Work In Progress Studio
2013 UK Subs XXIV Studio
2015 UK Subs Yellow Leader Studio
1984 Undead The Killing Of Reality Studio
2007 Undead The Riot City Years Compilation
1983 Uproar And The Lord Said “Let There Be!” Studio
1985 Urban Dogs No Pedigree Studio
1983 Varukers Bloodsuckers Studio 8
1985 Varukers Live In Holland Live
1986 Varukers Prepare For The Attack Studio
1995 Varukers Still Bollox But Still Here Studio
1984 Vibrators Alaska 127 Studio 22
1998 Vibrators Buzzin’ Studio
2002 Vibrators Energize Studio
1985 Vibrators Fifth Amendment Studio
1997 Vibrators French Lessons With Correction! Studio
2009 Vibrators Garage Punk Studio
1982 Vibrators Guilty Studio
1994 Vibrators Hunting For You Studio
1986 Vibrators Live (alias Rip Up The City) Live
2001 Vibrators Live At CBGB’s 5.5.2000 (alias Punk’s Sonic Gormandizers) Live
2001 Vibrators Live At The Nashville ’77 / Live At The 100 Club Festival ’76 Live
2020 Vibrators Live In NYC Live
1988 Vibrators Meltdown Studio
2013 Vibrators On The Guestlist Studio
1988 Vibrators Recharged Studio
2006 Vibrators Punk: The Early Years Studio
1992 Vibrators The Power Of Money (The Best Of…) Compilation
2009 Vibrators Under The Radar Studio
1996 Vibrators Unpunked Studio
1989 Vibrators Vicious Circle Studio
1990 Vibrators Volume Ten Studio
2004 Vice Squad The Riot City Years Compilation
1988 Vice Squad Live And Loud!! Live
1984 Vice Squad Shot Away Studio
1986 Vicious Rumours Anytime Day Or Night Studio
1999 Vicious Rumours The Best Of… Compilation
1987 Vicious Rumours The Sickest Men InTown! Studio
1982 Wall Day Tripper Studio
2000 Warriors A Cross To Bear Studio
1989 Winston & The Churchills Brewing Since ‘83 Studio
1980 Yobs The Christmas Album Studio
2001 Yobs The Worst Of The Yobs Compilation
1990 Various Artists A Compilation Of Deleted Dialogue – First Issue Compilation
2002 Various Artists Addicted To Oi! Compilation
1993 Various Artists Apocalypse Punk Tour 1981 Live
1984 Various Artists Burning Ambitions – A History Of Punk Compilation
1993 Various Artists Burning Ambitions – A History Of Punk Vol. 2 Compilation
1997 Various Artists Burning Ambitions – A History Of Punk Vol. 3 Compilation
1981 Various Artists Carry On Oi!! Compilation 4
1999 Various Artists Holidays In The Sun (The Greatest Punk Rock Gig On The Planet … Ever!) Volume 2 Live
1997 Various Artists Holidays In The Sun (The Greatest Punk Rock Gig On The Planet … Ever!) Volume One Live
1997 Various Artists Mortarhate – A Compilation Of Deleted Dialogue (The Singles) Compilation
1995 Various Artists No Future: The Punk Singles Collection Volumes 1 & 2 Compilation
1987 Various Artists Oi! Chartbusters Volume 1 Compilation
1987 Various Artists Oi! Chartbusters Volume 2 Compilation
1988 Various Artists Oi! Chartbusters Volume 3 Compilation
1988 Various Artists Oi! Chartbusters Volume 4 Compilation
1989 Various Artists Oi! Chartbusters Volume 5 Compilation
1990 Various Artists Oi! Chartbusters Volume 6 Compilation
???? Various Artists Oi! Fucking Oi Compilation
1984 Various Artists The Oi! Of Sex Compilation 11
1987 Various Artists Oi! Glorious Oi! Compilation
1990 Various Artists Oi! Oi! Oi! Compilation
1982 Various Artists Oi! Oi! That’s Yer Lot Compilation
1988 Various Artists Oi! That’s What I Call Music Compilation
1988 Various Artists Oi! The Main Event Compilation
1986 Various Artists Oi! The Resurrection Compilation
1989 Various Artists Pop Oi! Compilation
1982 Various Artists Punk And Disorderly (Further Charges) Compilation 6
1983 Various Artists Punk And Disorderly III (The Final Solution) Compilation 10
1993 Various Artists Riot City Records – The Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1995 Various Artists Riot City Records – The Punk Singles Collection Vol 2 Compilation
1995 Various Artists Rondelet Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1994 Various Artists Rot Records Punk Singles Collection Compilation
1980 Various Artists Sent From Coventry Compilation
1983 Various Artists Son Of Oi! Compilation 10
1995 Various Artists The Best Of Oi! Records Compilation
???? Various Artists The Cutting Edge Compilation
1990 Various Artists The Joys Of Oi! Compilation
1990 Various Artists The Oddities Of Oi! Compilation
1982 Various Artists The Secret Life Of Punks Compilation
1987 Various Artists The Sound Of Oi! Compilation
1986 Various Artists This Is Oi! (A Streetpunk Compilation) Compilation 30
1990 Various Artists This Is The A.L.F. Compilation
1988 Various Artists The U.S. Of Oi! Compilation
1983 Various Artists UK/DK Original Soundtrack
1988 Various Artists Underground Rockers Vol. 1 Compilation
1989 Various Artists Underground Rockers Vol. 2 Compilation
1984 Various Artists We Don’t Want Your Fucking War! Compilation
1985 Various Artists We Won’t Be Your Fucking Poor Compilation
1995 Various Artists We Won’t Take No More Compilation
1984 Various Artists Who? What? Why? When? Where? Compilation