Albums – 2000s & Contemporary

Year Artist Title Album Type UK Chart Position
2003 Aaron Bayley Aaron Bayley Studio
2019 Acid Reign The Age of Entitlement Studio
2001 AKO Find Yourself Studio
2015 Alias Kid Revolt To Revolt Studio
2011 Alies Sluiter The Picture Box Orchestra Studio
2010 Alien Sex Fiend Death Trip Studio
2004 Alien Sex Fiend Information Overload Studio
2006 Alien Sex Fiend Para-Abnormal Studio
2018 Alien Sex Fiend Possessed Studio
2015 Alternative TV Opposing Forces Studio
2001 Alternative TV Revolution Studio
2019 Amulet The Inevitable War Studio
2019 Andy Bell Torsten In Queereteria Studio
2014 Andy Bell Torsten The Bareback Saint Studio
2016 Andy Bell Torsten The Beautiful Libertine Studio
2015 Andy Bell Variance: Torsten The Bareback Saint Remixes Studio
2016 Andy Bell Variance II: Torsten The Beautiful Libertine Remixes Studio
2019 Andy Bell Variance III: Torsten In Queereteria Studio
2010 Andy Blade Let’s Burn The Internet Down Studio
2005 Andy Blade Treasure Here Studio
2014 Andy Brentnall Quite Acoustic Studio
2000 Annie Haslam It Snows In Heaven Too Studio
2015 Any Trouble Present Tense Studio
2020 Ascension Of The Watchers Apocrypha Studio
2008 Ashley Walters Ashley Walters Studio
2008 Baby J Baby Food Studio
2009 Bananarama Viva Studio
2013 Barry Gibson’s Local Heroes Three Of Our Shadows Are Missing Studio
2010 Barry Gibson’s Local Heroes Two Of Our Shadows Are Missing Studio
2013 Big Country The Journey Studio
2013 Big Sexy Noise Collision Course Studio
2001 Billy MacKenzie / Steve Aungle Eurocentric Studio
2014 Blancmange Happy Families Too Studio
2015 Blancmange Semi-Detached Studio
2013 Blow Monkeys Feels Like A New Morning Studio
2017 Bob Young Back In Quo Country Studio
2004 Brian Willoughby Fingers Crossed Studio
2018 Brücken / Froese Beginn Studio
2005 Bukana Eight Year Alibi Studio
2011 Buzzcocks A Different Compilation Studio
2003 Buzzcocks Buzzcocks Studio
2002 Buzzcocks Encore Du Pain Live
2006 Buzzcocks Flat-Pack Philosophy Studio
2001 Buzzcocks French Live
2014 Buzzcocks The Way Studio
2007 Buzzcocks 30 Live
2007 Cédric Gauthier I Wanna Tell You Something Studio
2014 Chris Braide Fifty Dollar Planets And Twenty Cent Stars Studio
2013 Chris Grant It’s Not About War! Studio
2012 Christians Speed Of Life Studio
2009 Cineplexx Nuevahola Studio
2014 Claudia Brücken Where Else Studio
2015 Cymande A Simple Act Of Faith Studio
2011 David McAlmont Live From Leicester Square Live
2010 Deborah Charles What’s Holding Us Back Studio
2016 Dodgy What Are We Fighting For Studio
2009 Durutti Column 2001-2009 Compilation
2007 Durutti Column Idiot Savants Studio
2006 Durutti Column Keep Breathing Studio
2009 Durutti Column Love In The Time Of Recession Studio
2001 Durutti Column Rebellion Studio
2003 Durutti Column Someone Else’s Party Studio
2011 Dwight Twilley Soundtrack Studio
2001 Dylan Project Live At Cropredy Festival 1999 Live
2005 Dylan Project The Dylan Project 2 Studio
2017 Edgar Jones The Song Of Day And Night Studio
2007 Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones Gettin’ A Little Help … From “The Joneses” Studio
2005 Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones Soothing Music For Stray Cats Studio
2008 Edgar Jones & Friends The Masked Marauder Studio
2008 Edgar Jones & The Joneses Live – We Should Get Together Live
2011 Edgar Jones Free Peace Thing Stormy Weather Studio
