Albums – 80s Indie Pop

Year Artist Title Album Type Indie Chart
1988 14 Iced Bears 14 Iced Bears Studio
1990 14 Iced Bears Precision (Singles 1986-1989) Compilation
1989 2 Lost Sons 808 Fever Studio Mini-LP
1986 Ada Wilson & That Uncertain Feeling What The World Wants Studio
1988 Always Thames Valley Leather Club Studio
1989 Anthony Adverse Spin Studio
1988 Anthony Adverse The Red Shoes Studio
1989 Bad Dream Fancy Dress Choirboys Gas Studio
1991 Biff Bang Pow! “Me” Studio
1992 Biff Bang Pow! Debasement Tapes Compilation
1991 Biff Bang Pow! L’amour, Demure, Stenhousemuir : A Compilation 1984-1991 Compilation
1988 Biff Bang Pow! Love Is Forever Studio
1987 Biff Bang Pow! Oblivion Studio 16
1985 Biff Bang Pow! Pass The Paintbrush, Honey Studio
1990 Biff Bang Pow! Songs For The Sad Eyed Girl Studio Mini-LP
1989 Biff Bang Pow! The Acid House Album Compilation
1987 Biff Bang Pow! The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel Studio 10
2003 Biff Bang Pow! Waterbomb Compilation
1988 Blue Ox Babes Apples And Oranges Studio
2014 Bluebells Exile On Twee Street Compilation
1988 Bradford Bradford Studio
1988 Brilliant Corners Everything I Ever Wanted Studio
1985 Brilliant Corners Growing Up Absurd Studio 26
1989 Brilliant Corners Joy Ride Studio 6
1988 Brilliant Corners Somebody Up There Likes Me Studio 6
1986 Brilliant Corners What’s In A Word Studio 8
1991 Brilliant Corners Creamy Stuff – 84-90 Compilation
2013 Brilliant Corners Heart On Your Sleeve Compilation
1987 Cat And Mouse Band From The Caves Of The Whistling Blue Fish Monks Studio
1996 Chameleons Live At The Gallery Club, Manchester 1982 Live
1989 Charlottes Lovehappy Studio
1988 Chesterfields Crocodile Tears Studio 5
1987 Chesterfields Kettle Studio 5
1987 Chesterfields Westward Ho! Compilation 25
1992 Choo Choo Train Briar High (Singles 1988) Compilation
1985 Chris Sievey & Freshies The Johnny Radar Story Studio
2004 Cleaners From Venus Living With Victoria Grey: The Very Best Of Studio
1988 Corn Dollies Corn Dollies Compilation
1989 Corn Dollies Wrecked Studio
1989 Darling Buds Shame On You Compilation
2003 Farmer’s Boys Once Upon A Time In The East (The Early Years 1981-1982) Compilation
1992 Felt Absolute Classic Masterpieces Compilation
1993 Felt Absolute Classic Masterpieces II Compilation
1990 Felt Bubblegum Perfume Compilation
1982 Felt Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty Studio 16
1986 Felt Forever Breathes The Lonely Word Studio 8
1987 Felt Gold Mine Trash Compilation
1985 Felt Ignite The Seven Cannons Studio 4
1986 Felt Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death Studio 18
1989 Felt Me And A Monkey On The Moon Studio 18
1987 Felt Poem Of The River Studio 6
2003 Felt Stains On A Decade Compilation
1988 Felt The Pictorial Jackson Review Studio 9
1984 Felt The Splendour Of Fear Studio 6
1984 Felt The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories Studio 8
1988 Felt Train Above The City Studio 9
1989 Flatmates Love And Death (The Flatmates 86-89) Compilation
1985 Flips Less Is More Studio
1980 Freshies Rough ‘N Ready Studio
2005 Freshies The Very Very Best Of… Some Long And Short Titles Compilation
1988 Groove Farm Alvin Is King! Studio
1985 Hearts On Fire Dreams Of Leaving Studio
1991 Hepburns The Magic Of The Hepburns Studio
1988 House Of Love The House Of Love Studio
1985 Hurrah! Boxed Compilation
2010 Hurrah! The Lost Album Rarities
1993 Hurrah! The Sound Of Philadelphia Compilation
1987 Hurrah! Way Ahead Live 29
2005 Incredible Blondes Where Do I Stand? Studio
1989 Inspiral Carpets Dung 4 Demos
1987 Invisible Dystopia Studio
1983 Jane And Barton Jane And Barton Studio Mini-LP
1988 Jasmine Minks Another Age Studio
1984 Jasmine Minks One Two Three Four Five Six Seven, All Good Preachers Go To Heaven Studio Mini-LP
2001 Jasmine Minks Popartglory Studio
1989 Jasmine Minks Scratch The Surface Studio
1991 Jasmine Minks Soul Station Compilation
1986 Jasmine Minks Sunset Compilation
1985 Jasmine Minks The Jasmine Minks Studio
Unreleased Jasmine Minks Veritas Studio
2014 Jazzateers Don’t Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy Compilation
1983 Jazzateers Jazzateers Studio
1986 Jetset April, May, June And The Jetset Studio
1988 Jetset Five! Studio
1986 Jetset Go Bananas Studio
1985 Jetset There Goes The Neighbourhood Studio
1987 Jetset Vaudeville Park Studio
