Albums – 60s Pop, Beat & Psych

Year Artist Title Album Type
2004 23rd Turnoff/Kirkbys The Dream Of Michaelangelo Compilation
1995 Action Rolled Gold Rarities
2004 Affinity Origins 1965-67 Rarities
2007 Affinity Origins: The Baskervilles 1965 Rarities
1968 Alan Bown Outward Bown Studio
1965 Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated Studio
1969 Apple An Apple A Day Studio
1966 Artwoods Art Gallery Studio
1974 Artwoods The Artwoods Compilation
1990 Attack Magic In The Air Rarities
1967 Belfast Gypsies Them Belfast Gypsies Studio
2017 Betterdays Backlash Studio
1991 Betterdays Here ‘Tis Compilation
1996 Betterdays Howlin’ Compilation
1994 Betterdays No Concessions Studio
1969 Blossom Toes If Only For A Moment Studio
2009 Blossom Toes Love Bomb – Live 1967-69 Live
1967 Blossom Toes We Are Ever So Clean Studio
2009 Blossom Toes What On Earth: Rarities 1967-69 Rarities
1971 Bob Lind Since There Were Circles Studio
1963 Caravelles The Caravelles Studio
1964 Chad & Jeremy Yesterday’s Gone Studio
1965 Chad & Jeremy Sing For You Studio
1966 Chad & Jeremy The Best Of Chad & Jeremy Compilation
1964 Cherokees Here Come The Cherokees Studio
1967 Cherokees Oh Monah Studio
2004 Creation Psychedelic Rose Studio
1969 Critters Critters Studio
1968 Critters Touch’n’Go With… Studio
1995 Dantalian’s Chariot Chariot Rising Rarities
1968 Deviants Ptooff! Studio
1968 Deviants Disposable Studio
1970 Dorians Rock Concerto Studio
1969 Edwards Hand Edwards Hand Studio
1970 Edwards Hand Stranded Studio
1997 Electric Prunes Stockholm 67 Studio
1968 Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera Studio
1967 Fapardokly Fapardokly Studio
1969 Fat Mattress Fat Mattress Studio
1970 Fat Mattress Fat Mattress II Studio
2003 Favourite Sons That Driving Beat Compilation
1997 Fire Underground And Overhead: The Alternate Fire Compilation
1969 Five’s Company The Ballad Of Fred The Pixie Studio
1995 Five Steps Beyond Faint Hearts And Fair Maids Rarities
1996 Five Steps Beyond Smile Rarities
1985 Flower Pot Men Let’s Go To San Francisco Compilation
2001 Free Design The Best Of … Compilation
1969 Free Design Heaven / Earth Studio
1967 Free Design Kites Are Fun Studio
1968 Free Design You Could Be Born Again Studio
1969 Genesis From Genesis To Revelation Studio
1968 Glad Feelin’ Glad Studio
1963 Grant Tracy & Sunsets Teenbeat Studio
1968 Grapefruit  Around Grapefruit Studio
2016 Grapefruit  Yesterday’s Sunshine: The Complete 1967-1968 London Sessions Compilation
1964 Group 5  En Direct De Liverpool Live
1974 Heinz Just Like Eddie Compilation
1964 Heinz Tribute To Eddie Studio
1967 Hi-Fi’s Snakes And HiFiS Studio
2005 Ice Ice Man Compilation
1970 Jammë Jammë Studio
1998 Jason Crest Collected Works Of… Compilation
1969 Jasper Liberation Studio
1961 Jess Conrad Jess For You Studio
1992 Jimmy Powell The R’n’B Sensation Compilation
1963 John Leyton Always Yours Studio
1961 John Leyton The Two Sides Of John Leyton Studio
1967 John Williams John Williams Studio
1970 John’s Children The Legendary Orgasm Album Studio
1995 J.P. Sunshine J.P. Sunshine Rarities
2013 July Resurrection Studio
2020 July Temporal Anomaly Rarities
1995 July The Second Of July Rarities
2020 July The Wight Album Studio
1969 Killing Floor Killing Floor Studio
1969 Lee Lynch Stay Awhile With… Studio
1976 Len Barry More From The 1-2-3 Man Compilation
1968 Liverpool Scene The Amazing Adventures Of… Studio
1969 Liverpool Scene Bread On The Night Studio
1970 Liverpool Scene Heirloon Studio
1970 Liverpool Scene St. Adrian Co., Broadway And 3rd Studio
1972 Liverpool Scene Liverpool Scene Featuring Adrian Henri & Andy Roberts Compilation
1972 Liverpool Scene Recollections Compilation
1966 Marcus Tro Introducing Marcus Tro Studio
1969 Mark Eric A Midsummer’s Day Dream Studio
1993 Merrell And The Exiles The Early Years 1964- 1967 Compilation
1976 Merrell Fankhauser The Maui Album Studio
1968 Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty Things! Studio
2015 Mickey Finn Garden Of My Mind Compilation
1964 Mike Cotton Sound Mike Cotton Sound Studio
1962 Mike Sarne Come Outside With… Studio
2006 Mirage Tomorrow Never Knows: Singles And Lost Sessions 1966-1968 Compilation
1984 Misunderstood Golden Glass Rarities
2004 Misunderstood The Legendary Gold Star Album Rarities
1965 Moody Blues The Magnificent Moodies Studio
2017 Mortimer On Our Way Home Studio
2011 New Wave Little Dreams: The Canterbury Recordings Compilation
2010 NGC 4594 Skipping Through The Night Rarities
1969 Paper Bubble Scenery Studio
c.1970 Paper Bubble Prisoners, Victims, Strangers and Friends Rarities
1969 Plastic Penny Currency Studio
1970 Plastic Penny Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Compilation
1968 Plastic Penny Two Sides Of A Penny Studio
2016 Rainbow Ffolly Ffollow Up! Studio
1966 Ray Singer Ray Sings ‘For Those In Love’ Studio
1967 Ron Geesin A Raise Of Eyebrows Studio
1969 Rust Come With Me Studio
2014 Ruthann Friedman Windy: A Ruthann Friedman Songbook Rarities
2000 Sanctions / Jim And The Lords Then Came The Electric Prunes Rarities
1996 Scorpions Anthology 1959-1965 Compilation
1968 Scott Walker Looking Back With… Compilation
2015 Secrets Infatuation Compilation
1969 Siren Siren Studio
1971 Siren Strange Locomotion Studio
1968 Sorrows Old Songs New Songs Studio
1969 Spencer Davis Group Funky Studio
2003 Spencer Davis Group Mulberry Bush Compilation
1968 Spencer Davis Group With Their New Face On Studio
1968 Sundragon Green Tambourine Studio
2005 Syn Original Syn Compilation
2014 Timi Yuro I’m A Star Rarities
2016 Tomcats Running At Shadows Compilation
1969 Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard Studio
1968 Twilights Once Upon A Twilight… Studio
1966 Twilights The Twilights Studio
2011 Velvet Illusions Acid Head Compilation
1969 Velvet Opera Ride A Hustler’s Dream Studio
1970 Whichwhat Whichwhat’s First Studio
1970 Wynder K. Frog Into The Fire Studio
1968 Wynder K. Frog Out Of The Frying Pan Studio
1967 Wynder K. Frog Sunshine Super Frog Studio
1966 Various Artists Ireland’s Greatest Sounds Compilation
1965 Various Artists Liverpool Today – Live At The Cavern Live
2000 Various Artists Nice: An Anthology Of Peter Eden Productions Compilation