2013 Edgar Summertyme Keep It On: The Isrites & Big Kids Sessions 1995-2000 Compilation
2013 Edgar Summertyme Morphic Fields Studio
2012 Edgar Summertyme Sense Of Harmony Studio
2003 Eric Stewart Do Not Bend Studio
2009 Eric Stewart Viva La Difference Studio
2000 Fall A Past Gone Mad Studio
2001 Fall Are You Are Missing Winner Studio
2011 Fall Ersatz GB Studio
2005 Fall Heads Roll Studio
2008 Fall Imperial Wax Solvent Studio
2017 Fall New Facts Emerge Studio
2007 Fall Reformation! Post TLC Studio
2013 Fall Re-Mit Studio 40
2015 Fall Sub-Lingual Tablet Studio
2003 Fall The Real New Fall LP Formerly ‘Country On The Click’ Studio
2000 Fall The Unutterable Studio
2014 Fall UUROP VIII-XII Places in Sun & Winter, Son Live
2010 Deborah Charles What’s Holding Us Back Studio
2016 Fluvster & The Spliffed Personalities Misleading Sense Of Euphoria Studio
1999 Go-Kart Mozart Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture Studio
2018 Go-Kart Mozart Mozart’s Mini-Mart Studio
2012 Go-Kart Mozart On The Hot Dog Streets Studio
2005 Go-Kart Mozart Tearing Up The Album Chart Studio
2008 Goldblade Mutiny Studio
2005 Goldblade Rebel Songs Studio
2003 Graveltrap Concrete And Udder Chaos Studio
2013 Gun Club Cemetery Gun Club Cemetery Studio
2004 Hanah Monkey Forest Studio
2017 Hawkwind Into The Woods Studio 34
2018 Hawkwind Road To Utopia Studio 44
2016 Hawkwind The Machine Stops Studio 29
2002 Hazel O’Connor Acoustically Yours Studio
2000 Hazel O’Connor Beyond The Breaking Glass Studio
2014 Hazel O’Connor Clare Hirst Sarah Fisher Here She Comes Studio
2005 Hazel O’Connor Hidden Heart Studio
2011 Hazel O’Connor Clare Hirst Sarah Fisher I Give You My Sunshine Studio
2012 Hazel O’Connor Clare Hirst Sarah Fisher The Bluja Project Studio
2012 Hit By A Rock Wounded Studio
2011 Hussey-Regan Curios Studio
2017 Iain Matthews A Baker’s Dozen Studio
2000 Iain Matthews A Tiniest Wham / A Live Wham Studio
2013 Iain Matthews The Art Of Obscurity Studio
2000 Iain Matthews Woodshedding Studio
2004 Iain Matthews Zumbach’s Coat Studio
2003 Jack Bruce More Jack Than God Studio
2001 Jack Bruce Shadows In The Air Studio
2014 Jack Bruce Silver Rails Studio
2010 Jack Bruce & Cuicoland Express Live At The MilkyWay 2001 Live
2012 Jack Bruce & His Big Blues Band Live 2012 (The Stables, Milton Keynes) Live
2006 Jah Wobble Alpha One Three Studio
2009 Jah Wobble Car Ad Music Studio
2015 Jah Wobble Cover Versions Studio
1999 Jah Wobble Deep Space Studio
2018 Jah Wobble Dream World Studio
2004 Jah Wobble Elevator Music Volume 1A Studio
2020 Jah Wobble End Of Lockdown Dub Studio
2016 Jah Wobble Everything Is No Thing Studio
2001 Jah Wobble Fly Studio
2007 Jah Wobble Heart And Soul Studio
2001 Jah Wobble Largely Live In Hartlepool & Manchester Studio
2018 Jah Wobble Magrebi Jazz Studio
2005 Jah Wobble Mu Studio
2020 Jah Wobble Nocturne In The City (Ambient Jazz Grooves) Studio
2013 Jah Wobble Odds & Sods & Epilogues Spoken Word
1997 Jah Wobble Requiem Studio
2018 Jah Wobble The Butterfly Effect Studio
2000 Jah Wobble The Inspiration Of William Blake Studio
1997 Jah Wobble The Light Programme Studio
1998 Jah Wobble Umbra Sumus Studio
2010 Jah Wobble Welcome To My World Studio
2019 Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell Realm Of Spells Studio
2008 Jah Wobble & Chinese Dub Orchestra Chinese Dub Studio
2000 Jah Wobble & Deep Space Beach Fervour Spare Studio
2003 Jah Wobble & Deep Space Five Beat Studio