1989 King Of The Slums Barbarous English Fayre Compilation 4
1989 King Of The Slums Dandelions Studio
1989 Korova Milk Bar Talking’s Boring Studio
1990 Les Enfants Terribles Another Country Studio
1988 Little Brother Champion The Underdog Studio
1989 Little Red Schoolhouse Groovy Studi Mini-LP
1986 Louis Philippe Appointment With Venus Studio
1992 Louis Philippe Claret (The Best Of…) Compilation
1987 Louis Philippe Ivory Tower Studio
1985 Louis Philippe Let’s Pretend Studio
1988 Louis Philippe Yuri Gagarin Studio
1983 Marc & The Mambas Three Black Nights Of Little Black Bites Live
1982 Marine Girls Beach Party Studio 29
1983 Marine Girls Lazy Ways Studio 4
1984 Maurice Deebank Inner Thought Zone Studio
1987 McCarthy A La Guillotine! Compilation
1987 McCarthy I Am A Wallet Studio 7
1996 McCarthy That’s All Very Well But… (The Best Of McCarthy) Compilation
1989 McCarthy The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth Studio 5
1984 Microdisney 82:84 Love Your Enemies Compilation 7
1984 Microdisney Everybody Is Fantastic Studio 6
1985 Microdisney The Clock Comes Down The Stairs Studio 1
2014 Mighty Lemon Drops Uptight: The Early Recordings 1985/1986 Rarities
2013 Mighty Mighty Pop Can! Compilation
1988 Mighty Mighty Sharks Studio
1995 Monochrome Set Black And White Minstrels (1975-1979) Studio
1982 Monochrome Set Eligible Bachelors Studio 10
1986 Monochrome Set Fin Compilation 16
1983 Monochrome Set Volume! Contrast! Brilliance! (Sessions & Singles Vol. 1) Compilation 6
1988 Monochrome Set Westminster Affair (Bande Originale Du Film) Compilation
1992 Monochrome Set What A Whopper Compilation
1986 Mood Six A Matter Of! Studio
2004 Nick Nicely Psychotropia Compilation
1987 One Thousand Violins Locked Out Of The Love-In Studio Mini-LP
1986 One Thousand Violins Please Don’t Sandblast My House! Studio Mini-LP
2018 Passmore Sisters The Original Rock ‘N’ Roll Chair Compilation
1987 Pop Will Eat Itself Box Frenzy Studio 2
1989 Pop Will Eat Itself Now For A Feast Compilation 8
2013 Primitives Everything’s Shining Bright Compilation
1989 Primitives Lazy 86-88 Compilation 1
1985 Purple Hearts Head On Collision Time Live
1986 Purple Hearts Popish Frenzy Studio
1988 Razorcuts The Storyteller Studio
1989 Razorcuts The World Keeps Turning Studio
2006 Revolving Paint Dream Flowers In The Sky Compilation
1987 Rodney Allen Happysad Studio
1987 Rosemary’s Children Kings And Princes Studio Mini-LP
1987 Rote Kapelle It Moves… But Does It Swing Studio Mini-LP
1981 Second Layer World Of Rubber Studio
1988 Shrubs Vessels Of The Heart Studio
1989 Snapdragons Dawn Raids On Morality Studio
1989 Stitch Manic And Global Studio
1986 Stump Quirk Out Studio
1985 Sudden Afternoon Dancing Shadows Studio
2001 Suede Crocodiles Stop The Rain Studio
1988 Times Beat Torture Studio
1989 Times E For Edward Studio
1986 Times Enjoy Studio
1985 Times Go! With The Times Studio
1984 Times Hello Europe Studio
1983 Times I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape Studio Mini-LP
1982 Times Pop Goes Art Studio
1997 Times Sad But True Rarities
1983 Times This Is London Studio
1986 Times Up Against It Studio
1987 Underneath Lunatic Dawn Of The Dismantler Studio
1983 U.V. Pøp No Songs Tomorrow Studio
2002 Various Artists Abracadabra (The ‘Magnificent Triviality’ Of El Records) Compilation
1991 Various Artists Ambition (The Cherry Red Story Vol. 1) Compilation
1991 Various Artists Ambition (The Cherry Red Story Vol. 2) Compilation
1992 Various Artists Amen (Last Sunshine Deserts Of El Records) Compilation
1998 Various Artists Bellissimo! (El Singles Comp. 1) Compilation
1998 Various Artists Bellissimo! (El Singles Part 2) Compilation
1984 Various Artists Colours Of The Bastard Art! Compilation
2005 Various Artists Here’s To Old England (An Artpop Sampler) Compilation
1982 Various Artists Pillows And Prayers Compilation
1984 Various Artists Small Hits & Near Misses (The Inevitable Compilation) Compilation
1989 Waltones Deepest Studio
1988 Weather Prophets Judges, Juries And Horsemen Studio
2003 Weekend Archive Compilation
1982 Weekend La Variete Studio 4
1987 Wild Flowers Dust Studio
1988 Wild Flowers Sometime Soon Studio
1989 Wolfhounds Blown Away Studio Mini-LP
1989 Wolfhounds Bright And Guilty Studio
1988 Would-Be-Goods The Camera Loves Me Studio
1988 Yeah Jazz Six Lane Ends Studio