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Cherry Red Records represents a vast catalogue of recordings covering almost every popular music genre from the last fifty years, holding worldwide rights over much of the material.  We welcome all types of licensing enquiry from around the world.


Through our publishing arm, Cherry Red Songs, we also control over 27,000 copyrights making us a one stop shop for many of the tracks where we also control the master.


For any enquiries, contact us.

New Catalogue

  • 17 Jul Dallon’s The Don!

    When Miki Dallon wasn’t pursuing a solo career, he was producing dozens of records and driving 60s/70s independent labels such as Strike, Go, Beacon and Youngblood, through to post-punk label Kamera. We now control the rights to Miki’s catalogue, including collectable 45s and albums by......

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  • 11 Jul A Philharmonic Harvest!

    Formed in 1966, Barclay James Harvest remain one of the most successful progressive rock bands of all time. In April 1968, their first single ‘Early Morning’ was released on Parlophone before they were signed to EMI’s progressive label Harvest (named after them). We’re proud to be the custodians of......

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  • 11 Jul Roving Rock!

    A new 3-CD box set As I Roved Out – A Story of Celtic Rock 1968-1978 offers a comprehensive overview of the this oft overlooked sub-genre. It features tracks from influential bands across Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and France, highlighting how traditional Celtic sounds were integrated......

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Recent Licences

  • 17 Jul A New Lease Of Life For PFM

    Italian prog rockers Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) formed in the early 1970s and are known for their intricate compositions and fusion of rock, classical and jazz elements. Their track ‘The World Became the World’ is an English-language version of the Italian song ‘Impressioni di Settembre’,featuring......

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  • 17 Jul Feelgood High!

    The Artwoods were a popular British R&B band formed in 1964 by vocalist Art Wood, future Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord and drummer Keef Hartley. One of their most notable tracks, which was issued as a single in 1966, was a vibrant if respectful cover......

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  • 11 Jul Of Mice And Women?

    Mo-dettes were an all-female post-punk band, formed in 1979 by guitarist Kate Korris, bassist Jane Crockford, vocalist Ramona Carlier and drummer June Miles-Kingston. Their best-known song is probably their acclaimed debut single for Rough Trade, the lo-fi ditty ‘White Mice’, used recently in a Tate Britain exhibition......

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