2006 Jah Wobble & English Roots Band Jah Wobble &  English Roots Band Live
2001 Jah Wobble & Evan Parker Passage To Hades Studio
2003 Jah Wobble & Invaders Of The Heart English Roots Music Studio
1999 Jah Wobble & Invaders Of The Heart Full Moon Over The Shopping Mall Studio
2000 Jah Wobble & Invaders Of The Heart Molam Dub Studio
2019 Jah Wobble & Invaders Of The Heart Ocean Blue Waves Studio
1997 Jah Wobble & Invaders Of The Heart The Celtic Poets Studio
2011 Jah Wobble & Julie Campbell Psychic Life Studio
2012 Jah Wobble & Keith Levene Yin & Yang Studio
2013 Jah Wobble & Marconi Union Anomic Studio
2011 Jah Wobble & Modern Jazz Ensemble 7 Studio
2010 Jah Wobble & Nippon Dub Ensemble Japanese Dub Studio
2002 Jah Wobble & Temple Of Sound Shout At The Devil Studio
2005 Jah Wobble Jaki Liebezeit Philip Jeck Live In Leuven Live
1998 Jah Wobble presents Zi Lan Liao The Five Tone Dragon Studio
2002 Jah Wobble’s Solaris Solaris Live In Concert Live
2012 Jaki Graham For Sentimental Reasons Studio
2015 James Taylor Quartet The Rochester Mass Studio
2012 Jeremy Reed & Ginger Light Big City Dilemma Studio
2001 Jim Capaldi Living On The Outside Studio
2004 Jim Capaldi Poor Boy Blue Studio
2016 Jimmy Somerville Club Homage Studio
2015 Jimmy Somerville Homage Studio
2016 Jimmy Somerville Live And Acoustic At Stella Polaris Live
2010 Jimmy Somerville Suddenly Last Summer Studio
2013 John Lennon McCullagh North South Divide Studio
2000 Kenisia Crash Helmet Hoopla Studio
2019 King Prawn The Fabulous New Sounds Of King Prawn Studio
2013 Kitchens Of Distinction Folly Studio
2017 Lester Square Carcass Studio
2007 Long Decline Decomposure Studio
2001 Lotus Eaters Silentspace Studio
2015 Luke Haines Adventures In Dementia Mini-LP
2015 Luke Haines British Nuclear Bunkers Studio
2018 Luke Haines I Sometimes Dream Of Glue Studio
2014 Luke Haines New York In The 70s Studio
2013 Luke Haines Rock And Roll Animals Studio
2016 Luke Haines Smash The System Studio
2008 Marc Almond Bluegate Fields (Live At Wilton’s Music Hall) Live
2014 Marc Almond Dancing Marquis Studio
2003 Marc Almond Heart On Snow Studio
2001 Marc Almond Stranger Things Studio
2014 Marc Almond Ten Plagues Studio
2015 Marc Almond The Velvet Trail Studio
2003 Marc Almond The Willing Sinner – Live At The Passionchurch, Berlin Live
2010 Marc Almond Variete Studio
2011 Marc Almond & Michael Cashmore Feasting With Panthers Studio
2010 Marc Almond with Alexei Fedorov Orpheus In Exile (The Songs Of Vadim Kozin) Studio
2005 Mark Wirtz Ear Theatre Love Is Eggshaped (The Soundtrack) Studio
2007 Martin Newell A Summer Tamarind Studio
2002 Martin Newell Radio Autumn Attic Studio
2004 Martin Newell The Light Programme Studio
2000 Martin Newell The Spirit Cage Studio
2012 Matthews Southern Comfort Kind Of New Studio
2001 Max Eider Hotel Figueroa Studio
2015 Membranes Dark Matter/Dark Energy Studio
2001 Mercury Rev All Is Dream Studio
2006 Mercury Rev Hello Blackbird (A Soundtrack By…) Studio
2005 Mercury Rev The Secret Migration Studio
2008 Mercury Rev Snowflake Midnight Studio
2004 Michael Weston King Absent Friends Studio
2003 Michael Weston King A Decent Man Studio
2006 Michael Weston King A New Kind Of Loneliness Studio
2008 Michael Weston King Crawling Through The USA Studio
2010 Michael Weston King Forget Me Nots Studio
1999 Michael Weston King God Shaped Hole Studio
2010 Michael Weston King I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier Studio
2002 Michael Weston King Live…In Dinky Town Live
2006 Michael Weston King Love’s A Cover Studio
2013 Mineral Plastic Ekphrastic Studio
2001 Momus Folktronic Studio
2010 Momus Hypnoprism Studio
2006 Momus Ocky Milk Studio
2003 Momus Oskar Tennis Champion Studio
2005 Momus Otto Spooky Studio
2004 Momus & Anne Laplantine Summerisle Studio
2008 Momus & Joe Howe Joemus Studio
2011 My Darling Clementine How Do You Plead? Studio
2017 My Darling Clementine Still Testifying Studio
2013 My Darling Clementine The Reconciliation? Studio
2014 Muffs Whoop Dee Doo Studio
2018 Natasha England Somehow Studio
2008 Nelson Somewhere Studio
2002 Nick Beggs Stick Insect Studio
2004 Nick Beggs The Maverick Helmsman Studio
2019 Nick Beggs Words Fail Me Studio
2013 Nicky Haslam Midnight Matinee Studio
2013 Nitin Sawhney OneZero Studio
2011 Othon Impermanence Studio
2014 Othon Pineal Studio
2013 Parlour Flames Parlour Flames Studio
2017 Pere Ubu 20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo Studio
2020 Pere Ubu By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki (Live In Jarocin) Live
2019 Pere Ubu The Last Goodbye Studio
2005 Pete Aves A Family Tree Studio
2013 Pete MacLeod Rolling Stone Studio
2014 Pete Molinari Theosophy Studio
2006 Peter Donegan Band Live At The Elephant Live
2013 Peter Straker Peter Straker’s Brel Studio
2015 Philip Rambow Whatever Happened To Phil Rambow? Studio
2013 Polyphonic Spree Holidaydream – Sounds Of The Holidays Studio
2013 Polyphonic Spree Yes It’s True Studio
2012 Portion Control Pure Form Studio
2012 Producers Made In Basing Street Studio
2011 Randy Edelman The Pacific Flow To Abbey Road Studio
2004 Rayne A Kiss From God Studio
2010 Red Box Plenty Studio
2017 Residents The Ghost Of Hope Studio
2007 Roger Chapman One More Time For Peace Studio
2011 Same Difference The Rest Is History Studio
2015 Sarah Cracknell Red Kite Studio
2016 Scanner & Anni Hogan Scanni Studio
2014 Schnauser Protein For Everyone Studio
2014 Shakin’ Street Psychic Studio
2005 Smith & Jackson Rivertown Studio
2016 Sonic Boom Six The F-Bomb Studio
2016 Stairs Live At The Cavern 1991 Live
2016 Stairs Live At The Kazimier 2015 Live
2006 Stairs Right In The Back Of Your Mind Studio
2015 Stairs The Great Lemonade Machine In The Sky 1987-1994 Compilation
2008 Stairs Who Is This Is Studio
2008 Steve Gibbons Band Chasing Tales Studio
2011 Suzi Quatro In The Spotlight Studio
2001 Suzie Higgie Songs Of Habit Studio
2015 Swervedriver I Wasn’t Born To Lose You Studio
2008 Swing Out Sister Beautiful Mess Studio
2005 Swing Out Sister Live In Tokyo Live
2012 Swing Out Sister Private View Studio
2013 Tess Parks Blood Hot Studio
2015 Thea Gilmore Ghosts & Graffiti Studio
2011 Thea Gilmore John Wesley Harding Studio
2013 Thea Gilmore Liejacker Studio
2008 Thea Gilmore Murphy’s Heart Studio
2009 Thea Gilmore Recorded Delivery Studio
2013 Thea Gilmore Regardless Studio
2009 Thea Gilmore Strange Communion Studio
2016 Three Degrees Strategy Studio
2013 Todd Rundgren Todd Rundgren’s Johnson Live Live
2011 Van Der Graaf Generator A Grounding In Numbers Studio
2012 Van Der Graaf Generator Alt Studio
2016 Van Der Graaf Generator Do Not Disturb Studio
2015 Van Der Graaf Generator Merlin In Atmos Live
2006 Veruca Salt IV Studio
2003 Vic Flick James Bond Now Studio
2014 Vinny Peculiar The Root Mull Affect Compilation
2015 Wolfgang Flur Eloquence Compilation
2014 Woodentops Granular Tales Studio